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Israel Contemplates Military Action On Iran

Updated on April 22, 2010

The wildcard in the Iran nuclear issue is Israel. While the US and Israel are close partners for most things, the Iran issue is causing friction. Israel feels threatened by the Iranian nuclear bomb, it feels threatened by Hamas in Gaza because Syria gave them much longer range Iranian missiles that can hit Tel Aviv. It is concerned that the US just may, after the sanctions come and go, simply concede the issue because the US refuses to take the final step, military action. 

Israel is not sitting idly by waiting to see what happens with the US. Israeli actions are not always approved or known by the US until after the fact. In the light of things, it is likely that Israel will place their security paramount over that of US concerns, after the all, the USA is thousands a miles away untouchable by Iran nukes. Israeli has made several plans to attack Iran's nuclear sites. One has IDF planes traveling over the Med and through Turkey to his Tehran, another through Syria and Iraq to hit Arak and Qom. Another one through Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to hit Bushehr.

All of them could and would cause serious political consequences for violating the airspace of other countries. Israeli defenses are confident that any nuke sent by Iran would be intercepted in mid-air. Probably true, their missile defenses are second to none. Israel is more concerned about the "after effects" of their attack and how it could damage their relations with the US, if the US was not informed prior to the attack. Fears of more terrorist attacks , Iran disrupting the oil flow forcing gas to soar to $10 a gallon!

Israel has a defiant attitude, in that,  they do not need permission to fly through airspace nor do they need to ask the US for permission to do it. True. At least, that is true with some of Israel's officials. Others, would prefer to have the US give Israel the positive nod before they attack. 


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