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Israel Attacks Iran Inside Iraq

Updated on August 26, 2019
IDF jets over Iraq
IDF jets over Iraq

The Revelation is Astonishing

Though long suspected that Israel drones and jet fighters caused several attacks on Iranian weapon sites, Israel and the US would never confirm or deny them. That is, until very recently when an astonishing backstabbing occurred as US administration officials admitted and confirmed Israel has been the culprit.

In one of the attacks, two Iranian commanders were killed when their ammunition depot near Baghdad went up in flames. It was a site run by Iranian proxies and Iranians. While it may not be stunning, it is. The last time Israel flew into Iraq and bombed it was way back in in 1981, when the IDF destroyed Iraq's nuclear reactor that was being built. In another attack, closer to the Syrian border, the Iranian base was full of ballistic missiles and dozens of operatives from Al-Heshid al-Shaabi (a pro-Iranian Iraqi Shiite militia) and Lebanese Hezbollah operatives were inside during the bombing.

Iran has long been quietly making Iraq theirs. Already, half of their government is pro-Iranian and Iran wants Iraq as its land bridge to Syria. The US warned that if any Americans are killed in Iraq due to Iranian proxies, hell will be paid. But more dangerous is what Iraq has done.

Iraq immediately closed its airspace to all aircraft unless permissions is given first, this includes American aircraft based there. Although, it was the US , back in 2003, that gave the Iraqis their freedom, it has now been long forgotten by them and because the US and Israel are allies, it is now a "guest" inside Iraq. How times do change!

Iraqi members of their government have also demanded that the 5000-8000 American troops there be withdrawn immediately in various attempts. So far, the PM has not issued the order for this but pressure builds each time the IDF violates Iraqi airspace. This would be a God given gift to Iran with no American troops. Something they have long sought.

Even the Israeli PM, Netanyahu seemed to admit it was the IDF: "I don't give Iran immunity anywhere".

How Does It Happen?

To strike Iraq, Israeli warplanes would travel through neighboring Syria with Russian agreement. This would mean, Russia, allied with Iran, is complicit with the IDF action, something that causes distrust from the Iranians.

A more complicated route would be through Turkey, a former ally that now has cool relations with Israel, or through Saudi Arabia, to carry out strikes on Iraq. Which ever country does allow the IDF aircraft through their airspace means they are complicit with it. Of course, the IDF does have F-35's, and it is possible that these countries were unaware of the Israeli within their airspace. These aircraft are stealth.

Iraq has warned the US that further IDF strikes in Iraq will have major consequences and blames the US for allowing Israel to do it. The tides are turning again in the Middle East.


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