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Protester Jen Reid Replaces Slaver Edward Colston.

Updated on July 16, 2020

Perhaps you will recall, at the height of the 'Black Lives Matter' demonstrations up and down the country, the pulling down of slaver statue, Edward Colston. The statue was pulled down unceremoniously (akin to the pulling down of Saddam statue in Baghdad, by US forces) and dumped in Bristol harbour. BLM protesters cheered and whooped as the beleaguered statue splashed into the harbour and sank.

As the plinth stood empty, BLM activist and protester, climbed on top of the plinth and stood with her fist in the air (the BLM salute). Jen Reid was the female BLM protester who dared climb atop the plinth, cheered on by fellow demonstrators, of all races.

Her defiant stance on the plinth with fist raised, seemed to be saying, a black woman stands loud and proud (instead of a man, Edward Colston, who made his money, on the backs of enslaved blacks).

It seems, London artist, Marc Quinn, was rather impressed by Jen Reid's actions and made a statue of her. Its quite apparent, that Mr Quinn, must be a BLM supporter, and a member of Mr Colston's race, a white man. However, when did race, ever play a part in the support of something? Yes, its 'Black Lives Matter' but there are supporters from other races too.

The toppling of statues, monuments, to images that represent the oppression of black people, have been targetted, all over the world. Particularly, in European and in the US. Slavery was abolished in the UK, in the 1800s, by Tory MP, William Wilburforce. In the US, it took a civil war, in the same time period, to end slavery. With many white American soldiers dying on both sides, those from the north wanted to end slavery. Those from the south wanted to retain it, as the whole economy of the southern US, at the time, depended on slavery. The war ended with a northern victory, but, anti-slavery President, Abraham Lincoln, was assassinated by a pro-slavery, former, southern soldier. Even 200-300 years on, blacks are still feeling a burning injustice, even though, they as modern blacks, have not experienced slavery. However, some would argue, terrible as slavery was, it's about time they moved on, after all, blacks are not the only ethnic group, to have been exploited. Yes, it was largely whites who took the Africans, over the ocean to the Americas, Europe, etc. Where they were owned by mainly white owners. The transport of blacks in sailing ships was terrible, many of them did not survive. Those that did, once they had arrived at their destination, were treated like sub-humans. However, in Africa, at the time, blacks enslaved blacks, and sold them like cattle, to the highest bidder, whoever that bidder may be. One thing to touch upon though, white people were transported from Britain to Australia. Just for stealing a loaf of bread, they were little better than slaves, held in penal colonies. Whites enslaving whites. Also, pirates from North Africa often raided the coast of Cornwall, and took white slaves back, where they were sold into slavery. So, yes, blacks have suffered slavery, but so have whites and all races, at one time. Today, we have slaves, but not state-sponsored, never the less, it is still slavery. People traffickers, trick people from overseas and entice them to a better life. However, once these people go along with these scams, it is often, too late. Criminals put them to work, in the sex industry, in picking crops, in being servants to rich people. It is modern slavery and affects all people of any race. However, most of these modern salves, are the most vulnerable people, enticed on a lie, of a better life. Then, too late, they find themselves working in the most horrendous of conditions. They have their money, passports, whatever, stolen from them, trapped in a foreign land. Very few escape this lifestyle, those that do are the lucky ones.

Edward Colston, will probably always be a controversial figure. Yes, he was a philanthropist, his money helped Bristol and its people. Sadly, his money was made from the enslavement and ill-treatment of human beings. Colston has subsequently been pulled from Bristol harbour and will probably end up in the museum. Jen Reid's statue was clandestinely erected on the former Colston plinth. It stood there for a day but has since been removed by Bristol Council, who ironically has a black/mixed race mayor. The statue of Jen Reid is currently being held by Bristol museum, again, ironically where the Edward Colston statue is residing. However, creator of the Jen Reid statue may find himself, being charged by Bristol council, for the removal of it. The Mayor has said, Bristol people, should not have to pay for its removal. The Museum has said Mr Quinn can donate the statue to the museum if he wants.

BLM while highlighting the rampant racism towards blacks, also, has a darker side. Many of them seem to be tied up with far-left groups like ANTIFA. Also, the issue of telling people what statues and monuments they can look at smacks of authoritarianism. Authoritarian groups, governments, etc behave like this some have said. They may possibly have a point. Also, we now have no-platforming and cancel culture. This is a movement that doesn't allow speakers with a different view of something, not being able to freely express themselves. Many of these people like Nigel Farage, Tommy Robinson, Katie Hopkins, Douglas Murray, etc, find themselves banned from social media for expressing counter-arguments to the politically correct agenda. Banning people just because you don't like them or their views, is dangerous. This where the left need to be careful, in banning speakers with views different to their own, they undermine free speech and behave like authoritarians themselves.


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