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Tips for U.S. VISA interview

Updated on July 31, 2016

Why you should read this article?

For US Visa interviews, a common question is: "What are the things I need to know or cautious about?" or "How do I impress the US visa officer?" I have spent hours over several weeks and years to research these questions. From this research I prepared a concise document that I have used for many years to help my family and friends. I felt this research can help the world community I belong to and hence decided to publish on So without delay, let us begin:

Are there any tricks, special ways, dresses, routes to be successful at US VISA interview? Not Really !!

A successful US visa interview is a mix of luck, timing and your preparation. If you get an opportunity to travel to U.S. to work or for vacation, it is really a onetime opportunity. U.S. is truly a land of opportunities and full of wonderful places to spend vacation time at. Many aspiring professionals around the world dream to immigrate here and settle for big fortune. However, many of them get denial of their VISA for one or other reasons. Then they start thinking what went wrong. The opportunity, they seemed simpler and nearer, suddenly becomes more complex and farther? All dreams shattered!!

I was unfortunate twice and was denied US VISA as I did not prepare as I should have. I thought it is a simple interaction as I am just visiting for a few days, and I can handle it well. Actually it was not and needed some due diligence preparation and orientation. Finally after conscious efforts and with luck, I am here in U.S. writing this post inside my own home. I had no tricks, no confiscating, no-misrouting, no consultants. I was just diligent in my research in building a strong case for my travel. And so are you now and therefore are reading this article. So here are the tips:

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As I said earlier luck, timing and preparation. Luck and timing is something we can not control however preparation we can. So here are the tips for preparation:

1) Do your paperwork diligently. State every item truly without hiding any important facts. For example, form may ask you if you have any blood relative. State truly with identifying the relative on the form in appropriate box on the form. In this way you establish your honesty and openness.

2) Secure sponsorship papers: If you have any relative in U.S., request them to provide you I-134, a form of sponsorship. If you are visiting an employer, ask for letters of invitation. For universities, get the appropriate documents demonstrating your acceptance and admission. These documents are a big help in your VISA interview as the sponsoring person or organization takes ownership of your rightful return and is bound by U.S. law to do so.

3) Keep financial Info handy: For many developing nations where currency conversion rates run in tens, it is imperative that you keep clear information about the funding of your entire trip. Keep bank statements, statement from your company or from your relative, handy. The interview officer makes sure that you would not become liability on U.S. Government and it is your duty to establish that you have enough funds to support your entire trip to avoid such suspicion.

4) Keep documents organized Take all your bank account statements, marriage certificates, property papers and all such documents that would help you prove that you have all ties in the country you live and you have no intention to migrate using the VISA you are securing. Local U.S. Visa websites post checklists for you. So take that checklist and organize you paperwork in the required sort order. Also I have article on document check-list that you can review here.

5) Stay calm and integrated Do not try to impress the VISA interview officers by extra smiles or talking continuously etc. Try to be precise and clear to the VISA officer’s questions. Clearly state the purpose. Show the return-tickets if asked, remember you are being judged based on your responses and documents and you have to stay integrated without having the excitement affect your responses an showing any unintended negative signs.

6) Stay current Every year VISA rules keep undergoing review and changes if necessary. Definitely visit (one day before your interview) non-immigrant VISA section of your local U.S. embassy’s website to understand any changes in law or travel conditions to U.S. and if changes are needed make sure you address such items by taking appropriate paperwork or material to interview.

7) Special attention to photographs The photograph requirements are very strict for U.S. Visa. So make sure you get your photographs as per specifications posted on U.S. websites. Spend a little extra money and get the rightfully authorized photographer to prepare U.S. VISA photographs

8) Honesty is the best policy Honest and clear responses are the one that would help you secure VISA. If you lie or make up things, there are high chances, that you would be denied VISA.

9) Attire for US visa interview: and yes, wear comfortable clothes. Neither over-dress or under dress. Clean ironed shirt-pants in hot/summer areas is a good idea. In cold areas, a professional attire always goes well. Comb your hair. Use right color combinations, light colored tops and dark colored bottoms is always a good idea. Avoid using clothes that create special attention. Business casuals is recommended in most cases.

