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Jesus Killed Mohammed

Updated on July 26, 2014
Jesus Killed Mohammed
Jesus Killed Mohammed

The Article

In today's era of a sensationalist media that does not tell the facts that America needs to know, but instead tries to influence what Americans believe are important, many stories that are important to the American experiment are missed and ignored. Today's media pushes its own agenda instead just reporting news. Or more importantly, not reporting certain stories. One such story involves American soldiers that are currently bravely fighting in Iraq and in Afghanistan. The story reveals an increasing movement within the military to make the Unites States military the arm of God. The Story was featured in Harper's Magazine in May of 2009 and was told by Jeff Sharlet. And because it involves religion and the military, two topics in which no news editor wants to touch, it has gone virtually ignored in the mainstream media. Here is the story.

This Sentence Was Written On The Side Of Tanks And Means Jesus Killed Mohammed
This Sentence Was Written On The Side Of Tanks And Means Jesus Killed Mohammed
Soldiers Using These Tanks Attacked Civilians Who Did Not Agree With Their Point Of View
Soldiers Using These Tanks Attacked Civilians Who Did Not Agree With Their Point Of View

The Story

The article tells the story of Sergeant Jeffrey Humphrey who was assigned to guard a Special Forces compound in Samarra. The group he was sent to guard was the 10th Special forces Group, who paid their guardians little attention.

A month on assignment, Humphrey began hearing rumors that soldiers were desecrating Islamic sites with crosses. Then, Humphrey saw an inscription on one of the Bradley tanks that read in Arabic "Jesus Killed Mohammed." The Bradley then took off into the Iraqi night.

An Arabic interpreter rode on top of the Bradley as it went through Iraqi neighborhoods. When the keen of the call of prayer was heard, the message that tells Muslims that it is time to pray, the interpreter spoke through a bullhorn he was carrying and began insulting the Muslim prophet. Then he began chanting Jesus Killed Mohammed. All the while an officer stood next to him and smiled.

Whenever anyone from inside the houses poked their head out to object, they were met with a barrage of bullets from the soldier's rifles. Humphrey witnessed this with his own eyes. None of the soldiers were reprimanded. According to the officer, they were doing what they were sent there do. Hard to be seen as liberators when you are using the same tactics as a people's former oppressors.

For Some In The Military, This Is The Objective They Are Fighting For
For Some In The Military, This Is The Objective They Are Fighting For

A Growing Trend

The Jesus Killed Mohammed episode described by Humphrey is only one small example of a growing trend in the military.  While the great majority of those in uniform are there to defend their nation and their nation's ideals and values, there is a growing segment of the military who views the military as a weapon for Christ.  And these are not just new recruits.  They are men who are in positions of power that believe that America can only be a Christian nation and will impose those believes yielding whatever power they may have.  There is Major General Johnny A. Weida, who as commandant at the Air Force Academy made its National Day of Prayer services exclusively Christian and created a Christian only code to communicate with the soldiers of God.  There is also Lieutenant General Robert Van Antwerp who has used his uniform to promote Christian only causes and who declared the baptisms of 700 soldiers evidence of the Lord's plan to raise a "godly army."

Until Recently, the Christian Crusaders Of Blackwater Were Paid Millions To Provide Security In Iraq
Until Recently, the Christian Crusaders Of Blackwater Were Paid Millions To Provide Security In Iraq


And then there is Blackwater, who was hired by the Bush Administration as a private contractopr to provide security in Iraq who have come under fire for its ruthless tactics murdering Iraqi citizens, allowing and supporting its employees in Iraq allowing and in some cases encouraging its men in Iraq to use child prostitues, murdering employees who have assisted in a Federal investigation and  allegations that Blackwater engages in illegal arms smuggling worldwide.  However, Blackwater is run by a man who reportatly views himself "as a Christian crusader tasked with eliminating Muslims and the Islamic faith from the globe." 

People Of All Faiths Have Died For Their Country And One Faith Should Not Be Given Favorable Treatment
People Of All Faiths Have Died For Their Country And One Faith Should Not Be Given Favorable Treatment

What Does It Mean?

