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Jaylalitha ,AIADMK Chief and Chief Minister of Tamilnadu In Jail

Updated on September 27, 2014

Landmark verdict


Jaylalitha has been Convicted

Michael Dicunha , the Special Court Judge, delivered the verdict of conviction of Jaylalithas’s disproportionate property case finally . It had been argued by the prosecution that Jaylalitha had had just Rs 3 crore when she became the the Chief Minister in 1991.She used to take salary of one rupee monthly. But within five years the property of Jaylalitha along with her three aides raised to Rs 66 crore without any business activity.This wealth includes 30kg of gold,2000 acres of land(including a 1000-acre estate at Kodanadu in the Nilgiris and thousand acres in Tirunelvelli) ,spending Rs 5 crore on her son’s marriage ceremony. Jaylalita claimed that it was spent by the family of the bride.Jaylalitha claimed that the prosecution undervalued her past property,did not include her income from other sources. The state anti-corruption department said ,” Ms Jayalalithaa, her friend Sasikala Natarajan, her foster son Sudhakaran, and Sasikala's sister-in-law Ilavarasi, floated 32 firms which had no business activities though these firms bought property.”

disproportionate assets case


Mass Chaos For Amma Verdict

Supporters and workers of AIADMK had come to assemble in the special court premises near the Bangalore Central Jail . Some were praying for their leader. Some were seen lodspeaking slogans against in support of their leader.Police made a barricade. Excited and anxious mob tried to break the barricade and enter into the court compound.Police did what they should have done.They managed the commotion peacefully.2000 police were deployed at the court house. 4000 policemen were deployed in Bangalore.Vehicles were observed in border of Karnataka Tamilnadu.There was a multilevel security cover in court premises.Prohibitory orders under section 144 of the the Code of Criminal Procedure were in force as a precautionary step for the announcement of verdict .

After the declaration of the sentence of Jaylalitha , the town broke in violence. The Governor K Rosaiah asked the city police chief and the Chief Secretary to maintain law and order.At Veppur a bus was set on fire.In Cudalore district about 20 buses were attacked.Some shops were close as a demand of the anxious AIADMK supporters. Effigies of DMK leader were burnt in several parts.

A lawyer made a petition in Supreme Court in demand of postponement of the verdict by the special court on the ground that it would make a massive law and order problem. But the honourable Supreme Court denied the appeal.

Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa


The First Elected Official To Loose The Post of Chief Minister

The chief of AIADMK Amma Jaylalitha J Jayalalithaa is the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu.She has been sentenced a four year imprisonment in Bangalore by the verdict of a special court.During five years of her Chief Ministry from 1991 to 1996 , Jaylalitha is found guilty of serious criminal charges.AIADMK has bagged a landslide victory in the parliament election in May this year in 2014.It has swept away 37 Loksabha seats out of 39 loosing only two. AIADMK is the third largest party in respect of Loksabha seats.

She has to resign the post immediately as the verdict found her guilty and she has been sentenced above two years imprisonment. It means she is disqualified. Jaylalitha is expected to appeal to a higher court against this verdict. She is also expected to replace herself by a loyal person of her party .She would have appointed former Chief Secretary Sheela Balakrishnan , former DGP Mr Natraj, former Advocate General and Rajya Sabha MP Navaneedakrishnan, Visalakshi Nedunchezhian, wife of late former Minister Nedunchezhian and Transport Minister Senthil Raja.


Ms Jayalalithaa has announced that a subsidy on cement will be given to the poor community in her state. She said she was partner of only two companies.The Kodanadu estate was bought with the help of bank loan.The extravagant wedding ceremony was spent and priced by bride’s family.


“Even though justice is delayed, it's not denied. They were accusing the DMK of filing false charges against Jayalalithaa. Now, we stand vindicated.”

TKS Elangovan, DMK leader

“ I feel vindicated... she cannot recover from this loss of credibility.”

Subramanian Swamy, BJP leader

“It is a confirmation that everyone is equal before the law. Certainly the verdict will have implications on the politics in Tamil Nadu.”

Nalin Kohli, BJP leader

at the makeshift court created at Bangalore central prison at Parappana Agrahara on the outskirts of Bangalore city, which has been provided with multi-layer security cover.


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