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It Pays to Wonder Why Donald Trump – 3rd conversation

Updated on June 4, 2017
CC Saint Clair profile image

An honest look at our personal and cultural modus operandi can generate a conscious rethinking of what, of our body-mind, is ours to adjust

Gautama Buddha - All that we are is the result of what we have thought. With our thoughts we make the world.

Back to Before September 16

Oh, I might as well share, here, the thoughts I had way back when, at a time when it seemed rather unlikely that the 45th President of the United States would have the initial DJT.

I chose to pursue my reflections on what was happening, then, ‘in the moment’, less than one month before the U.S. Presidential elections because I felt these reflections would fit in nicely, perhaps as a spice, within the over-arching topic of Man's/Woman’s ‘energies’ and the ‘ripples’ we create in our-day-today.

Friendly neighbourhood tree-0
Friendly neighbourhood tree-0

Most importantly, what started as impressions regarding the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, spring-boarded my mind-meanders in a number of directions relevant to what I wanted to write in Sex and Separation, a section in chapter 2 of my current manuscript.

Within the sphere of spiritual philosophy, one of my ongoing fascinations goes towards all the seemingly basic 'stuff' that still blindsides us, our global society, in spite of the ginormous degree of sophistication our civilization, as we know it, has refined over the past 8000 years [give or take] - and that, roughly is the theme of the manuscript in progress - of which these 'conversation' hubs are pages still in draft mode.

One problem inherent to the chronicling of events as they happen in real time is that they come with a date which becomes dated in the next breath – in the next moment.

Yet, because nothing ever happens ‘out of the blue’ and nothing ever happens in isolation, what is coming down today, in our own private moments, as in the spiky, rumbling melee of world politics sets in motion ripples that can stretch very far and very wide into our personal future - as that of our respective countries - and of the planet.

But ... that, at the macro level, is what we do to ourselves - and by ourselves - under the guise of Free Will a.k.a. Unbridled Egos of the materialistic world.

So, hopefully fittingly, in regards to the scope of this Hub, let us consider the current writhing going on, not so far from home.

So, what follows was written in real time, back in September 2016.

Today, September 15, 2016, with less than one month before the U.S. Presidential elections, the main topic that keeps the media abuzz and people arguing, posting, tweeting and retweeting like crazy is not a daring plan to reboot the American economy.

It is not an alternative pathway aiming to assimilate the inflow of immigrants, to curtail disengagement and leanings towards religious extremism to find acceptance.

lt is not even about Homeland security. Instead, it is mostly about the Republican Party nominee, Donald Trump, and his treatment of women i.e. his penchant for lascivious comments, lewd behaviour and misogynistic name calling.

And then, there is Trump’s stance on anti-abortion.

Lovely neighbourhood tree-1
Lovely neighbourhood tree-1

However, if Donald Trump's mindset painted him as ‘the odd man out’, surely he would not be holding the stage he is holding at the moment.

The fact is that, at least, some 16 million individuals, men or women, have so far overtly supported him because, presumably because they identify ‘with that guy.’

This would tend to confirm that, among other issues, still today, even the United States of America, women do not have complete agency over their body.

However, possibly because daily physical or emotional survival are their immediate foci - millions of women in America, here, in Australia and in many other parts of the world do not consider complete agency over their own body a priority wrong to right.

Friendly neighbourhood tree-2
Friendly neighbourhood tree-2

Bottom line

On the whole, women are still at the mercy of power brokers, of religious rhetoric, of the media, of patriarchal decision-makers and at the mercy of whomever is the tacit enabler of Man’s agenda in their own families – and millions of them do not consider that a priority wrong to right.

Serious Question

Then, there is Trump’s oh-so-dated and well-documented sexist affirmation that ‘Boys will be boys’ when it comes to sexual assault.

Serious question: Even in the current climate of politics of grievance, posturing and personal profit, how can anyone who aspires to international leadership not accept that grown men have far more responsibilities to women than boys?


Anyway, if he truly believes it, what leadership can a man offer to a democracy once he declares, as Trump did in January 2016, that the police were the most mistreated people in America?


Trump appears gripped by an immense ego matched by the sort of immense power, that only [big-big] money can buy. He oozes questionable, narcissistic ‘charisma’ and exemplifies the sort of man most modern women object to and despise when in their presence but, again - are Trump's antics so unusual for Man in the 21st century?

Isn’t there something ruthlessly tantalizing about him?

