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Israel and Hamas

Updated on January 17, 2013
Israeli Navy Ship
Israeli Navy Ship | Source

When Did The Hamas Israeli Conflict Begin?

The long standing conflict that has existed between the Israelis and the Hamas can be traced back to the formation of the Hamas; Islamic Resistance Movement. The group is an off-shoot of the Muslim Brotherhood based in Egypt. Its formation in 1087 was based on the foundation of Islamic fundamentalism that gained pace during the 1980s. The resolution of that conflict can only end with the achievement of the purpose for which the group was formed. The charter confirming it creation says that it goal is to liberate Palestine from its occupation by Israel. They have repeatedly stated that they can agree to a resolution of the Israeli-Arab conflict if Israel was to agree to the formation of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. The Hamas believe that the land on which Israel stand actually belongs to the Arabs with Jerusalem as its worship capital. The conflict between Hamas and Israel is a complicated affair since there are many issues that seem irresolvable. The main reason is that the occupation of Gaza is not the main issue but rather the surrender of Jerusalem by Israel to the Arabs

The main conflict hot spot
The main conflict hot spot | Source

5 Reasons Why the Conflict between Hamas and Israel Mays Not End Soon

  1. The Context of International Law. While many of us might think that the international law is based on the kind of laws we all know, international law is different. It constitutes the agreement of states amongst themselves. The states base these laws on conditions that will favor the parties involved – self interest. They base these laws on the fact that states have right and privileges. However, Hamas and Gaza cannot site these laws since they are not states. That is why Israel cites the fact that it does not occupy Gaza since the land does not belong to any country. The same cannot be said by Hamas since the International law that Israel cites does not apply to it.
  2. The Use of Humanitarian laws. These are laws that are found in the Geneva Convention and other international treaties. They govern the use of military force especially in relation to civilians. It is interesting to note that Hamas is not party to the Geneva Convention and it can only cite customary laws. That means that these two parties will always find it hard to agree since they do not use the same conventions. A case in point is that it against these conventions to set up military operations in civilian occupied areas. An Israeli based organization, ITIC charged the Hamas with setting up their military operations in civilian occupied areas like mosques to gain cover from Israeli targets.
  3. The Hamas Manifesto. The manifesto states clearly that its goal is to set up the banner of Allah in every part of Palestine. That includes the land that Israel is currently built on. According to Hamas, Israel is an occupying force that needs to be removed. That is a tough goal to achieve since Israel believes that the land is legally given to them by God. Both sides have very hard-line stands on this single issue; it is quite irresolvable.
  4. The Mediation of Egypt in the Ceasefire Talks. Hamas is an off-shoot of the Egyptian based Muslim Brotherhood. Its formation was as a result of Islamic fundamentalism that was gaining momentum in the 1980s. Today the Muslim Brotherhood rules Egypt and has severally blamed Israel for the conflict in Gaza. Regardless of the stand that they currently take on the mediation table, they are a group that shares ideologies with Hamas. The brotherhood has on several occasions thrown its weight behind the Hamas calling themselves the “Shield of Arabs and Islamic Nations”. The brotherhood cannot then be trusted to make a bipartisan stand in the conflict.
  5. Repeated Use of Controversial Tactics. Both Israel and Hamas have on various occasions used controversial tactics in the course of war. A UN report concluded that Israel was using heavy firepower thereby causing many casualties among the civilians. The same was reported by a group of Israeli soldiers through the British Channel 4. Hamas on the other hand has severally been reported of using medical facilities like ambulances to transport their soldiers during fighting. They are even reported of using medical uniforms for their soldiers during the fighting. With this kind of insincerity on both sides the war is far from over.

Will Gaza Continues Taking the Heat

The ceasefire agreements that currently exist between Israel and Hamas are only temporally measures that cannot last very long. Meanwhile, the mediators between the two states will have to rethink their strategies while peace lasts. The losers in this case remain the Gaza occupants. Many are proud to be named after their nations; Is it the same for those who live in Gaza?Find out in this video


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    • kenyanXstian profile image

      Eword Media Unit 5 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      Yea true, it is always good to play for those who are living there to stay safe. Thank you

    • btrbell profile image

      Randi Benlulu 5 years ago from Mesa, AZ

      The political environment is never good there. I think the world is victim to terrorist attacks with Israel being a most specific target. It is really sad to see the amount of violence and devastation

    • kenyanXstian profile image

      Eword Media Unit 5 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      Wow that's a great deal of time being there, how was the political environment then. Do you think that the Hamas are really interested in long term peace deal? Do you think that Israel was a victim of the unnecessary aggression by the Muslim radicals.

    • btrbell profile image

      Randi Benlulu 5 years ago from Mesa, AZ

      I lived in Israel for 12 years. I am not 100 percent certain what you are saying here but that is a wnderful video you chose to illustrate the situation.


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