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Arizona Justice!

Updated on September 15, 2016
Rodric29 profile image

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Justice! Cordell Jude Trial!

Rest Easy Daniel Adkins

Arizona Justice Does it Right!

Cordell Jude was arrested on unrelated charges in the shooting of Daniel Adkins on July 14, 2012. This arrest tells me now that he was not the most upright citizen in the first place, but I did not know it until after the arrest--though some people tried to post Cordell's ties to illegal activity.

I did not know his name until he was charged with the act of violence he committed against Daniel Adkins. On Friday, July 28, 2012, he was indicted on one count of second-degree murder in the death of Daniel Adkins and his arraignment was scheduled for August 9, 2012.

Knowledge of the arrest and arraignment is not a celebration because someone went to jail, but an example of how the justice system is supposed to work. Jude committed a crime, but was not judged before his trial and blasted through the media. This situation in Arizona, the crime, the trial and the justice dispensed is how the process of the justice system works at its best--in my backyard.

Daniel Adkins, Jr.
Daniel Adkins, Jr.
Charged with taking the life of Daniel Adkins, Jr.
Charged with taking the life of Daniel Adkins, Jr. | Source

Florida Failed Trayvon and Zimmerman

Shame on you Florida for the way you handled the Zimmerman fiasco. Shame on you for allowing George Zimmerman's name to get out to the press. Shame on you for not protecting his identity so that he could have fair and equal protection under the law as all should in America.

It is the expressed purpose of the State to protect the civil liberties of its citizens. Zimmerman was denied that. He should file a civil suit against everyone, including the Black Panthers!

Arizona is a place where citizens like George Zimmerman would receive due process without the terroristic threats from organizations such as the Black Panthers--vigilante justice.

Daniel Adkins' murderer is now charged with the crime he committed in shooting Daniel outside of the Taco Bell on Baseline and 51 Avenue where my family patronizes.

Why does it matter to me? I have faith in my community and the justice system in Arizona not to make the issue about race.

I have trust that my state will hold to the facts and dispense justice without allowing the civil rights of the citizens to be violated.

Do it for Fun!

In Your View, Did Florida Handle Zimmerman Case as Well As Cordell's?

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Praise God for the way Arizona has handled this situation with the shooting of Daniel Adkins.

Praise Arizona for protecting Cordell from the fate of George Zimmerman. Praise the Adkins family for not going public and trying to prevail upon the sympathy of the public to crucify Cordell Jude as the family of Trayvon Martin did.

I could be wrong in assuming the Martin family intended for Zimmerman to suffer as he did before his trial and I own that.

The Adkins family did it the proper way. The Adkins Family told the public not to cry racism. The Adkins family wanted justice based on the crime that was committed and did not want to involve race relations as they could have.

Hispanics are not treated respectfully in Arizona in my opinion. It is worse for a person of known Hispanic origin here than not. Not only do these people have the dishonor of their heritage disparaged--especially those of Mexican heritage--but the added insult of a stereotype of violence and gangster related activities that I am still trying to push aside as a non-Hispanic person.

I am a product of the indoctrination of society against Hispanics. Luckily God put me in a place that forces me to associate with people of Hispanic heritage to help open my eyes to the evils of culture discrimination.

Good families like the Adkins are a shining example of how Americans should want to be when dealing with the grief of such a terrible situation. Now the Adkins can rest assured that the death of Daniel Adkins, Jr. will not go unpunished.

Daniel can rest in peace. As a member of the same community as the Adkins family--probably having shopped at the same stores and met unaware--you have my support and prayers.

Now it is time to let the matter rest. Now is the time to have the proper grieving. Now we can truly say goodbye to a community member whom we came to know because his life ended, Daniel.

Goodbye, Daniel. Goodbye, Daniel. Your life is remembered, and your death is mourned.

© 2012 Rodric Johnson

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    • profile image

      Brian 5 years ago

      Rodric, I read and enjoyed your article. I also liked some of your readers comments. I can tell you as a white man if I ever have any kids they are not going to be white. I will either find a black partner or ask one of my black friends to donate me a sample of his sperm. I am not joking. I just think the whites have too many enemies right now. I also think this is why white babies are the minority now. Better benefits and less enemies if you are black.

    • profile image

      Black Guilt 5 years ago


      I thought of what you said too. I hate violence and don't want to see a race war. I also know that many black thugs are not afraid to go to jail. I am not saying every white man should paint themselves black. I thinl law enforcement would benefit from being a "darker" force. I also know that there are a lot of white nerds that can not defend themselves. Black skin is the skin that protects those that can't protect themselves. Nobody ever says "you better not mess with him he is white".

      Blacks generally respond to color not violence. With the lack of good role models in the black coomunity I don't think it would hurt to have some white(black face) role models. Blacks need to see people that look like them in high places. With high morals. Right now there is a shortage. Everybody would benefit.

      Black leaders Al and Jessies usually divide the races. White people can't say nothing w/o racial profiling. I think it is going to take BLACK FACES to put this fire out. Even if it is a white men with black faces. White people are scared to talk about race because they are on a short leash. Chris Rock would be in a bodybag if he said some of the things he said with a white face.

