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Jezza Will Table Motion of No Confidence in Bo-Jo the Clown

Updated on July 24, 2019
Jeremy Corbyn.
Jeremy Corbyn.
Boris: In power.
Boris: In power.

Boris Johnson, decimated his rival, Jeremy Hunt, in the vote to become the leader of the Conservative party. At the gathering to announce who would be next leader of the Tories, his family sat in the crowd. Father, his sister and brother Jo Johnson, erupted into applause, along with other Tories, as Johnson's victory was announced.

Jeremy Hunt, his leadership rival, congratulated Johnson, as he took to the podium. In his victory speech, Mr Johnson said he would deliver Brexit by 31st October, and be a Prime Minister for everyone. The usual jokes were there and he threatened to defeat Corbyn, at a future general election. Finishing his speech, to the Johnson faithful, he said the job of electing a new Tory leader was over and now his work, would begin.

Mr Johnson had better hit the ground running, as he has stated, he will take the UK out of the EU, by 31st October. Many leavers within the Tory party and out, will be hanging on his every word and action, on this one issue. If Boris, for whatever reason cannot take us out of the EU, by then, who knows what will transpire. It is very easy to make great sweeping statements, but can you deliver on them, that is the point! Philip Hammond, no longer Chancellor, will be a thorn in his side, to block a no-deal Brexit.

Labour has refused to work with him, Jo Swinson, the new leader of the Lib-Dems, has said Johnson is not fit for office. The SNP has said will work with other parties to block a no-deal Brexit.

Johnson has had multiple affairs, while married, has been sacked when serving as a cabinet minister, was a failure as Foreign Minister. Depending on your stance in politics, Mr Johnson was either a good or bad Mayor of London. Johnson's new girlfriend, seems to have gone to ground, so the question is will Carrie Symonds, move into No 10, with him? Today, Mr Johnson visits the palace to be confirmed as Prime Minister, by the Queen.

Mr Johnson's cabinet is supposed to feature more ethnic minorities and women. Donald Trump, who has a good working relationship with Johnson, has said "Mr Johnson will do a good job" as Prime Minister. Labour has said called Johnson's ascent to power, the UK version of Trumpism. Certainly, given Johnson's track record, they may have a point.

Perhaps it is unfair to judge Johnson, the third Tory Prime Minister, elected by 150,000 Tory members, not the British electorate. Under his watch, will he lift austerity and pump money back into the police, NHS, local councils, etc? Will the burning injustice of Universal Credit continue, people in work depending on food banks, homelessness, what will the Johnson administration do to alleviate (if anything) these problems? At the end of the day, the UK does need a general election, if only to get a new government, with fresh ideas, as things stand now, it seems same old Tories, same old ideology.

Jeremy Corbyn has said when the time is right (and if he feels, he can win) he will table a vote of no confidence. A vote of no confidence in the Premiership of Boris Johnson, if this vote of no confidence is successful, it could bring down Johnson's wafer-thin majority. The DUP still prop up the Tories, as they did under May.

If Boris cannot get a Brexit deal (or no deal) Brexit through parliament, he may be forced into a general election. Of course, if he is successful in getting the UK out of the EU by the end of October, he may feel emboldened to call a snap general election.

Boris has always wanted to be Prime Minister and ape his hero, Winston Churchill. How long he will be in power and what happens next is largely down to him, those that believe in him and those that oppose him.

Like Churchill, in 1940, not only does Johnson, have troubles in his own party to deal with, but has external problems too. Notably, what is happening in the Gulf between Iran and the US, now with the tanker for tanker seizure, dragging the UK into the mess?

Also, the opposition parties who will oppose him from day 1 of his premiership.

Nigel Farage: Brexit Party Leader.

Does The Brexit Party Have a Future?

With leave supporting Boris Johnson, now Prime Minister, is it game over for Nigel Farage's Brexit party? Johnson has said he will get us out of the EU, by Halloween, 31st October.

If the above transpires, will it terminate and nullify both Farage and his Brexit party? After all, the whole reason for the Brexit party existing was to take the UK out of the EU. During the recent, EU elections, the Brexit party swept the boards, defeating all before them.

Obviously, electing Boris, as Tory leader, was a response to the threat of Farage. If Boris cannot take us out of the European Union, surely it will only benefit the Brexit party.

Boris is supposed to be an antidote to Corbyn too, and, how will the remainer party, the Lib-Dems, with its own new leader, fair against Johnson?

The Brexit Party for leavers and the Lib-Dems for Remainers are on a roll right now, but will that last? How will Johnson deal with both parties, time will tell!


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