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It is only in Africa that people can make money without working

Updated on November 19, 2013

A professor said, “It is only in Nigeria that people make money without doing anything.” One may wonder how possible it is for someone to get paid without doing any work. This is not about the usual internet advert of making reasonable income while working at home. This case is different because one can make money even if one decides to sleep all day. That is how some people make money. It is called “ghost workers” whereby someone that does not exist or someone that exists but is not employed by a Government is being paid for doing nothing.

Some Government officials enlist the names of their family members or friends in Government payroll and they are paid even though they do not work for the Government establishment. That is the situation in Nigeria and other African countries and some Government officials are doing their best to uncover the vices and prevent it. Another form of it this is a situation in which a government employee goes to work only to chat and does nothing. There are cases of people waiting to be served and attended to while those that are paid for the job refuse to attend to public need. Some of them may ask one for money before they can listen to one’s demand despite the fact that they are being paid for the job. Most of them are not diligent in public service and they do not bother if the public is dissatisfied.

The reason is because some people do not want to make an honest living. It is also part of the corruption in those countries as Government officials continue to seek ways to steal public funds thereby they add ghost workers as government employee and channel the money to their families or friends. The writer thinks it is important for the government to put in more effort and develop a system that will detect such method of stealing public fund if the government really wants to end it.

Moreover, it can be argued that any politician that fails to work for public interest is not different from a ghost worker. This is because the essence of taking a political/public office is to serve the people and not to acquire wealth at the expense of the people.



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