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It Was the Plan all Along

Updated on May 16, 2020

Barack Obama


The Plan

For decades there have been people within the United States Government positioning themselves, along with different organizations to bring in the New World Order.

This isn't a new "idea," nor it it a 'conspiracy." We know today that this is a fact and we are seeing it play out right in front of our eyes.

Here's what Barack Obama was openly discussing during his eight-term as President.

Obama Kill The Elderly Policy Exposed - Nazi Obamacare Healthcare Reform Euthanasia Genocide


Obama wanted to save trillions of dollars by "euthanizing," the elderly, the handicapped and the poor, which he deemed as "useless people."

Money is far more important than human lives, right?

Rahm Emanuel said that people would most likely go along with their plans during a time of crisis. We are in a time of crisis right now. It was likely a planned crisis so the deep-state could push forward with their plans.

Speaker Pelosi is currently pushing and 1,800 page bill to remove voter ID's, to give illegals stimulus money, and to bail out very poorly run states like California and New York.

The democrats are trying to impose a burden on the rest of the nation to cover the costs of their reckless leadership. Americans do not want to pay for their failures.

Currently, states like California and New York are still in shut down mode. All non-essential workers shouldn't go anywhere but to the store for essential goods.

Meanwhile, hospitals are laying off employees because they are nowhere near the crowded capacity that the CDC and the W.H.O. claimed they would be at. They aren't allowed to treat other issues like cancer, or diabetes. Covid-19 comes first.

Governor Witmer


Communist Dictators

Governors like Whitmer, of Michigan, and Governor J. B. Pritzker, of Illionois are behaving like communist dictators.

In Michigan, the American people are rising up to Whitmer's dictatorship like actions and fighting for their freedoms.

The Mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot even gave a dissertation on how the nation would obtain the globalist's standards.

Chicago Mayor espouses new world order

How Did we Get Here?

How did we get here, and how on earth are there so many supporters for a "New World Order?"

From mainstream media reporters, to Hollywood actors these freedom robing ideas are constantly bombarding the American people with utter nonsense.

How did we get here?

If we lose our freedoms, we can never get them back.

How it it that anyone supports these enemies within our own nation?

Many are concerned that if they go anywhere outside of their homes, they could get sick and they could cause others to get sick.

The fact is, every time we leaves our homes we are taking a risk. If we drive, we are risking an accident where ourselves and others could be injured. The same goes for riding a bike or walking.

The insanity tied to this "crisis," is out of control.

I'm glad I live in a red state where Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has lifted the stay at home orders.

Only a few wear mask, restaurants are open, people are going on with life and our state is doing just fine.

The Question is: Are You an Essential Worker?

Get Right With God

The alarms are sounding louder than ever before.

If you are a Christian put on the full armor of God.

If you are not a Christian, please reconsider your beliefs.

Time is short, the end-game has arrived.


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