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Julia Gillard has huge Earlobes

Updated on January 19, 2012

Julia Gillard has scarily big ears!

I was watching the political debate that was broadcast nationally tonight in Australia. It involved Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard fighting it out over often meaningless and word twisting political agendas.

For that reason I was avidly watching the speakers and the interesting "manual lie detector" of sorts at the bottom of the screen. Maybe I was hoping to put my Lie to me watching experience into practice by proving that politicians really are liars - oh wait I think that's already been proved.

Naturally I knew I had to write something about this oh so interesting debate - I can't help but have an opinion on everything. But nothing was, well, jumping out at me.

Anyway. Back on topic...

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Julia Gillard's large ear lobes.In this photo you can see that Julia Gillard has multiple piercings - with room for lots more!One of the best photos of Julia's ears. As you can see they have very large lobes!Proof that both of Julia's ears are in fact, large.Now we know why she wears the hair over her ears.
Julia Gillard's large ear lobes.
Julia Gillard's large ear lobes.
In this photo you can see that Julia Gillard has multiple piercings - with room for lots more!
In this photo you can see that Julia Gillard has multiple piercings - with room for lots more!
One of the best photos of Julia's ears. As you can see they have very large lobes!
One of the best photos of Julia's ears. As you can see they have very large lobes!
Proof that both of Julia's ears are in fact, large.
Proof that both of Julia's ears are in fact, large.
Now we know why she wears the hair over her ears.
Now we know why she wears the hair over her ears.

I noticed that Julia Gillard had a very large right ear lobe. The other one was hidden by hair so I decided to google some pictures of Julia to see whether it was just a defect in one ear or whether both ears did, in fact, match.

As you can see on the right, Julia does in fact have two ears with very large lobes. She has multiple piercings in her ears - I guess she can afford to with that much room!

Maybe we should be grateful that Julia has big ears - it may be a sign that she is in fact a good leader. Obviously with ears like that we must assume:

  • That she has better than average hearing.
  • She has a lot of practice listening.

Both of which the average politician sadly lack in. So for that reason I say - Julia Gill Ears. Oops. Gillard... We don't care about your ears as long as you hear Australia.


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    • Rochelle Frank profile image

      Rochelle Frank 3 years ago from California Gold Country

      I had a teacher in an art history course on Asian and Far Eastern art who was American. She said that in many Asian cultures, long earlobes are considered a sign of intelligence and wisdom. She said she had once walked in on a Chinese professor who was wearing clothespins on his earlobes to enlarge them.

      I assume this election is over. Did she win?

    • profile image

      foxy 6 years ago

      don't know what sort of politician - just met someone with big big ears..but I think if the person is attractive which she also is, its not really a problem is to the question about why is one bigger than the other well we are humans and fallible.!

      Quite common throughout the fact.

    • profile image

      Berdo 7 years ago

      I make this comment, show me an honest politician and I'll show you an honest vote. I observe in Australia the states in most trouble have female premiers, (not being sexist here) and they are led by another. The Ferrit is one sneaky animal, bites when you are not looking.

      I also hear the Queensland, known affectiionatly as "Captain Bligh", premier has made comment concerning using donated money for flood victims to rebuild the state infrastructure, we wait and see.

    • profile image

      Fred 7 years ago

      Julia Gillard is a hundred times the person Abbott is.

      And have you noticed the size of HIS great big ears!

    • profile image

      I love tic tacs 7 years ago


      she does has one ear lobe bigger than the other!

      how weird..

    • profile image

      Randomness is cool 7 years ago

      who would you rather for prime minister...

      Julia Gillard or Tony Abbott?

    • WryLilt profile image

      Susannah Birch 7 years ago from Toowoomba, Australia

      Amber and Abbie, this is my page. As such I reserve the right to publish and deny what comments I want. From now on your commments won't be published.

    • profile image

      amber and Abbie 7 years ago

      umm.... cool ur jets lady!!!

    • WryLilt profile image

      Susannah Birch 7 years ago from Toowoomba, Australia

      Actually, Amber and Abbie, I have deleted dozens of spam and/or expletive comments from this hub. If your comments fall into these categories, then that is your fault, not mine.

      And unlike many online articles regarding Julia's earlobes (if you had bothered to notice), mine points out the fact that there's no problem with big ears and is in fact a good thing sometimes.

      I am merely commenting on them, not maligning her in any way (except for the boredom of her debate with Abbott).

    • profile image

      amber and abbie 7 years ago


      why in the bloomin floomin do you keep deleting our comments

      i bet its because you want to keep the comments that make you look good and thinking your a comedian n that

      but ya know i kinda think its cause u have big earlobes and your just trying to make a joke out of your ugly ears...

      good day

    • ross670daw profile image

      ross670daw 7 years ago

      I think the scariest thing about Julia Biglobes, is that she might actually become the 'real' Prime Minister.

    • profile image

      Intercept 7 years ago

      What about her witch nose and snake eyes? What does that tell us?

    • marcofratelli profile image

      marcofratelli 7 years ago from Australia

      You know what? That was the first thing I noticed as well! LOL (Hi from Perth)

    • profile image

      manum 7 years ago

      I agree. And I noticed them as well. Should she reveal more of them? Like a buddha. I also have big ears, and they are not identical.

    • profile image

      Jay 7 years ago

      Julia has large ear lobes? Didn't notice. I was too busy staring at the Tony's Yoda ears. Those things pop out more then Buzzes' wings in the new 3D, Toy Story Movie.

    • profile image

      Patrick 95 7 years ago

      Ear ear! She needs a lobe-ectomy big time

    • profile image

      Bill 7 years ago

      What about her pointy nose? What does that say about her?

    • profile image

      julie 7 years ago

      so first elocution lessons (has anyone noticed she doesn't sound as "ocker" as she used to......

      Then botox, where are the lines on her face she used to hsve......

      what next, surgery on those huge ear lobes

    • profile image

      Deb 7 years ago

      Left one out..feng shui says that large lobes protect the mouth!

    • profile image

      Deb 7 years ago

      Big earlobes(like Buddha) apparently mean poor nutrition..low fat diet making no cartilage? And apparently these people are grounded and earthy. Let's just see if that's the case.


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