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It's Time to Save the Earth

Updated on April 23, 2019
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Andrew has been a creator on Hubpages for over 10 years. Greeting new users as a Hubpages Elite member and helping through the forums.

Earth by Lil Dicky

All of the Proceeds from Purchasing the song Earth go to saving it. If you ever bought music before there is no more noble cause then this.

Earth [Explicit]
Earth [Explicit]
Earth by Lil Dicky is a mainstream entertaining song written to increase awareness of the climate change that we as humans have to help prevent. Part of that prevention is done through purchasing the song as all profits go to charity.
Our planet is about to undergo a massive climate change within the next 12 years if we do not stop and take care of it now.
Our planet is about to undergo a massive climate change within the next 12 years if we do not stop and take care of it now. | Source


Earth, our wonderful blue marble in the galaxy is currently on the endangered list. While as humans we first hand rarely experience issues in our cities and neighborhoods - there is a very dangerous and long lasting damage on the way. What is happening? Is it about the plants or the animals? Is it something we are doing?

The Main Issue

The main issue is the globe is warming. Yes, it is getting hotter and hotter year after year. People written it off for many years and said there is no way humans can change something as large as the entire world - but its happening. We are only ONE DEGREE away from irreversible effects. These include raising sea levels, flooding, extinction, air quality, and water quality degradation. As it is now, individuals acting alone can help but can not create enough change to save the world. The only way to do this is to band together and everyone has to help from private business to governments.

What CAN you DO?

There are many ways people can help from petition signing to growing clean energy sources to eating a more sustainable diet. The largest impacts will come from people voting for people who care about the problem and will make laws to change how businesses do things to reduce carbon dioxide in the air. The second is for people to shift how they choose to live on the planet.

Steps to reduce Carbon Dioxide on an individual level

  1. Reduce Red Meat consumption - cows, pork, and chickens all produce harmful methane or carbon in the densities we have to raise them in to meet food demand. By eating meat less, less animals will have to be bred to meet demand.
  2. Drive less - only drive when you need to, otherwise take public transport, ride share, ride a bike, or walk.
  3. Buy renewable energy - it is more expensive then fossil fuel energy, but it will help build and maintain a sustainable structure without harming the planet.
  4. Donate to Charities - there are large organizations working on this problem but they need help affording to carry out the solutions
  5. Sign Petitions and Reach Out - let all your officials know your ideas and that you want to help save the planet. Also let your friends and family know you care and why they should care too!

There is no Plan B

Everyone, I don't know how else it can be said - Earth is our home. We all breathe the same air, drink the same water, and walk the same dirt. It doesn't matter where you are or what your social status is - no one is above being an Earthling. If Earth goes down there is no where else. We die. All of us. The rich. The poor. Everyone and everything. The world will try to fix itself, it heats up, the ice melts, the ocean expands, it wipes out life, it sucks carbon dioxide to the bottom and it cools to an ice age. Thats what happens. We are being destructive and we can fix it, but you need to help. Sign the petition, donate anything you can, buy the song - anything because if we don't it will all be for nothing as we will all be destroyed.


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