These are some items that can save you last minute troubles. One thing to remember that U.S. Government have open doors policy and depend a lot on travelers’ clear and objective statements of purpose of travel. And honesty would your best friend in this.

Good luck!

If you type in browser (or type U.S. temporary visitor's VISA in Google), you would reach the Site for one of the U.S. travel authority U.S. Department of State. There is lot of good literature on types of VISA and categories of VISA and so on., you can find your local U.S. embassies’ website link and from there you can find paperwork needed.

Check my other article on non-immigrant U.S. VISA document check-list

© 2009 hubchief - pen name


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    • profile image

      Gil 19 months ago

      Please i want someone to help

      Im havin my interview on monday 8th/8/2016

      I ve paid the shipment of my i20 on 4th/8/2016

      Using pay pal(wire transfer)

      And they told me they can receive the money within 3-5 days

      And that will be later than my interview appointment.

      But i ve all proofs showing that i ve made the shippment

      And email from the company shippment sayin they ll receive money within 3days

      Should i go to the interview

      Showing those proofs

      Even the school is aware.

    • profile image

      Derrick 2 years ago

      What about travel experience.. It's very much asked where I come from and that's the reason why 99% of people are being denied.. Travel experience smh

    • profile image

      Kat 2 years ago

      i want to apply us visa but im afraid to be denied because my mother is in US for 10 years with expired visa. Is there possibility that i will be denied too

    • HubChief profile image

      hubchief - pen name 3 years ago from United States

      See the difficult part is that you would change the trip to self sponsored and therefire create question why you did not do so in first place . You should see why section 214 and address the underlying reason... I would suggest meet a local attorney in Riyadh who can guide you through the process and create accurate papers. Alternatively your aunt can do the same in US.

    • profile image

      kitty 3 years ago

      i applied for a us tourist visa here in riyadh.but i was denied due to section us trip is sponsored by my aunt who is a us citizen.the consul asked me why im going to us,and i answered for tourism purposes and my aunt invited me to visit them and we will be having our family reunion in her question is,if i am going to reapply again,can i change my application to self sponsored trip?do i need to mention again that we will be having a family reunion?...hoping for reply..thanks..

    • HubChief profile image

      hubchief - pen name 3 years ago from United States

      No there is no known issue that I an aware of. As far as the birth certificate is legal and genuine from the issuing authority, it is perfectly considered ok. My research showed that It is understood that in some countries birth certificate issuing was not a practice until sometime.

    • profile image

      Eunice 3 years ago

      I was born in 1991 but my birth certificate was not obtained during that time. I came to get it later in the year 2012, is there any proplem in regard to my late acquisition of it?

    • profile image

      Ann 4 years ago

      Hi there, thank you for posting all the infos. I do have a question though.. About three yrs ago I went to the states for a one year internship. I was given a two yr rule so I was not able to come back to the US for two yrs. Today i am finally allowed to apply again but this time I'm planning to apply for a working visa. I know a legit agency who can provide an employer and the employer, as per agency, will also provide supporting papers for the working visa application. I just want to know if the consuls are very strict right now with giving out working visas to Filipinos. A year ago I heard they are very strict, not to mention the recession. I just would like to know if i have a good chance in getting approved if I can show supporting papers from a possible employer..

    • profile image

      naina 4 years ago

      i m a medical student studying in china and will b studyng for next 6 years...basically an indian citizen....i m applyng for b1 visa from beijing....i wana go to disney land n visit niagra falls in mah dis summer vacations with some of my us citizen classmates....i hav enough balance in mah account in i hav booked a hotel in new york...i hav tax statements of mah dad back home...i hav my university legal letter... is dis much enough???? n will my application b accepted??

    • profile image

      Samantha 4 years ago

    • HubChief profile image

      hubchief - pen name 4 years ago from United States

      No one would ask you your personal problems. Focus on interview... They need to know purpose of you visit and if you have enough money.. Good luck...

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      I Get my medical ..and I find out I am pregnant..So I stop doing my medical I don't finish my medical...I get pregnant to another guy so that's why I stop getting my I am ready to get my medical becouse I am not pregnant i abort the baby I am pregnant one month...a wanna know if I am gonna denied becouse what happen to me ...are thes gonna ask about my medical problem...pls help me

    • profile image

      Hiron 5 years ago

      Thank you, thank you so much

    • profile image

      sheikh mansour 5 years ago

      what are some of the questions that are going to be asked

    • profile image

      Shankar iyer 5 years ago

      self and wife are senior citizens and we applied thru B1 tourist visa and denied visa under 214(b) They asked me about my income beinng a retired said my income thru bank interest around 15000/- monthly.They didn't bother to check other papers. Where i went wrong?

