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Jacob Rees-Mogg: Puts the Boot in to Jezza.

Updated on September 30, 2019

Jacob Rees-Mogg and Jeremy Corbyn.

A Man from Another Time.

Jacob Rees-Mogg looks like someone from another century, a time when the working class, knew their place. When the upper-class and evil billionaire bosses in cotton mills, exploited and looked down, on the working class.

Since 2010, it would appear this mindset, is back, with the current Conservative administration. One has only to look at their policies, over the last 9 years or so, since the Tories, in 2010, came to power. However, under Boris Johnson, the Tories are saying austerity is over and big investments to help the poor, are on their way. Why then, did the Cameron and May administration inflict such austerity policies on the poor? Many seem to be thinking, with Boris, taking the helm, in No 10 the UK has a bright future, I would say be cautious and don't be taken in. All parties promise, this and that, especially before the announcement of a general election (and there will be one)

Back to Rees-Mogg, he is a hardline, Brexiteer, who would quite happily, be happy to see the UK leave the EU, without a deal. Rees-Mogg has an almost, Zen-like, Vulcan like calmness about him, he doesn't seem easily flappable. Some of the left have presented him dressed as a Nazi, because of his liking for large lapelled suits, something Nazi operatives dressed in. He is a Christian (of the Catholic persuasion) and his children are looked after by nannies, apparently. His sister Annunziata Rees-Mogg is an MEP for the Brexit party, not surprisingly.

Jacob-Rees Mogg, like many of those on the right and in Boris's cabinet, has a penchant, for being direct and some say, controversial. For example, his views on food banks were greeted with anger and disbelief. Rees-Mogg thought that foodbanks were a good thing for the poor and showed what, in his words, that the UK was a very charitable nation. Not admitting, that his party's policies, had made many, even those in work, like teachers and nurses, dependent on said, food banks.

Jacob-Rees Mogg has attacked Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, for what he called, Corbyn's, modern take on Marxism. Rees-Mogg said Jeremy Corbyn and his politics, would destroy the UK and everything it stood for. Also, describing Corbyn, as the most left-wing Labour leader.

Rees-Mogg, described Corbyn if he came to power, as a "grave threat" and said the Labour party, was now a hotbed of Antisemitic racist ideology. He seemed to be subtly insinuating, that Mr Corbyn, was a coward. A coward because, in Mr Rees-Moggs view, Mr Corbyn said he wanted a general election, but at the mention of it, Corbyn, runs away. Rees-Mogg, also implied that Mr Corbyn, despite now firmly being a remainer, had no clear policy on Brexit.

To the right, Mr Rees-Moggs words, will be a clarion call to action, against what they see as a Communist threat, to the UK, should Mr Corbyn, be Prime Minister. It is easy to see why, the Tories, who now sadly, represent the rich, would be scared of Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn's mantra of "For the many, not the few", is enough to give any right wing capitalist, a nightmare, of a dystopian future, where they will be disenfranchised.

Most Right Wing Cabinet Ever?

Has Boris, assembled, the most right-wing cabinet ever? Looking at some members of his cabinet, you might think so.

Jacob Rees-Mogg as described above, is a firm, on the right MP, as is Home Secretary, Priti Patel (who seems to have a good relationship with Indian Prime Minister, Modi, himself, accused of being a fascist). Dominic Raab, who ran for the leadership of the Tory party, is another on the right. Of course, not every cabinet minister could be described as hard right, but, there is a harder line on many things, these days, coming from the Johnson administration (compared to perhaps, May and Cameron's time in office, though Cameron's cabinet, did feature, Iain Ducan Smith, a hard-right Brexiteer).

Boris Johnson has expelled Tories who disagreed with him over Brexit and seems to be aping the Brexit party, in its hard-line Brexit stance, (although, Boris, appears to want a deal, with the EU?).

However, since the inception of this Tory administration in 2010, some of the policies, like austerity and the benefit cap, could be described as hard right and harsh. Not even the Thatcher administration did, what the Cameron and May administrations introduced and enacted on the poorest, in our society. Many of the poorest people in our society are living in poverty, sick people have died and other horrors, have occurred, on the watch of this Tory administration. There is certainly a case, as advocated, by Labour's John Mcdonnell, for bringing many Tories, like Duncan-Smith, to trial, for crimes against humanity, backed by a UN report.

The Brexit party, under Nigel Farage, share the same hard-right policy, on Brexit, as the current crop of leading Tories. Farage offered to do a non-aggression pact with Boris, come to a general election, saying together, they would sweep all before them. However, Boris has refused, saying the Conservatives can win on their own and don't need Farage.

The Tories are promising much, but, dear voter, think before you leap, is what I would add.


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