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Islam in the West

Updated on July 25, 2016
Image of a minaret on the horizon.
Image of a minaret on the horizon. | Source
Muslim at prayer.
Muslim at prayer. | Source
Islamic State flag.
Islamic State flag. | Source
The conflict of Sharia and Western law in the West.
The conflict of Sharia and Western law in the West. | Source
Growth of groups opposed to Islam in the West.
Growth of groups opposed to Islam in the West. | Source
Migrants a source of anger in Europe.
Migrants a source of anger in Europe. | Source

With the latest terror linked atrocity in Germany in the city of Ansbach where a Syrian claiming asylum in Germany but was refused blew himself up and injured 12 the question has to be asked can Islam and the West co - exist.

Islam in the West is becoming a problem take for example the fact that many Muslims want to live under Sharia law in the UK. There are Sharia assemblies making Sharia law outside the national state law like on matters concerning divorce for example.

Can it be right that a law operates in a country like the UK that already has law? Should not these Islamic law courts because that is what in effect they are be such down? Shouldn't Muslims living in Western countries either abide by the law of the land their in? For example ex - pats living in Saudi Arabia have to abide by Sharia law as that is the law of the land and there is no other law end of. If Christianity had a law code like Sharia then Muslim countries would shut down these courts and arrest their users and legal people for contempt of state law that comes from the Quran.

So it should be here in the UK and other Western nations that we should shut down Sharia courts and those who do not like British law inspired by the Bible then those people should leave forthwith.

The building of mosques should not be allowed when you think of Christians that are being persecuted by Muslims all over the world? I dont know how far Christians are allowed to exercise their faith in Muslim countries but certainly in places like Saudi are Christians even allowed to build or attend churches?

Im sure there are so called good Muslims who hate what people are doing in the name of their faith but terrorist and Muslim in many peoples minds now go hand in hand. How intolerant a religion and ideology it is from the Charlie Hebdo murders right through to womens rights etc.

Separating Muslims from the word terrorist will take a long time if ever as long as the blow back from the Middle East keeps happening with groups like Islamic State and Al Qaeda.

Of course the West in some ways is to blame take for example the Palestinian - Israeli crisis that despite the good deeds of people who tried to bring the sides together they are more further apart than ever with Hamas on the Gaza Strip a hard line Islamist group and now a hard line right wing government in Israel. The USA's undeterred backing of the Jewish state instead of being more even handed is like kicking over an ants nest to many Muslims the more Palestinians die with American made weapons the more radicalised many young Palestinians become and groups like Hamas, Islamic State, Al - Qaeda will only benefit.

The invasion of Iraq and its after math has caused radical Sunni Islam to come to the fore with groups like Al Qaeda in Iraq and then later on the Islamic State hitting Europe in terrorist attacks like the ones in Paris and Brussels and the subsequent ones like the Ansbach one mentioned at the top of this article.

Even to see a Muslim woman covering her head in Western society to me is alien. Im not against religious expression, however, when you are talking to a woman and cannot see her face but a pair of eyes engaging you I think that is not right. Human society needs to see a persons face to fully understand what that person is communicating and any head covering obscuring the face is not right. It is like a dog with half of its tail cut off as is the cruel custom with some breeds the dog cannot properly use it tail to express itself and make its communication known to either humans or other dogs so it is the same as far as I am concerned with head coverings especially those that cover the entire face apart from the eyes.

There are countries in the world where they are Islamic but not strict places like Turkey although that could be changing with the government they have now and places like Bosnia in Europe who are good examples of being Muslim but in a laid back Western fashion. Men and women wear Western clothes and act in a Western way but they are still Muslims and Im not saying there is not IS or AQ people in Bosnia but I was giving Bosnia as an example of doing Islam in a Western way and I believe how you interpret something is a question of how extreme or relaxed you want to be about something not just religion but politics or anything come to that.

In the West now we have anti - Islam parties growing like Britain First in the UK and the AFD in Germany and Front National in France and as long as extreme Islam grows and with the immigration of non - European people into Europe whose culture is mainly Muslim bringing their medieval customs here I am not surprised by the rise in far right groups.

In many ways then Islam and Western culture is like like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.


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