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Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Is More ‘Man’ Than Anyone in President Obama’s White-House...

Updated on October 31, 2014

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Is More ‘Man’ Than Anyone in President Obama’s White-House...

For three years, writing in this forum, I have been pleading and hoping that the Jewish State of Israel does not put its protection in President Obama’s hand; and no wonder because, apparently, there are ‘Limousine Liberals’ in the current Obama’s Administration, pejoratively calling the current Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, a ‘chicken shit.’ As a Traditional Christian, I know that there are three major moral pillars - akin to that of the Mortal sins in the Catholic Faith - which the Democratic Party has championed with visceral, dogmatic passion.

Two of those Moral sins, the murdering of babies in a mother’s womb (Abortion), formalized in the Roe v. Wade decision and same-sex-marriage have been codified. The last Mortal Sin, in my humble opinion, which is the formal betrayal of Israel, is on the cusp of becoming law in America… at least for most Democrats. Berating Israel and the Jewish State used to be done sub-rosa, but such efforts are rapidly becoming more conspicuous, which is the sole reason for the recent craven name calling and insult of the Israeli leader by one of President Obama’s peeps.

We have heard many of the pillars of the Democratic Party, in some form or the other, disparaging the Jewish State. One only need to go on You Tube or any noted news repository to hear President Carter’s stylized hatred of Israel or witnessed the fact that President Carter’s National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzinski, once proposed that if the Israeli aircrafts crossed into the Iraqi airspace - when America was controlling it - to attack Iran’s nuclear arsenal, that the United States should lethally fire on the Israeli planes. With that backdrop, these opinions positing a separation from our trusted Israeli ally in the pass were feelers to see how the public at large would react to this new foreign policy - ‘Benedict Arnold’s’- posture. This is why there is such visible tension and awkwardness between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu when we see them interacting; and, so, the latest ad hominem attack by this anonymous person in President Obama’s administration should come as no surprise to anyone.

It is rather funny though to hear someone from President Obama’s administration calling Prime Minister Netanyahu a ‘chicken shit.’ Prime Netanyahu, who was a rock star in the Israeli version of their Army’s Special Forces, and who have taken part in many of Israel’s wars of survival, retired as a captain. I for one will always choose Prime Minister Netanyahu over anyone in the Obama’s White House, if we were in the proverbial foxhole - now, if I wanted someone to be the cheer-leader and flag waver for the gays… then President Obama or anyone in his Cabinet can take up that 'chicken hawk' mantle.

Once again, those of us who read and know our Bible should not be surprised that the world, and even America, is going to betray Israel - but just how in the past that the Democratic Party was the one to lead the charge to pervert Jesus’ word on important moral issues, so too that it will lead the way to do so in our formal betrayal of the Jewish State of Israel. This perversion will be put forward as ‘progress’ and the secular messiahs, chief among them, President Obama, will jump back and kiss themselves for their so-called ‘forward-looking- thinking;’ however, judgment is coming and some say it is already here, and, I hope that President Obama is not like the Pharaoh depicted in the Bible’s Old Testament Book of Exodus… where the Almighty God said that the Egyptian King was born so that God can in anger demonstrate His awesome power. This divine curse of Pharaoh was also mentioned by the Apostle Paul in the New Testament in Romans 9:17: “I raised you up for this very purpose, that I might display my power in you and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth.”


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    • Jenisisi profile image

      Smart Onuigbo 3 years ago from Michigan

      As a born again, I'm vehemently opposed to abortion under any circumstance. Every child is God's, and if we believe and trust in God our fears why a pregnancy should be aborted will not come to fruition. However, its disingenuous for any of us to descend heavily on abortion only to promote wars whereby more than 50 million people are killed and many more displaced. It worries me that politicians who brand themselves conservative Christians, are doing everything in their power and office to emasculate the poor amongst us. In Matt 18:1-6 Jesus admonished his disciples who were jostling for position that unless they turn and become like children, they will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Children, like poor folks do without.

    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 3 years ago from New York

      I suppose that the Bible condones the 50 million or so babies we have murdered under Abortion or that Homosexuality is morally ok.Yes, it is true that we all will fall short of Christ' glory - but we repent and acknowledge that what we have done is sinfully wrong. Instead, President Carter and Obama intimate that there is no moral breach in engaging in homosexuality or abortion... in essence, calling the Lord a liar.

    • Jenisisi profile image

      Smart Onuigbo 3 years ago from Michigan

      You wrote, "those of us who read and know our Bible should not be surprised that the world, and even America, is going to betray Israel ..." Knowing your Bible this well, shouldn't you be rather cheering the Obama White House for working in sync with the scriptures. Don't you agree? Now listen, the disconnect in your piece is that you are a traditional christian, and not the born again variety. Unfortunately, gays and lesbians are Americans, and President Obama is and should be the president of all Americans, not some. You also passed aspersion on former President Carter who by all accounts has done more good to promote world peace and vibrant humanity than Prime Minister Natanyahu. You should begin now to develop thick skin for our beloved country, the US has no end-time role. I have no crocodile tears for Israel for the Jewish state will destroy her enemies with or without the help of the US. The Bible is certain and I'm okay with that. However, let me warn that your hatred for Obama tantamount to anti-God activities. If you read and know your Bible well, leaders are chosen by God himself to punish a people for their sins or uplift them for their collective obedience. Remember that God had to harden the heart of Pharaoh so that He could display His might at the Red Sea. David was chosen to destroy the enemy of God's people.