Friendly neighbourhood tree-3 - Sure, this tree IS friendly :-)
Friendly neighbourhood tree-3 - Sure, this tree IS friendly :-)

Man's Karmic Responsibility

Trump appears gripped by an immense ego matched by the sort of immense power, that only [big-big] money can buy. He oozes questionable, narcissistic ‘charisma’ and exemplifies the sort of man most modern women object to and despise when in their presence but, again - are Trump's antics so unusual for Man in the 21st century? Isn’t there something ruthlessly tantalizing about him?


ls he really that much more disconnected from Man's core energy, from Man’s karmic purpose to protect all that is in need of protection, than millions of other men who are remiss when it comes to an active protection of children, women, elderlies, differently abled ones, the frightened, the sick and the wounded across the globe - and the air, the seas, the soil and the core of Planet Earth?

Giving to charities is one thing – an important thing, a good deed, a mitzvah - but that thing is very different from active, healthy protection that is often lacking in our streets, offices, in the home – in our hearts.

Friendly neighbourhood tree-4
Friendly neighbourhood tree-4

How Much of an 'Odd Man Out'?

Bill Clinton was lambasted for his tryst in the Oval office with Monica Lewinski and French President Hollande for his ongoing liaison with an actress.

Along with Trump and - in varying degrees - shouldn't these erring leaders of nations simply be seen as mere poster boys for the very large herd of Men Behaving Badly?

Aren't they, simply, the unfortunate ones who got caught in the spotlight, sometimes with their pants down?

Serious question #1: Aren't there hordes of men in our midst, those who aspire - or simply dream - of one day ‘getting away’ with, if only, a fraction of Trump's not so bizarre brazenness?

Serious question #2: Aren’t there also hordes of men who actually ‘do that’, perhaps on a more modest scale, but on a regular basis?

Friendly succulent on the patio :-)
Friendly succulent on the patio :-)

Collectively - Always - We Co-Create

Be that as it may, all these persons [all the ones we find objectionable in one way or another] are in our midst for a reason – not merely because of lifestyle or cultural reasons.

Just as we co-create our own personal karma, we also co-create the karma of our nation – not necessarily by voting blue, red green or for a specific person or policy. Mostly, we do it daily according to how we allow our thoughts to shape our emotions which shape our reactions.

Citizens and politicians alike have, over the centuries, have been shaping the cumulative, collective karma of their country moment after moment, decisions after decision, kneejerk after kneejerk, impulse after impulse, through equanimity, through violence and through indifference, according to connections wired inside their minds a.k.a. the soul-side of their ego or the low end of their ego, depending.

The genuine motive behind any action, private or public, most probably counts more than the action itself, even when the action appears to be altruistic. Over time, our thoughts create our behaviour which, in turn creates both our emotional and physical landscapes.

Diplomacy, incoherence and hypocrisy do not score well in the karmic realm.

People towards whom we feel negative vibes, even if we have yet to meet them, do pop inside our radius for karmic reasons of personal and societal import. These persons have not descended upon us from Planet X. They are - and always have been - part and parcel of who we are, at any given moment.

Even aspiring presidents.

Time Has Come To Play It Simple

The concept of serious, hype-free karma has been discussed at length in the first two books of the series Stepping Stones To The Top of The World, so no need to revisit it here. I will just say that ours, now and ad vitam aeternam, is the ongoing test of active acceptance of What-Is, of being actively, correctly and impeccably present from the inside/out.

From the moment we open our eyes in the morning to the moment we fall asleep, it is our personal ongoing test to limit to a minimum the ‘ripples’ of our involvement by maintaining our own energetic focus [the only one in our power to truly control] on something akin Don Miguel Ruiz Four Agreements.


'First Agreement: Be Impeccable with Your Word

Second Agreement: Don’t Take Anything Personally

Third Agreement: Don’t Make Assumptions

Fourth Agreement: Always Do Your Best', says Don Miguel Ruiz in his lovely ‘little’ book, The Four Agreements – A Toltec Wisdom Book.

Friendly neighbourhood tree - 5.  Yup, sure, another friendly one :-)
Friendly neighbourhood tree - 5. Yup, sure, another friendly one :-)

Bottom line:

An ‘impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful, southern border wall to separate Mexico from the USA’?

This Trump idea is in reality quite far for far-fetched, as one third of that border is already fenced off by a 930 km, 4-meter high, hi-tech ‘virtual fence’ complete with cameras and sensors. In all seriousness, it is said to be wildlife friendly.


Some are fenced in. Others are fenced out all along la linea, the dividing line. In the San Diego-Tijuana region, Border patrol allow the folks on both sides fingertip contact through the narrow security mesh interstices framed by gigantic, colourful concrete uprights – but only on weekends.


Today, yet another demonstration against the Republican candidate took place. This time, some 200 women gathered in Chicago to build a human wall near Trump's International Hotel and Tower.


Bottom line: is the 708 kilometres long, 8 meters high, Israeli wall of separation, modestly called the West Bank barrier to become the default model to adopt in order to keep ‘undesirable’ persons out of ‘our’ space?

