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Jeremy Corbyn in Cross Party Talks With Possible No Confidence Vote Going Ahead Against Prime Minister.

Updated on March 18, 2019

Corbyn and May.

Jeremy Corbyn apparently according to Sky News, is in cross-party talks with other parties over Brexit and no doubt other issues. On Brexit, and other issues, the times we live in call for an all-party debate with hopefully, solutions.

Mr Corbyn has met with his nemesis, Theresa May recently, to discuss the options for co-operation, on Brexit along with other political parties.

Mr Corbyn has told Sky's Sophie Ridge, that if Theresa May presents her Brexit plan to parliament again and it is defeated, he will table a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister. Mr Corbyn tried this before, however, Mrs May survived on that occasion.

Mr Corbyn said the concept of May's plan being presented and possibly defeated for the third time is "ridiculous". However, again, according to Sky, there are rumours that her deal might get voted into law this time, enabling the UK to live on 29 March. The UK by law at least, is supposed to leave the European Union on that date, but whether it will happen can only be surmised.

In my lifetime, I cannot ever remember a time where the UK has been in such mess over something like Brexit. We have a Prime Minister who appears deaf to the advice of others, gets soundly thrashed over her Brexit deal in parliament, yet, she is still stood there at the dispatch box taking a battering after battering. This battering is not just over Brexit but about other issues too opposed by the opposition parties. May says it is her faith in God which gets her through, as a Christian, I am not going to judge that faith, except to say others regarding her policies particularly to the poorest in our society, do and will criticise her.

International Trade Secretary, Liam Fox has told Sky News, it is very possible that her deal may not be put forward for the third time. The reason being, that if the government sense that there is not enough support for her deal, from her own party, her DUP coalition partners, Labour, the Greens, SNP and the Lib-Dems, then it is not worth putting it to the vote.

Jeremy Corbyn has already described the deal as "dead", he told Sky News he has a sense that if presented for the third time, the deal will be defeated for a third time.


Nigel Farage.

No Coverage.

Nigel Farage has started a march for Brexit organised by 'Leave Means Leave'. The march started from Sunderland on Saturday, which eventually reached Hartlepool and Middlesborough.

Farage and his followers marched 250 miles in the driving wind and rain, however, when the march reached Middlesborough, Mr Farage was nowhere to be seen. Brexiteers lined the streets in the abysmal weather to catch a glimpse of the ex-UKIP leader but, were disappointed.

Mr Farage is no longer leader of the party he helped to found, UKIP, but still remains an MEP. Mr Farage quit the party after the new leader, Gerard Batten, hired EDL founder, Tommy Robinson.

Mr Farage has set up another political party, registered and ready to go, should the UK have not left the EU by 29 March. Mr Farage can be heard on LBC radio, taking calls from supporters and haters, on his phone in show.

Meanwhile, for such an outspoken politician of Mr Farage's calibre, the BBC and other media outlets did not mention his march at all on last nights news. Whether this will change or not will remain to be be seen on other news broadcasts.

The BBC, however, has been accused of bias, on certain issues and if this is the case, it is purely wrong. All news outlets, including the BBC, should be objective in their reporting, but when it comes to Farage, love him or hate him, they are clearly pushing a remain agenda.

Mr Farage's new party is called the 'Brexit Party' (what else?), meanwhile, the march will visit pro-Brexit areas and perhaps some that are not. The march will end in Westminister with Mr Farage (if he can be bothered to turn up) making a speech.

So far, no counter-demonstrations have occurred from the remain side, but in the coming days, as the 'March for Brexit' winds it's way south, this could all change.


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