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Massacre At Sikh Temple in Oak Creek,Wisconsin!

Updated on December 9, 2013

Domestic Terrorist Attack!

Copyright 2012 VVeasey Publishing


It happened again!

This time, it was a gunman shooting and killing six members of the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin, in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. hree others were wounded and are in critical condition, including the police officer, who killed the gunman in a shootout.

The shooter was identified as forty year old, Army veteran, Wade Michael Page. He was in the Army from 1992-1998. He fired on people outside the temple around 10:30am Sunday morning. As of this writing no motive for shooting has been announced, but ATF Special agent, Thomas Ahern, reported that the shooter had white supremacists tattoos indicating that he had ties to White supremacists. (Wouldn't surprise me one bit)

Witnesses said, that Page, walked up to where people were standing, outside the temple and started firing. (Can you imagine being one of those standing there when the shooting began, out of nowhere?)

Page was killed, in a gun battle with the, wounded police officer. The officer was shot eight or nine times. The shooting is being investigated as case of domestic terrorism. (which is what it definitely is!)

The Investigation

ATF, Special agent Ahern, said, "It is being investigated. And what his tattoos signified is being investigated. They are all pieces of a possible puzzle to learn what was his motive in carrying out such a horrific act,".

Oak Creek Police Chief John Edwards, praising the wounded police officer, said, "The officer stopped a tragic event that could've been a lot worse,"

The FBI, are aiding in the investigation of the incident, as a domestic terrorist attack. (Good!) I'm happy about that, because most Americans, only see terrorist as foreigners. But this incident, the Aurora, Colorado incident and all the other past incidences like this, is a wake up call, to show people that we're in just a much danger from homegrown terrorist, as we are from foreign terrorist. We're probably, even, in more danger from the homgrown ones, because most people don't expect terrorist to be homegrown.

The Sikh Community

The Sikh community in Milwaukee is understandable outraged at the shooting. Who would have thought, that during the course of their normal worship services, a crazed gunman, would open fire on them, turning their lives into an, instant living nightmare!

Satwant Singh Kaleka, the temple president, was shot as he was about deliver his opening remarks. His horrified son, Armardeep Kaleka, who got a phone from the temple, said, "I picked it up immediately thinking it was my dad, but it was the priest and he was standing right next to him," "He told me right away that right now my father can't speak. There's too much blood coming out of his back area and we have to get ambulances in there right away."

(Can you imagine being told that about your dad or others members of your family?.)

State Rep. Josh Zepnick, who was recently a guest at the temple said, "It's gut wrenching," "It certainly makes you wonder about how just how far this epidemic of gun violence goes, where innocent people's lives are put at risk in ordinary day-to-day situations. it makes me sick to my stomach." (Don't you think He's right? Doesn't it seem these domestic terroist attacks are increasing?)

Simran Kaleka (the temple president's son) said, "Every single member of my family was inside that church,". "No matter who is shot and killed in there, it's going to affect all of us out here because a lot of people are related here. And it's just, for me, my life flashed before my eyes because it's my whole family." (I agree with him don't you!

Anytime, something horrible like this happens to anyone, doesn't it affect everyone related to that person, or who cares about him or her, friends and family etc?)

I know, I know...I can hear some of you saying “guns don't kill. People do!”. A gun is a weapon isn't it? What's the purpose or function of a weapon? Isn't it to maim, injury or kill, whether you're defending yourself against attack, or attacking someone? So by definition, guns are made to kill aren't they? Isn't that why people use them to kill, whether it's hunting and killing animals, or hunting and killing people, as in wars and domestic terrorist attacks, like this one, wouldn't you agree?

A Crazed Gunman

We can called Wade Michael Page a "crazed" gunman! But was he really "crazed"? We can call it a senseless act. But was it really senseless? (I don't think so!). Maybe, he knew exactly, what he was doing! Maybe Page was just a cold-blooded, calculating killer! He knew his target! He chose his weapon! If he was a white supremacist, maybe he just had no regard or respect, for his victims lives or the suffering their families would endure, as a result of his horrendous actions! I think that's real story don't you?

Oh! I almost forgot! For those of you whose eyes squinted and nostrils flared and had smoke coming out your ears, when I was saying that guns kill.That was not an argument for gun control or banning guns! So take a deep breath...hold it..relax...let it out slowly ah...ah...ah...ah...ah...feel the relaxation, because there's nothing to be upset about!

