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Are We Watching Government or Sports?

Updated on February 15, 2014

The playing field may change. The issues and players may temporarily or permanently move from the spotlight but the teams remain the same.

Awww, geez, help! Someone stop me please! I vowed not to write an article about politics. I just can’t stop myself. I am a runaway train at the moment and there is nothing that can stop the momentum!

If only I had not seen that horrid headline “Fiscal Cliff Negotiations Hit Standstill; Who Has Been Called In To Help In The Final Hours”? Oh please, PLEASE tell me! I am waiting with baited breath. Please tell me who has been called in!? Wait a minute, DON’T tell me. Let me guess! Could it be a hospice nurse, OR, even better yet, a palliative care team? Perhaps the last remaining survivors (if there are any) of the Titanic have been called in. Any of these would have been good options, because, baby, we are going down!

Up until now, we have been held up from reaching the murky bottom by a very strong coral reef that was able to take on the weight of our country, so ready to crack. That coral reef has weakened and can no longer handle the weight. Many of us have weakened too and have many questions regarding the feasibility of saving a country that is responsible for it's own doom.

To have strong feelings about the state of our economy and the urgent need to fix the problems creates an anxiety that is compounded by the fact that the very people that are supposed to be the “experts” can’t stop fighting long enough to save the ship from sinking!

What seems like common sense gets blurred into some sort of convoluted version of reality that is presented for all of us to buy into. For example,those of us that don’t make millions of dollars have been paying taxes in accordance with the established income to tax ratio tables. Others that make millions seem to feel that the same laws do not apply to them? I have not heard a single argument that makes sense to me as to why a wealthy person should not pay taxes at the same rate. Stating the obvious difference in amount does not cut it since the ratio is the same.

Maybe I am unaware of something. If that is the case, then please let me know. I saw in a recent news conference, a politician, I'll call him Mr. B. state” why should I be expected to write a “blank check” for America”? Millions of dollars is a lot of money. I bet Mr. B’s check to the government would be for a lot more money than the check that I write, if he were to write one.

It was always been my understanding that the percentage of tax that Mr. B. is expected to pay would fall within the same income to tax ratio as anyone from a lower income tax bracket. It was not until recently that I learned that the original tax tables are old outdated and do not include the nigher income levels within our society. It is unclear to me what is expected in terms of yearly taxes from people who's income levels exceed the tables. Any accountants out there?.

When I discovered that Mr. B is not expected to pay taxes in the same way that those of lower income levels do (if at all), I started to wonder about some things, How does Mr B. feel worthy of representing our country when he does not contribute his fair share of taxes?. Where is his conscience?

He has millions of dollars, yet, complains about paying taxes in a time when so many people are jobless, homeless and hungry. How does this guy feel comfortable showing his face in front of TV cameras? He must have some strong backing from somewhere. I suppose the rest of the wealthy feel the same as he does.

Given that the income to tax ratio would be the same as it is for everyone else, taking into account the yearly income, writing a check for Mr B., if living within his means should have been accounted for prior to having written it. Mr B., like everyone else know that taxes are due by April 15th. The mentality should be; "I didn't have it in the first place, it was never mine; no sweat off my back". His lifestyle should not be impacted any more than my check impacts mine.

Fair is fair. To live in the land of the ‘free’ where the possibility of prosperity, is there for everyone everyone must contribute their "fair share". Many that have been extremely successful, and have made millions, even billions of dollars, develop a sense of entitlement that is a result of the power that money brings with it. Suddenly none of the the rules apply.

As our ship is going down, it is interesting to consider the people that feel justified in not contributing to keep the ship afloat. Some of these people are ones that have been elected by the American people to save our ship! These very people do not seem to understand that what they are being asked to pay is not some sort of gift or charity handout. It is a bill and for many, a debt that has gone into collection!

Not only do many individuals within our government parties refuse to give their “fair share” but they are responsible for wasting millions of American dollars as they prevent important decisions from being made and laws passed. These individuals, hold their "special interests" above what is right for the country.

The hope for prosperity is being robbed by the people within our government that have their own special agendas that have nothing to do with the best interest of our country.. They seem to get satisfaction from observing a frustrated president, unable to do his job because he must rely on self- serving, individuals to buy into what is being proposed.

These individuals refuse to monetarily contribute to our country and behave like ‘power mongers’. I almost wonder at times if they would prefer to see the whole ship sink as long as the captain is a Democrat. What will it take to get them to cooperate and do the right thing?. How sad that the American people have to rely on the good judgment of those in office to do what is in the best interest of all.

Our system is not working. It is not longer a a system of politics, but instead 2 sports teams attempting to win. Must be a reflection of our society and the value we place on sports and competition. Hey, will someone get me a beer?

Regardless of what issue arises the two parties are so split that they will disagree just to spite each other. Yes, the band is playing. There isn't much more time before we rapidly descend into the cold and dark, killing the dreams of many as well as the pride that our country has so deserved to have for many years. This needs to get fixed, but how?


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    • Bremma profile image

      Formerly penned ad 'Beaulah Hamilton'. Real name to be revealed one day.... 5 years ago from USA

      Chelsea, I couldn't have said it better myself! Thanks so much for reading my article and taking the time to comment!

    • profile image

      Chelsea Heaps 5 years ago

      It's a pretty dismal situation overall...but sometimes government/politics is indeed sport like. We root for one team over the other, but in the world of sports, we expect the losers (i.e. the Republicans) to shake the hand of the winner rather than spit in his face, so to speak. The problem in government is the lack of respect and willingness to compromise.

    • Bremma profile image

      Formerly penned ad 'Beaulah Hamilton'. Real name to be revealed one day.... 5 years ago from USA

      gmwilliams and Nathan Orf, I am ready and willing to help start a grass roots movement and or organize a public rally! It's time for Americans to step in and do for this country what our politicians in office are clearly incapable of doing! Where should we meet? LOL. Thanks for stopping by my hub!

    • Nathan Orf profile image

      Nathan Orf 5 years ago

      gmwilliams commented first, so consider his comment seconded. I think it is fairly obvious that our Congress has lost any and all credibility when it comes to "representing the people." At times like these, public rallies of hundreds of thousands of people in front of the Capital building, demanding bipartisan action might work wonders. Guess that won't happen, though.

    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 5 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      Politics is a game. Politicans KNOW this. What they are concerned about is getting into office and broadening their careers. There are few politicians who are genuinely concerned with helping people and improving this country's situation. What is needed is a grass roots movement composed of those who are actually concerned with improving the current state of this country.