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Jihadi John Assasinated.

Updated on November 30, 2015
Infamous IS Operative Mohammed Emwazi Dubbed 'Jihadi John' By The British Press And Media.
Infamous IS Operative Mohammed Emwazi Dubbed 'Jihadi John' By The British Press And Media. | Source

Drone Strike Appears To Have Taken Out Jihadi John.

According to reports on todays media Mohammed Emwazi dubbed 'Jihadi John' by the British press and media has been killed in a drone strike by the USAF the report goes as follows:

The Islamic State operative responsible for the be - heading of many a western hostage shown on video by the Jihadist group has been assasinated by a missile fired by an American drone over Raqqa the so - called capital of the Caliphate created by Islamic State which controls land in Syria and Iraq.

Apparently he was climbing into a car when the missile struck by an infamous clock tower in Raqqa used by Islamic State for executions such as crucifying. However Islamic State have denied this and have insisted that Jihadi John survived the attack and was taken to hospital badly injured.

It has been speculated that intelligence agents were operating on the ground gathering information on the movements of Jihadi John not unlike the intelligence observers on the ground in Pakistan which led to the raid and subsequent killing of Osama Bin Laden.

If it is confirmed that Jihadi John has been taken out it is unlikely to endanger the day to day running of Islamic State as he was not exactly a high - up figure in the hierarchy of Islamic State such as Baghdadi the self styled Caliph of the Islamic State.

It will however be a propaganda coup for the West and will hopefully bring closure to his victim's families.

The Islamic State itself since it grabbed land in both Syria and Iraq has been coming under great pressure from the air as Coalition forces bomb it and lately the Russians have joined in which has resulted in mixed feelings from the Coalition as it appears the Russians are attacking forces the West has been backing like the Free Syrian Army in their attempts to protect their man in Damascus President Bashar al - Assad who also happens to be an enemy of Islamic State.

At the moment Kurdish Peshmerga forces are trying to take back Sinja from Islamic State backed by Coalition forces. When Sinja was captured by Islamic State many Christians, Yazidis and Muslims who do not agree with Islamic State fled the area in terror in Iraq. Those left behind were either executed or enslaved particularly women and those of the Yazidi faith who Islamic State regard as Satanic.

Jihadi John or Mohammed Emwazi came to the UK when he was six from Kuwait and attended university in this country before heading for Syria to become the notorious executioner he became. With the announcement that this killer may have spent his last day on earth and if this is so many will not grieve over his passing.


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