Page Was A Skinhead


it been confirmed that the shooter, Wade Michael Page, was indeed a skinhead and led a white supremacist band called "End Apathy". Page was said to be a frustrated white supremacist, skinhead, who was pissed off about the 9/11 disaster and blamed Muslims for the attacks. He was probably frustrated, that he and his fellow white supremacists weren't actively doing anything, to bring about the big coming "holy race war", to make the U.S, a white's only country, happen fast enough. Now we know how, he could inflict such pain and savagery on those innocent Sikhs. They were, non-white, and he saw them as Muslims, who he blamed for 9/11 attacks. Page definitely, had no sympathy, understanding or consideration, for those he so viciously, made his unsuspecting victims!

Page Was Frustrated


Well it seems I was right!

Page, was frustrated, he couldn't get other skinhead/white supremacists to carry out violent acts, to bring about the "big holy race war" and fight against what he called the oppressor. So, he took matters into his own hands, probably to try and stir-up the rest of his violent posse...but it didn't work! He patrolled the internet and left comments on Internet forums for skinheads, trying to provoke them to put their violent, radical, beliefs into action.

He posted, "If you are wanting to meet people, get involved and become active," "Stop hiding behind the computer or making excuses." In other words...get off your butts and start kicking some ass! Start killing those they saw as inferior, and who were taking over "their" white country. So he tried to led by example! But...if you're white and don't support their racist beliefs. They will kill you too!

So, just because you're white, doesn't mean you're not in danger or safe from these fools either! As a matter of fact, they will hate you more, because you will be seen as a race traitor! And that's worst than being a "nigger, chink, wetback, towel head, or sand nigger, "etc.

So be forewarned!

Christopher Robillard, Page's Army Buddy

Christopher Robillard, who was one of Page's Army buddies, said he didn't take it seriously when Page expressed his extremist views. (Why is it that people don't want to take these things seriously when it's someone they know?)

Robillard said, "He would often mention the racial holy war that was coming," (The big "holy race war" they're obssessed with bringing about, I mentioned earlier.). "And you know, we just looked at it as, he was trying to get attention to himself. Because, he was always the loner type of person. Even in a group of people, he would be off alone." (See what I mean? They thought he was just trying to get attention!...he couldn't be serious! Now seven people are dead!)

Mass Shooter's Weapon Of Choice


The FBI, has determined that mass murderer, Wade Michael Page, shot himself in the head, after being shot in the stomach by a police officer. The semiautomatic handgun, Page used in this massacre, is the same as the one used in other mass shootings, the Aurora, Colorado, shooting and the shooting of congresswoman Gabby Gilfords. Page used a Springfield 9mm semiautomatic handgun, that seems to be the preferred weapon of these mass murderers.

Josh Sugarmann, executive director of the Violence Policy Center, explained that "They are are light and easy to conceal, and adaptable to using high-capacity magazines. This allows the shooter to fire the maximum number of bullets in a short period of time."

Page definitely used his to maximum effect!

Peace and blessing to the victims' families


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    • profile image

      Dirty Harry 

      4 years ago

      Just another lunatic with a gun getting out of control because of his mental illness!

    • vveasey profile imageAUTHOR

      VC L Veasey 

      6 years ago from Detroit,MI


      I hear ya!

    • MaestroECMcCloud profile image


      6 years ago from Lexington, South Carolina

      Much of this is fueled by incendiary remarks coming from the right wing of the GOP. Not only them, but also these so-called pundits too. We have people like Michele Bachman and Allen West accusing their fellow members of being part of Anti-American groups (ie. The Muslim Brotherhood, The Communist Party). No wonder we have nut cases like this running around.

    • vveasey profile imageAUTHOR

      VC L Veasey 

      6 years ago from Detroit,MI


      Thanks for your comments.

      You ask why are guns legal

      because there a many gun activist who want to use them to hunt or whatever purposes they want to use them for. Gun ownership is seen as a constitutional right.

      I agree that guns should't be so easy to buy.

      But there will always be illegal gun dealing. So I don't know how you could keep guns from falling into the wrong hands

    • debbiepinkston profile image

      Debbie Pinkston 

      6 years ago from Pereira, Colombia and NW Arkansas

      Guns do kill in the hands of mentally deranged people, and there are many sick people in the U.S. Why is it so easy for anyone to purchase a gun? It is illegal to use drugs because drugs can be addictive and harmful. Why are guns legal? The purpose of guns is to kill. The reason guns were invented was to kill. Guns serve no other purpose than to kill. Does it make any sense for guns to be as easy to purchase as chewing gum?


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