Many will argue that the few soldiers actively engaging in a Crusade in the middle east should not blemish the majority of soldiers who are currently fighting in the name of America. And that is a valid point. But there are whole infantry divisions dedicated to being "God's" army. They are killing people in Iraq because they are Muslim, not because they are an enemy to America or a threat to soldier's lives.

People off all faiths have died for America. To allow radical Christians to take positions of power in the army to further their religious cause does not help the United States. To give groups like Blackwater billions of dollars to further their Crusade against Muslims does not help the United States. It only creates more enemies. And the very sad thing, this story is not told on Fox News. It is not told on CNN. This is a story that needs to be told. And tough questions must be asked.  Are these "Christian" soldiers there to liberate Iraq for America's safety or there to spread their faith by force? And should taxpayer dollars be spent to support companies who views themselves as Christian mercenaries rather than Americans?


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    • bgpappa profile image

      bgpappa 3 years ago from Sacramento, California

      First, thank you for your service. I was shocked how few media outlets reported on this. I wrote this a few years ago because nobody but Harpers was saying anything about it.

    • profile image

      Sgt. Jeffery Humphrey 3 years ago

      Thank you for running with this. It is now 2015 and I have been out of that he'll for 10 years, wounded shortly after the incident described in the Harper's article. I contacted Mikey Weinstein in 09 because my paternal brother was still active, and is still active to this day, and I could not get a resolution to this incident and several others of this nature through the chain of command. Mikey pointed me to Jeff Scharlett and we did the interview. Jeff asked me if I would want my Identity hidden and I told him no, I am not afraid of these TheoFascists and what they are doing to this country and my Army.

      Still, it seems no one in America gives a damn and as we have seen with the Cliven Bundy ranch situations and in Ferguson these supremacists have moved to the militia and police forces, at least the old guard that was in with me has.

      Just to give you a heads up, since dadt was struck down a lot of these TheoFascists have made career changes and now are in the police forces of this nation. We have brought the Legion home, now we are just waiting for a Ceasars to dissolve the Senate, or get his lieutenants in through gerrymandering.

      Stay Frosty, and thanks for the effort.

      Sgt. Jeffery Humphrey (Hon.Discharged)

      U.S. Infantry 1998-2005

      Samarra Iraq 2004-2005

      Purple Heart recipient 8 July 2004

      B.A. Philosophy B.A. Religious Studies

      W.K.U 2011

    • bgpappa profile image

      bgpappa 6 years ago from Sacramento, California

      Agreed Ruff, so many more important things out there. Who is Paris Hilton dating now?

      Thanks for reading

    • profile image

      ruffridyer 6 years ago from Dayton, ohio

      The news media cannot be expected to cover ever single incident that happens in the world. The meltdown of Charlie Sheen & the wacky dress-up of Lady Gaga is much more important.

    • bgpappa profile image

      bgpappa 7 years ago from Sacramento, California

      How do you figure that Shahbaz. It is telling a story I think needs to be told.

      But thanks for stopping by.

    • profile image

      shahbaz 7 years ago

      this is promoting religious wars between muslims and u

    • bgpappa profile image

      bgpappa 8 years ago from Sacramento, California

      Well, I agree that the media has ignored this story. I only saw it on Bill Maher. But the story isn't just about the killing of Muslims simply because they are Muslims, but how this is done by the US military for the glory of God, not for national security.

      Thanks for the comment.

    • wolfman223 profile image

      wolfman223 8 years ago

      I guess some people still refuse to believe anything that has not been in the media. The media is controlled we all know that, thousands of Muslims are getting killed every day but you wont hear it on the news, 1 Israili gets a stone thrown at him and it will be all over the press. Stupid thing about this story is how ignorant these soldiers are trying to insult Muslims forcing Jesus down their throats, Jesus is an important prophet for the muslims as he will return as the muslims Messiah

    • bgpappa profile image

      bgpappa 8 years ago from Sacramento, California

      I provided a link to the original story found in Harper's Weekly. Read it. I couldn't imagine a story like this if I wanted to.

    • profile image

      whatsupdoc 8 years ago

      Come on get real, where did you conjure this story up at?


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