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Julianne Assange's WikiLeaks Has Become More Than A Clear And Present Danger....

Updated on March 13, 2017

Julianne Assange's WikiLeaks Has Become More Than A Clear And Present Danger....

There is an old adage that goes: once bitten, twice shy; however, with respect to Julianne Assange and his Wikileaks, we, as Americans, via our Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), have been bitten, not once, nor twice, but three times and frighteningly counting. If we recalled, Edward Snowden, now exiled in Russia, released many of our secrets through Wikileaks; then Chelsea Manning did us the same harm again; and now the most recent leaks -- by way of Wikileaks-- deemed to be the most damaging so far of America’s secrets. It is obviously apparent that Juliane Assange has become a clear and present danger because he and those who are leaking and will leak our secrets have placed our Intelligence field operatives, or moreover, our country in literal jeopardy. I know that normally, in espionage verbiage, the term used for ‘jeopardy’ is ‘neutralize’ to obfuscate and project a more humane term… but make no mistake, ‘neutralize’ or whatever, seemingly, other innocuous terms that are in use still means a ‘kill order’ for many of our Intelligence field operatives.

With that backdrop, why would MI6 or the Mossad, the respective spy agencies of England and Israel, would want to be involved in joint operations with us to neutralize common threats/enemies? The names of our Intelligence field operatives and those of our allies will likely be splashed across the Washington Post or New York Times, placing lives and countries in danger. This is what has happened with every leak and the craven Edward Snowdens of the world do not take the lives of these patriotic, Intelligence field operatives. And incidentally, the fictitious lives played out in some Hollywood movie do not mirror the real life lives of our Intelligence field operatives. There is no James Bond (007) or a Jason Bourne living the high life of bedding beautiful women and having access to unlimited, financial means to live the hedonistic life - those who live the life of a spy do not normally enjoy, in most cases, what is played out on the entertainment movie silver screen.

Why would any enterprising young man, or woman, who wants to serve his or her country, in a ‘spook’ capacity, answer that noble, patriotic call, if his or life will be opened to our lethal enemies? It does not help matters that when those who exposed our operatives and our methods of acquiring Intelligence, via Wikileaks, do not suffer life in prison or execution when caught red handed. Case in point, why did Chelsea Manning get pardoned by President Obama for exposing our vital secrets - what is the deterrence to prevent others from putting our operatives and country in jeopardy? So lenient we are in punishing those who would expose our secrets that Edward Snowden has the unmitigated gall of floating the idea of a pardon for the treachery he has engaged in against America… no remorse for the secrets exposed and the possible operative lives lost or placed in danger. To the Julian Assanges or the Edward Snowdens of the world, the Machiavellian end justifies the means.

Wikileaks hides behind these Machiavellian ends, which include conveniently using our cherished First Amendment’s right to a freer press or our right to privacy, as recorded in our Fourth Amendment - but as important as those cherished rights are, our Constitution is not suicidal. And the irony is that our Intelligence field operatives have died to protect such rights, which also include the treacherous Chelsea Manning’s right to change sex or for Edward Snowden to wax poetic about the right for the American public’s privacy. I am not saying that the CIA should have carte blanche in executing its duties; this is so because there are whistleblower avenues provided for when our Intelligence agencies run afoul of our Constitutional checks and balances protections; giving our secrets to Wikileaks or taking refuge with our political, ideological enemy (Russia) is a clue that the Snowdens of the world do not have the courage of their convictions, but that their treachery is borne of ego….

Intelligence has always been of import to every nation state. We know of Homer’s Iliad (Trojan Horse); we know the role Intelligence played in assisting Joshua and Caleb in the Bible; we know that Intelligence played an integral role for the great statesmen in our History: Cardinal Richelieu, Otto Bismarck, our own Founding Father, George Washington and one of the founders of our CIA, William (Bill) Casey. We are also going to need help from our Intelligence to assist us in how to deal with the threat of an increasing saber rattling, Nuclear armed North Korea; we are going to need our Intelligence in Europe and America to assist us in dealing with the sleeper terrorist cells who are poised and ready to strike here and abroad; we are going to need our Intelligence to assist us in dealing with drug cartels that are making alliances with terrorists; we are going to need our Intelligence to assist us on how to deal with Putin’s hegemonic aims outside the historical confines of the old Soviet Union; and we are going to need our Intelligence to assist us on how to deal with our number one stealth enemy, the Chinese -- pay attention to what is going on in the South China Sea and other strategic territories, historically owned by our allies, Japan and the Philippines.

I have used Talking Heads’ live version of - Life During Wartime - to help flesh out the themes of this blog. Drill down into the hyperlink and enjoy this classic from David Byrne and the rest of his crew.


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