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It's Nothing Until I Call It!

Updated on May 12, 2013

"I once heard a story about a talk show host who had three professional baseball umpires as guests. The host was interviewing each of them about their particular style, and asked the question "When you are calling a game and the batter doesn't swing, how do you know what to call it?" The first umpire said, "I call it the way I see it." The second umpire said, "I call it the way it is." And the third umpire said, "It's nothing until I call it."

Excerpt from my book, "Richer Than King Tut - The Mental Game Of Wealth & Prosperity"

available through

author: Lela Hayes

What are you thinking?

Each day, I am fortunate enough to spend time considering life. I recognize that everything about the quality of my experience today has to do with how I see things. I am a passionate person so I expect life to reveal itself to me because of my insistence. But you know as well as I do that life moves at its own pace and will not be bullied by the likes of me. If I were the type of person who is willing to surrender that easily, you would probably never hear from me. So it is because I am always searching and demanding to find answers that I am here now.

This book I wrote, "Richer Than King Tut - The Mental Game Of Wealth & Prosperity", came about because I have spent a lifetime researching the ways of the human being and looking for insight on how we have come to this place in our history. We are pumping out people at a very rapid pace, so we have confidence that it is the place to be, but the quality of life here on earth is less than desirable for a huge percentage of the population. We are willing to promote life, but unwilling to discipline the quality of it.

What quality represents a prosperous life best?

Is the most properous aspect of life about getting the most money and stuff? To what end would this be prosperity? If you have everything money can buy, but your health has been the item sacrificed for it, would you still think money and things the most important depiction of prosperity? If you have perfect health, but you live in a country where you cannot even show your face, and you have no freedoms, would this perfect health be enough? If you have all the money and great health, but you never see your family because what you sacrificed to have all of this is nothing less than all your energy given to an imposing employer, do you have prosperity yet?

Who gets to decide whether we are prosperous or not? If you have very little freedom, who might be deciding is the dictator leading your country. If you have sided with a religion and exclude all others who do not believe as you do, who might be calling the shots is someone who believes they know the answers, but who found them copying someone else's experience of God, not their own. It is we who are deciding this moment, but we let a lot of other people run interference between us and the truth.

What prosperity really is may be different for all of us, but within it lies a balanced life and the ability to say what is within that balance for each of us.

Because I say so...

Recently, we had a visitor and this wonderful man is generous enough with me to let me talk about philosophy with him. His wife died many years ago and because their relationship had been so satisfying for him, he has looked for and found another wonderful woman to share his life. He spoke much about making the commitment to love this other person and told how she has professed her love for him, but he has not yet been able to pull the trigger, so to speak. He knows that this woman is a real blessing in his life and has added a dimension that only she could have added to his aliveness, but because she is not 'perfect', he has not been able to step forth into loving bliss.

It was not a long time after his wife died that he had his list of attributes that a mate must possess, and this woman holds all but one of them. We talked about what was really important in life and she possesses all of what this is. Her level of willingness to participate in his life in a joyful and energetic manor is off the chart. He keeps thinking love will find him, though, and he is appreciative of her attention and companionship, but until she becomes Everything he would have her be, he cannot commit to love.

He asked me about my life and even though neither my husband nor myself could be considered perfect, I know why our love is so true. My husband and I have been happily together for 27 years and I adore the air he breathes and the ground he walks on. He supports me in a manner that I did not know existed before I met him. Every once in a while he asks me why I love him. The answer is always the same. "Because I say so."

The reason I am happy is because I say so. The reason I am prosperous is because I recognize what is truly important to me in my life and I keep my awareness fixed on supporting it. Noone else will ever be able to decide what is important to you and that is why...

It's nothing until you call it and once you do, it cannot be but that.




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    • CreatePerfection profile image

      CreatePerfection 4 years ago from Beautiful Colorado


      Beautifully said. Thank you for visiting my hub. I always appreciate your comments.



    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 4 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      Happiness is a wonderful thing, but not everyone knows how to achieve it. It starts within our hearts and branches out from there.

    • CreatePerfection profile image

      CreatePerfection 4 years ago from Beautiful Colorado


      Thank you for visiting my Hub. I am so glad you found it useful. Our happiness comes from within but only if we say so, because nothing in the circumstances of our lives can make us happy. Only we can do that.



    • sarifearnbd profile image

      Shariful Islam 4 years ago from Bangladesh

      Great tips! I am definitely going to try some of them out.

    • CreatePerfection profile image

      CreatePerfection 4 years ago from Beautiful Colorado

      Renee Abbott,

      Thanks so much for your wonderful comment. We really do "need to be aware of what we are saying to 'cause I said so'." I sincerely appreciate your visit.



    • Renee Abbott profile image

      Renee Abbott 4 years ago from Arizona

      Excellent hub. Our minds can be control by us in healthier way. We just need to be aware of what we are saying to 'cause I said so'. Old programs will run us into chaos.