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Just Love One Another

Updated on October 23, 2019

I have gotten to the point where I don’t read or watch the news anymore. It seems that very little of what is going on in the world today is uplifting and positive. There are tensions on nearly every continent. You watch the news and you come away feeling discouraged. “What has happened to society?” you ask yourself. “What happened to the moral values that we all once had?”

Chapter 5 of the Book of Isaiah says in verse 20-23:

Look at those people! They say good is bad and bad is good. They think light is dark and dark is light. They think sour is sweet and sweet is sour. 21 They think they are so smart. They think they are very intelligent. 22 They are famous for drinking wine and are heroes known for mixing drinks. 23 And if you pay them enough money, they will forgive a criminal. But they will not let good people be judged fairly.”

People are not thinking rationally anymore. It’s not the Democrats or the Republicans, it’s not this race vs that race, it’s people in general. Humanity is not thinking rationally. Everyone has their quirks and issues, we always have. But our society has confused what is right and good with what is wrong and evil. What was once considered evil and immoral is now fast becoming part of the “moral” mainstream, while those of us (Christians) who cling to the traditional moral fiber of Biblical standards are thought to be wrong in our thinking.

And gone are the days when we respected our President and other elected officials. The Bible, in the Book of Romans says that we must respect our governing officials, for those in government (leadership) are put there by God. We all know how they got there, we elected them. Next election vote them out. Taking measures to remove an elected official just spawns more hate in the world. Get over it.

It is not the Christians responsibility or obligation to judge other’s behavior that are not Christian, whether it is moral or immoral, although some do. But it is our responsibility to get onto our own brothers and sisters in Christ if they are obviously slipping up in their Christian lives. Our God-given duty is to love all people regardless of who or what they are, just as Christ commanded us in John 13:34 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” In a world that is fueled by hate, this is an important thing to do.

We need to step back in time to the traditional moral values that our parents and grandparents had. To a time where you respected each other’s privacy, when a parent could let their little girl use the bathroom without worrying if there was a man in there.

Look at it this way: If it was a sin 100 years ago, it’s still a sin today. Don’t water it down for this offended generation.

(C) 2019 Del Banks


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