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Joe Biden's Contingency Plan

Updated on July 31, 2020

I'll be up front. I will vote for Biden. I do not know if the video on the Internet from The View TV show is real or was manipulated by Trump supporters. With that said, even without the video, where Biden simply cannot answer the panel's questions about this sexual harassment issue, there is some concern about his mental fitness due to his old age at 78.

Assuming that the video is real, not manipulated, it does support a theory that Biden has a contingency plan should he become the next president. That plan is to select a person as a VP mate who will be able to assume the presidential role should Biden's mental state deteriorate (as did President Reagan's did). It IS possible that Biden is fully aware that his mental state is declining for whatever reason and being prepared is best.

Some might call this a far right Trump conspiracy theory to derail Biden. It certainly fits into their playbook BUT if (and it has not been proven or disproven by Snopes) the video from The View is real, then, it will certainly open minds of many, as it did mine to this contingency plan. I am shocked that no CNN or FOX reporters have not looked into this with members of the show to verify it or not. It IS a newsworthy item to investigate.

Should it be a real issue, it will certainly come up in the debates and kind of explains why Biden has hardly made any public speeches etc., using the covid-19 as an excuse. I mean, just wear a mask and get out there more than you have! It does seem he is hiding. I do not think it is a good strategy to be sequestered unless there is something to this about his true mental state, who knows? Would you expect anyone from his staff to admit to it?

That said, if Biden is elected and then within a year or so, he becomes unable to fulfill his duties because of Alzheimer's early stages or other issues, the VP selection is vital to carry on. That is why his two top choices are Kamala Harris and Susan Rice, all others are simply below their caliber in wit and experience.

Even though I am a Biden supporter, even without the video from The View (all panelists were his supporters), I always felt Biden was lacking a bit, just not all there some of the time. It remains bothersome. But, after seeing the video, I was even more worried, assuming the video is real.

Vote for Biden and cross your fingers.


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