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Jane Elliot Experiment

Updated on August 1, 2014


Jane Elliot is more than likely the foremost authority on this subject. While doing research on racism and racial superiority Jane was discovered. And in seconds of the experiment you can detect the hostility of people who are and refuse to accept that they are racist. She claims if you go through social studies and are not a racist then you should have flunked out of high school”. Jane claims, “The school system is design to promote white supremacy”. This article will explore some recent and past statements made by prominent figures. A video of Jane Elliot experiment is included.

The object of this article is to have people examine the video, and statement made and published, to determine, if in a small way they can eliminate racism in their lifetime. There is an English series “line of Fire” where a chief detective is married to an English woman (white) and there is an American series “Thief” he is married to an American white woman. Both of these visual impressions can be seen on Hulu free Television The horror that these men are put through reminds one of Othello. The two series are visual reminder of the toxic way racism erodes from the inside out. The following comments were in the print media and are colorful.


Question and Answer

When asked a question about African-American football players. Jimmy claimed, “They were breed to be powerful” He was dismissed from his place of employment for this statement. Why? Was he wrong? He was not, but his statement was digging deep into America’s painful and shameful pasts.

Statement two

Earl Butz the secretary of agriculture was over heard saying colored only wanted three things; “a warm place to use the bathroom, loose fitting shoes an a snug vagina” I refuse to write the vulgarity of a man in such high position. However, “the leaves don’t fall to far from the tree” is an old saying the president of the United States felt comfortable to say the following; “they haven’t been long out of the trees” This is from a man at the highest office in the United States. These were past now statements; now look at some present ones.

Statement Three

Recently, there was Paula Deen who had allowed some constant Southern statement to bring her into court. She claimed, “ Her husband had told Negro jokes all her life along with her family. Deen in her sixties grew up with the so-called superiority ideology.

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Final Word

Then there was the ever-present Donald Sterling (83) thinking he was making a private statement in private. Only to discover it was not and the person thought it distasteful. These kinds of statements don’t just one day pop up.

The Comedy Club incident is where Michael Richards from the Seinfeld sitcom spewed out a ridiculous amount of racial prejudice onto heckler. So, if all of these people have children are they teaching them racism and white supremacy? Jane Elliot experiment clarifies a great deal in her experiment. This racism can be seen in Nazi literature in the writing of Count Gobineau, the father of Racist thought circa 1850. And it must be added he was speaking of Europeans of that era. This ideology would pass into the fields of biology anthropology and psychiatry. Count Gobineau, claims, “All civilization started with the White race”. Adolph Hitler had similar beliefs. What were the consequences of that belief? He would storm out of the stadium in 1936 when the great Jessie Owen would disprove his racial theory. Yet, to this very day the literature printed during this era remains in use and it producing Skin Heads. So what impact does this have on a child of color? Who are cognizant of this mind-altering disease as early as four years of age this claim is made by Mary Ellen Goodman. According to Kenneth and Mamie Clark, both of who are psychologist Doll experiment it is in Brutal. Prior to exploring that question, for the record the size of a brain has no impact on the person ability. Yet, this misconception is in emblazoned on the minds of many. There is a guy in the experiment who is heart breaking.

This white supremacy ideology has him not wanting to visit his daughter at school for fear of how the children will treat her after his visit. This gentlemen stand with a straight face and explains, that his mother, grandmother and wife are white; he is African-American and no mention of his father. Jane Elliot is in the United Kingdom during this experiment, literature can be found in the early 15th and 16th centuries exposing this development of this ideology. This ideology is toxic to such a degree it starts destroy children as early as four. Racism exist in America and will continue to exist up to and until it is laid on the table and discussed without feeling impeding the progress. Jane carries out her experiment first with children, then with Adults. The sight of how quickly these children began to exhibit vicious characteristic is mind altering. This makes it easy to see how nations can grasp this ideology and become murderous. Adolph Hitler suggest that, “ If you are going to tell a lie “Tell a big one until it become believable” and racism is a lie fortified by every method possible.

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