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"...Just horsing around..."

Updated on December 2, 2011

"...I was just horsing around...". If it was his only crime, what the hell!

Thirty years in Penn State empowered our subject with the confidence and freedom to evolve, mature, grow under the patern(o)al, tender and complicit wing, vigilance of a concerned parent. It was a fulfilling strike of the ego, an encouragement of his vice.

The Second Mile, the annex location for his crimes, was the fertile ground for innocents to the eye of adults and a consenting pool for the dregs of society like him to benefit from the generosity of his self-serving caritative organization. Kids playing, learning, laughing, nothing unusual there, then one day they loose their smile and nobody notices it. And it goes on... Goes on... For years.

Kids trust their parents' judgements. Parents trust Penn State 's reputation. Penn State gives its green light knowing pertinently the damaging consequences. But what the hell! He gives LOVE. The coach/teacher/baby-sitter -what was his status again?-, LOVES children. Because his LOVE bursts out from every pore of his skin, he couldn't help but nursing them, amusing them, touching them but don't worry, not inappropriately, never! It only happens within the limits of a respectful courtship! An adult, a child nothing unnatural, right? With his inviting smile, one would have given him his child without any concessions! Wasn't it what took place?

He was only sharing his love for football and children and, the whole hierarchy followed and supported their champion. Only because he dragged to the university "la creme de la creme" and above all, grants, money. Penn State has a reputation to preserve at whatever cost. It is an institution of the East coast. Its reputation was at stake, don't we understand that? What about the children, our children, your children? They don't exist. Only fresh meat for carnal and furtive encounters. They were there, at his disposal, to satisfy the insatiable beast.

In the non so intimate heat of the locker room shower, he was teaching kids to score a touchdown from the fifty yard line; To tackle from behind (Sandusky's preferred move?); He dispensed them with treats that only he enjoyed. With 40 counts against him (more will come), Judge Dutchcot, a disgrace or a paradigm, set him free! It is rewarding to finance one's career! It's a give and take. Implacable law of a clientele based prerogative. Perfect example of a parody of justice. As the highest authority in a ruling of a court is venal, what image of justice does transpire? Is it the right message to project to society? If yes, why not let every pedophile of the nation abuse the kids in the name of football or whatever other money making machine... What is the difference between Penn State and Manilla or another sex trafficking part of the world, same exploitation of children. America always slackened, loosened its principles and values to the omnipotent Money deity. But Money opens doors to privileges. You got me there!

Then, keep on... Opening your door to the neighbor who always smiles and gives candies to your daughter, opening your door to your dear friend who always carries a helping hand in his pockets, with in the back of his mind your son's genitalia, opening your door to a stepfather/boyfriend who will sneak to your daughter's room each time your back will be turned, opening the door of a computer club where the teacher will gladly stay longer hours to please his sick liking, opening the door to the one who will think that a child jumping on his father's laps is exciting the child sexually...

Our future is children, if we abuse, molest, rape, torture them which legacy will be retained in their conscience, a world of pornography, a world of repetitive molestation, a world of silent violence? What a desolation!

Crimes were committed to the implicit knowledge of Penn State. In the name of greed and glory, they remained hidden. A heavy price to pay is a fair consolation lot. The athletic director Tim Curley has to assume his responsibility and face the flashes of stardom!

"Mankind owes to a child the best it has to give"


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    • maxoxam41 profile image

      Deforest 5 years ago from USA

      79 children saved by Kevin Perkins and Ernie Allen from the claws of Sanduskis alike. Let's hope the sweep and pressure against pedophiles will intensify!