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Islamic Burqa and Veil Too Alienish for Many

Updated on July 16, 2010
Marseille, France- culture clash with expected results
Marseille, France- culture clash with expected results

 France and England are having a problem with Islamic dress for women- the burqa, you know, that black bag that covers a woman except for a narrow slit around the eyes so they can see. In some cases, even this is covered up. Yes, we all know it is the Islamic muslim way for many women to dress where that religion comprises mostly of that type. Understood. Still, women of that faith still must function and interact with non-muslims in countries not of that faith and customs.

Let's face it, the burqa is alienish to many. You see a huge black blob approaching-the unknown-for all you know, the woman might be a terrorist with bombs attached. Label it whatever you want, it remains a real negative perception to most westerners. It is too eerie, too hidden to try to talk to someone who you cannot see their eyes due to the veil. It is one of those things most westerners will not accept, understand. It seems to demean the woman, yet in Islam it has the opposite view!

In France, 2000 muslim women wear the full, black burqa. To the French, the garment means "female enslavement" it makes them a non-person. France will ban the wearing of the burqa. Not only in France, in the UK, Germany, too, as it represents a growth of Islamic fundementalism. Spain, Switzerland are soon to follow. The law specifically prohibits any concealing of the face in public, exceptions are riding a motorcycle, circus, surgeons and metal workers.

Women violating the law will suffer a $189 fine and must attend classes about French culture. Those you promote the wearing of the burqa face one year in jail and a $15,000 fine. The new law also applies to visitors. The burqa is looked upon as an extreme form of expression of Islam. It is.

In Iran, Iranian women must only wear a head scarf in public. In Syria, burqas are forbidden in any educational setting. Only the extreme fundamental Islamic countries seem to force women to where the burqa. The thing is, when in another's country, whether visiting or residing, one should adopt some norms of that culture. One is to know the language and many of its customs. Western women in  Iraq or Iran, do so, the same applies to Islamic women in western countries.


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