    • profile image

      sam 5 years ago

      do embassy verify work experience certificate?how they recoganize fake certificate?

    • profile image

      yiporo 5 years ago

      Thanks for this information. I am preparing for US visa interview tomorrow and I've found this helpful.

      Thanks so much.

    • HubChief profile image

      hubchief - pen name 5 years ago from United States

      If you do your paperwork diligently and meet requirements as set by embassy for the VISA class you are applying, then chances are better. There is a link to document checklist article that you can review and see if you have done due diligence.

    • HubChief profile image

      hubchief - pen name 5 years ago from United States

      I would suggest calling local us embassy and discuss this...

    • profile image

      janechelsy 5 years ago

      Very helpful and I will surely hook you up should my green card app go thru...great info...

    • profile image

      kwasi 5 years ago

      am a student at the poly and i want to apply for a visa for a short visit to visit a friend but i don't have a return ticket to add to my documents to submit and i don't know if they will deny me of my visa

    • profile image

      riyaz ah1 5 years ago

      Hi, I recently applied for B1/B2 Visa but already deposited visa fees in bank but did one mistake I writen wrong passport number by mistakenly this fees is non refundable what can I. pay again or go with same reciept.

    • profile image

      francis5k 5 years ago

      very nice information!

    • Myleencaguindagan profile image

      Myleencaguindagan 5 years ago

      thanks for this! Im from Philippines and I applied for my us visa here in Riyadh because I'm currently working here. I may be too ambitious to have my interview right away when I see this site, I postpone my scheduling interview because I think I have so many things to accomplish first! I hope with your comments I could be on the right path to have my interview soon! Hope I could get all the requirements needed!

    • profile image

      Rick 6 years ago

      Traveles clear statement of purpose:

      Is goin to the u.s for simply a visit not good enough a purpose?

    • profile image

      eavedrop44 6 years ago

      The article is written in a very good manner.It help me in my college project.Thanks for sharing it.

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    • profile image

      thewriters 6 years ago

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    • profile image

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    • profile image

      resume 6 years ago

      One thing to remember that U.S. Government have open doors policy and depend a lot on travelers’ clear and objective statements of purpose of travel. And honesty would your best friend in this.

    • profile image

      Swimwear 6 years ago

      What you write is pretty good. They are good for our readers to know. Thanks for posting

    • profile image

      francisid 6 years ago

      thanks a lot for posting this! indeed,a great help for applicants.thumbs up!

    • profile image

      CA Bikini 6 years ago

      Cool!! thanks for sharing!

    • profile image

      Richard 6 years ago

      You do have some good information so I must congratulate you on that. However I must add that The US Department of state is one that is highly confidential on the method used on detemining eligibility for being granted the different visas. However the country that I come from us visas are in rediculous demand and everyday people who i know are either accepted and denied. My point is that its is not possible to cite informattion on the visa guidelines, but one can attempt to study them. I have been trying to study them for years. I can tell you from my experience that getting a US visa has nothing to do with luck. It is solely due to how you answer your questions and the documentary evidence that you are able to provide baseed on the answers that you gave.

    • profile image

      Troy 6 years ago

      really good & true information

    • profile image

      ED Hardy Clothing 7 years ago

      I’ve been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing.Thx

    • HubChief profile image

      hubchief - pen name 7 years ago from United States

      if you lie and get denied, then you still have second chance however if your lie was caught first time, there is a good chance that second time VISA may not come through. However It also depends how strong and truthful your case is second time.

    • profile image

      ronnie 7 years ago

      i still need tips on my initial question because i fall into that category

    • profile image

      ronnie 7 years ago

      what if i lied and was denied. can i ever get a u.s. visa again

    • profile image

      swimwear 7 years ago

      so many useful information is available here.

    • profile image

      tankini 7 years ago

      nice iformation. Good dear.

    • profile image

      Get Free Visitors 8 years ago