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Jimmy McMillan's run for N.Y. State Governor

Updated on April 30, 2012

"As a Karate expert, I will not talk about anyone up here!"

The rent is... well, you know!

Thank you for reading this piece on a historic New York figure. Before you read, try to remember that I am a blogger, not a journalist. I will sound biased.

The Legend of the man

Jimmy McMillan's run for New York State Governor was like a shot heard around the world! The fast talking, passionate and fanatic McMillian, made his presence known in the televised debate. I am surprised that he did not get the 50,000 votes the his "party" needed to gain a line in N.Y.

Mr. McMillian has run for mayor of New York City Mayor before, but now he has become a big celebrity, almost overnight. He has 2 action figures in his likeness and one of them even talks like him, using his famous quotes! As unbelievable as that is, its true. Saturday Night Live even did a skit about him!

The day after the debate, CNN did a story on him, and he was the most googled topic of any genre! It is amazing that a man who had no chance of being elected to the high seat in one of the 50 states, could become such a celebrity!

My take on his platform

His platform bordered on being completely absurb! "My job is to give you a roof over your head, put food on your table, and money in your pocket" and " Hear that? Somewhere there is a child's stomach growling. Do you hear it? Ya all don't listen like me." are two of the silliest quotes I have heard from a politician ever. McMillian also said that he would lower the rent by reducing the size of the government, and then would turn around and say that we needed to support Obama's most expensive, government inflating programs! Did he really think that those statements made sense? I wonder.

My summary of Jimmy

He wore black leather gloves to conceal the damage that agent orange had done to him. That is why I have respect for him as a person. He put his life on the line in Vietnam, and came back damaged for his sacrifice! We all know how Vietnam Vets were treated when they returned to the Country that they fought for.Therefore, overall I admire my fellow New Yorker. McMillian is a patriot and a man of great courage. I also admire the way he forced his points onto the mainstream media, and backed down from no one!

As I mentioned in another post of mine, I have met Warren Redlich, Howie Hawkins,and Andrew Cuomo ( I almost met Carl Paladino as well, but did not due to a schedule conflict), and I absolutely hope to have the chance to meet Jimmy McMillian someday.I do not have one of his dolls yet, but maybe I will in the near future. I will wait until the retail price and the rent aren't so HIGH!

Please leave your thoughts about Jimmy below!

Please also watch for my upcoming interview with Howie Hawkins. Howie is running for Syracuse Common Councilor. I hope to sit down with him in December or January and ask him not only about his next race, but his personal experience with meeting Jimmy McMillian when they were both running for Governor in 2010. Here is my current post on Howie.


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    • BobbiRant profile image

      BobbiRant 6 years ago from New York

      LOL As a fellow New Yorker, I loved this hub. He's right you know, the 'rent is too damned high' but then some of his other reasoning contradicted his point there. But he understands the common person probably better than career politicians, maybe it's his upbringing or his service in Vietnam seeing atrocities galore. I like this hub though. I felt I got to know him better.