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Isis money sources, a short guide

Updated on April 11, 2016

Behind Paris attempts, there's a vast and structured organization self proclaimed to be caliphate. Differently from a specific form of caliphate that coherently with tradition is built up on religion, but can be a well organized one with a reasonable monarch system to manage public money, their money hardly come from taxpayers, who are poor and oppressed.

Oil pumps in the middle east desert

Quite clearly, a state cannot survive without a large amount of money. As violence and war are among the most expensive actions a government can choose to support, war on (the western) civilization needs to be funded strongly and through stable sources.

Kidnapping, a loud and detestable way to get money, is not the main source and that's absolutely not comparable with the first one. The unlawful taking away or transportation of a person has returned, according to the highest exteem, 100 millions per year. Europeans are the most valuable people, while Sirians are abducted for short time, and released for few money.

The ownership of oil sources and reservoirs is generating an income of 18.500 euros per year.

Despite the respectability of the dimension of the Isis state, oil origins most from Siria and Iraq under Isis military control.

Map showing the vast sources of oil in the region


Most of nowadays bombing is pointed thowards northern Siria where rich pumps are located, as well as military centers: Rakka, Zumar, Sinjar, all these are cities under Isis control.


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