      I am not a fan of violence. I know putting people in jail does not always solve the problem long term. But mark my words it is going to take BLACK FACES to help smooth out the racial issues that exist today. A white man is muzzled by society on racial issues.

      A race war is not the answer. The media does stir things up a lot that is one problem. Then I think we need better black leaders. And more black faces unite minded.

    • Rodric29 profile image

      Rodric Johnson 5 years ago from Peoria, Arizona

      Black Guilt, I can appreciate you viewpoint though I do not agree with it. White males should not have to fear for their lives. If all the Whites united, they could destroy all Blacks being that they out number us six to one in population in this country.

      We as Blacks are fooling ourselves if we think that we have the freedoms we have without the help of White Males. If it was not for them, we would still be considered property. The great majority of Whites did not own slaves and thus do not deserve our contempt. If a Black person discriminates against a White, the full measure of the law should be executed against him or her. I hope those thugs that attacked your sister's boyfriend are found and prosecuted for racial profiling and assault with racial biased. Put those thugs in prison where they belong.

      We Blacks should be extolling the virtues of Whites. It is they who set us free while only a fraction of them in the past bound our ancestors.

    • profile image

      Black Guilt 5 years ago


      I am trying to covince white males who will listen that I think that black skin would be a great source of protection for them moving forward. I know that white skin can make someone an easy target. I noticced people are harder on white males. They will call them out in a heartbeat. I consider myself a racial mastermind and believe that black skin is like a bodyguard. I really feel safe when I am going to my car at night. Black skin is like a bodyguard.

      I am trying to figure out if there is anyway a white male could get a black spray tan. If Daniel Adkins had black skin that man might not have messed with him. You see I have a different outlook on race. I have some close white friends. My sister had a white boyfriend and he was actually jumped by 3 black males because they did not like seeing a white man with a black girl. I think the white man has a big bulls eye on his back. I think black skin would be a gift for today's white man. I think the white man would be surprised at all the fine women it attracts.

    • Rodric29 profile image

      Rodric Johnson 5 years ago from Peoria, Arizona

      Thank you again for posting Black Guilt. I do identify with what you are saying. I have a few acquaintances that have had unpleasant run-ins with police officers, friends who are also White. I only had one experience with and officer and it wasn't because of my skin color per se, but because of an suspicious incident. I grew up in a small town and I write poetry about things that have happened to other people. I adore officers, firemen, military people and families and such. They are my heroes.

      I must admit that i live an insular life. My family consumes most of my time and attention aside from work and hubbing. I rarely get to associate with other Black people outside of my immediate and extended family. My wife's uncle is a cop and I attend church with people who are cop-lovers like me. If I ever have a negative experience with an officer, I am sure I would understand. Those people have to live every encounter as if it will be their last, because it might.

    • profile image

      BG 5 years ago


      I just want to tell you brother to brother that black skin is much more than people realize. You said in one of your hubs that people fear you because you are a large black man. To me that is not fear it is respect. to me it is protection in a dog eat dog world. I live in the suburbs also and I laugh when my white friends say they are going to get a concealed weapons permit for protection. (crime is on the up with heavy growth and struggling economy). I tell them black skin is all the protection I need. What a white man considers dangerous is often safe to a black man. I look at black skin as a great source of protection. I am not the toughtest guy in the world but I lean on my blackness.

      You also said you have been horassed by police. I have had a couple of bad experiences but so has many of my white friends. I am just trying to say black skin is a blessing more times than not. I actually pay attention If a cop pulls somebody over what color the driver is and they are usually white. I am sure if they had black skin they would be think the same thing you did. I am just trying to get other black people to be open minded and to not always assume the worst. I challenge you to ask your white friends questions and they will probably have had similar experiences.

    • Rodric29 profile image

      Rodric Johnson 5 years ago from Peoria, Arizona

      Black Built, thanks for posting. You have an interesting take on things.

    • Rodric29 profile image

      Rodric Johnson 5 years ago from Peoria, Arizona

      I want to argue, but I cannot. I at least cannot argue from my experience.

    • profile image

      Black Guilt 5 years ago

      Rodric 29,

      BTW, I agree with you that hispanics are mistreated. They get hated on by whites and blacks. I think the safest thing to be right now is a black man. Which is good for you and me but I will not hesitate to tell non blacks that black skin is good for protection. Black on black crime happens in areas where there are no whites to victimize. Most white criminals prefer white victims. The media always stickin it to the white man. Black skin would protect the white man like a condom.

    • profile image

      Black Guilt 5 years ago

      Rodric 29,

      If George Zimmerman wanted to he could probably sue Obama for deframation of character. I am sure glad I am not a white man. The white man has a bulls eye on his back. Today's white man is hated for previous generations sins. If the white man was smart he would get a black spray tan and live as a black man. I am as serious as a heart attack. I have always said the best way to punish a black criminal would be to turn him into a white man. That is what I would want if this man killed a member of my family. Why? cause I know he gonna get raped in prison if he is white.

    • phdast7 profile image

      Theresa Ast 5 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Rodric - This is very well done. You have written a balanced and fair piece about a sensitive and often volatile issue. And you are right in your determinations and presented them with sympathy and dignity. We all need to be reminded frequently that we can choose to be our "better selves." Thank you for that. Blessings. Sharing.


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