Will we wall-in/wall-out certain suburbs and parts of our inner cities?

A concrete 'barrier' near the Gaza Strip, February 13, 2017
A concrete 'barrier' near the Gaza Strip, February 13, 2017 | Source

Under Lock And key

Since keys appeared in ancient Egypt and Assyria, Man has gone to great lengths to keep himself behind locked gates in a bid to protect himself and his possessions against others – including his heart.

Today, perhaps more than ever - judgement more tainted by relentless media reporting of senseless crime than by personal experience, he judges all outsiders a threat – quite forgetting that karmic events, once locked-in, have a way to defy even Pentagon-tight security.

Similarly, Man is often careful to separate aspects of his private life from the public arena. Woman is brought out to stand by his side - if he thinks she is likely to be perceived as an asset – but objectified ‘trophy’ wives and girlfriends are to be admired but … only from a distance before she retreats to relative safety provided by walls and electronic security devices.

From eons back, our sense of preservation has been pushing us towards protection through isolation. We want walls, strong walls and we expect them to protect us, our loved ones and our possessions.

Frinedly shopping center tree
Frinedly shopping center tree

Walls are Made to Be Climbed Over

Call it the flip side of the coin. Call it the third law of motion. Call it the simple geometry of the line that divides anything, even a piece of paper. Call it the inseparability of us.

Either way, the freedom of the persons who ‘for now’ are classified as welcome and bona fide citizens, perhaps like ourselves, will end up ‘walled in’ at our end - just as the others get ‘walled-out’ at their end.

Inevitably, the division and the separation we perceive as vital to our survival at any given point in time – whether of a physical or of a mental nature – never fail to become our constraints further up our timeline.

It is quite costly, at a number of essential levels to maintain SEPARATION. It requires strength, vigilance and energy of the wrong kind because separation is not a natural aspect of collective living, of living in herds - be they human or animals.


The construction of the Berlin Wall, in 1961, was built to slow down the waves of refugees who were attempting to leave East Berlin.

A4 meter-high wall, funded by the U.K. government, is currently being built alongside the port of Calais, France, to prevent refugees and asylum seekers from jumping on trucks travelling towards Britain. This wall is billed to be the first of a number of similar walls that will eventually section off migration ‘hotspots’ throughout Europe.

The longer any line of separation, the more effort is required to maintain that separation. The more complex and burdensome becomes its defence.

Friendly neighbourhood tree - 6
Friendly neighbourhood tree - 6

Separation at a Cost

They do say that history repeats itself so once the corner stone is in place, the rest of the structure can take shape and - an ancient model of separation is easily revived. Should we be inspired by the defensive walls of the protectionist strategies already in place circa 6500 B.C.?

ls the way of the future really to be inspired by the Great Wall of China which began taking shape in the 7th century, as border control - and simply be awed by today's equivalent cost of billions of dollars raised as taxes - and simply be awed, too, by the immense pain its construction entailed, including the estimated hundreds of thousands, if not one million - dead?

Serious question

A strong whiff of nationalism is already in the air of our democracies but …

Serious question: might the old iron Curtain be pulled out of the moth balls - and re-hung in a different location?

After all, if the mindset of separation proliferates across the United States, as it does across Europe, and to some extent here, too, in Australia, there might conceivably come a time when America - and/or Europe - together or separately – will endeavour to block themselves and their allies from open contact with non-‘allied’ countries.

Local RSPCA protection 'wall'
Local RSPCA protection 'wall'

Another Serious Question

Certainly, the return of the fortress is a definite modern-day possibility that would, no doubt be welcome by many.

For now, the international consensus is that Russia has already become more repressive, dashing hope of millions who, back in the 1990s, cheered when the tyrannical system ceased to be. Back then, joy in the streets was about the conviction that the newly founded leadership would, no doubt, lead the people to better and greater things.


Serious question: what if Donald Trump’s public disregard for so many of our cultural ‘sensitivities’ [the ones over which we have applied a cultural thin coat of Tolerance varnish] was a way to break open our home-made Pandora’s Box to force us, collectively, to deal with a lot more vigour and integrity with the many issues that have been stagnating at the bottom for … so long already?

Friendly neighbourhood tree-7
Friendly neighbourhood tree-7

Be that as it may, while we await the result of the 2016 U.S. Federal elections - while seemingly devoid of his rightful energy as Protector - Donald Trump, conduit for unhappy millions of Americans, has given me in real time, fresh arguments for this sex-ion of Chapter 2 - Sex and Separation.

For that, l happily give candidate Trump ‘1 Like’ :-)

Friendly little flower on the patio
Friendly little flower on the patio

© 2017 Carole Claude Saint-Clair


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