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Join the Party: Why America Ought to (Re)-Embrace Immigration

Updated on August 11, 2017

How should immigration be viewed?


Entering the United States

America comprises immigrants and in reference to Negroes, stolen Africans. A small fraction consists of indigenous tribal peoples. This country’s makeup is what makes it the only moral country in history. The creative genius which has enriched the fields of science, engineering, and the arts continues in the coming immigrants who risk life and limb to reach the United States. The generations of people who have fought to defend this country came from all sorts of countries and served proudly. In fact, in order to become citizens, servicemen and women from different continents brought their talents and skills to the armed forces and became Americanized through their military careers. It is under this semi-free nation that scores of immigrants have emigrated in search of better lives, freedom, and happiness. This selfish endeavor remains in the hopes and dreams of current immigrants. They seek to turn those fantasies into clear cut reality. And to do this, they have traveled through hostile territories to grasp some semblance of the good life.

Though most Americans look down upon outsiders in xenophobic fashion, those who enter the United States in large quantities just want to make a better world for themselves and their values. The vast majority of immigrants have their sights set on earning their keep honorably. Whether that consists of dishwashing, gardening, orange picking, or any other type of employment that Americans disregard as “menial,” they are stepping stones to greater careers. By starting off in a grove, then a private farm, to owning and running their own landscaping business, Hispanic immigrants have the opportunity of developing entrepreneurship. Additionally, they would have enough earnings to bankroll the education of their descendants. Thus, generations down the line would have experienced the benefits of what low-waged jobs offered. Those minimal-skilled positions would pave the way for physicists, propulsion specialists, and Wall Street investment bankers of the future. The problem lies not with Hispanics. Islamic groups who seek to do America harm ought to be monitored.

While there exist people who follow Islam who wish no harm upon this country and want to escape despotic slave pins, criminal and terrorist Muslims ought to be screened and profiled. Because this group is the only real threat to America lately, such vigilance ought to be placed for reviewing their desires for citizenship. No other factions have said explicitly that death should come to this country. No other factions have made hell-holes in greater numbers than Islamic groups like ISIS. It is because of their lack or respect for life and property, that close attention ought to be paid to them. They remain a serious threat to everything and everyone in the United States. Also, any foreigners afflicted with contagious diseases or criminals must be barred from entry. Otherwise, it’s anyone’s game.

But the focus ought to be one the individuals who look for improving themselves and as a consequence making the greatest country on the planet even better. It is up to all Americans to see that those who struggle to become citizens achieve their goal. It is for them that Americans ought to fight. Not to receive favors and handouts, but the opportunity to survive, live, and thrive. The dawn of a new age of immigration is upon America. The only thing the people of the United States have to do now is to recognize that fact.


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