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Justifying China

Updated on January 11, 2012

The United States

Recently the United States President announced a cut in Military expenditure. This was quickly criticized by his opponents, who for in the main part cited that China was currently increasing its military expenditure.

These critics have said that the Chinese are probably building their forces to become a larger threat to world peace.

The United States currently has a huge deficit and a continuingly faltering economy. If not for this, America too would increase its military budget.

America seems determined to remain the largest military power in the world. If somebody threatens to topple them from this position, that on its own, is perceived as a threat to its security.

Before I speak of China, why is it that the United States continues to look at their security as a sole nation? NATO and the west have always been allies to the US in acts of defense; it is only when the US asks for assistance in other fields of conflict that the rest of the west does not always agree.

This therefore means that the US is not necessarily concerned with their military having adequate defense but more concerned with being able to have the capability to enforce their wishes anywhere in the world.



Japan has recently embarked on a program of large arms sales around the world.

Since WW11, Japan had pretty much kept itself to itself, in terms of military and arms. This in the main part was due to international sanctions imposed upon them, requiring that they could only build a defense force.

Over the years however, the technology links between the US and Japan have become closely entwined, especially in the field of weapons development.

Today most Japanese and American weapons systems are jointly made between the US and Japan. Even the US Missile Defense system is heavily dependent on Japanese technology.

Now that there is a financial crisis, both countries are looking for ways to increase their income. To this end, Japan supported and encouraged by the US, are looking to expand their munitions manufacturing in order to increase export sales.

Why would the US want this?

Because of their limited activities in the military theatre, Japan has not felt the need to sign international sanctions on arms sales to certain countries. This means that now, both Japan and the US, can gain revenue by Japan selling arms to these disenfranchised nations, even though it may have been the US who first asked the international community to invoke these sanctions.



During WW11, China like many other countries suffered under the Japanese military.

China has often said that if Japan was to ever increase their military capability or become militarily involved in international affairs, then they would increase their own military might.

China, with its close proximity to Japan and the fact that it plays a major role in Asian Pacific region, is obviously concerned in any increases to neighboring countries.

Why is it then, that the United States whilst encouraging the Japanese increases in arms, they are so surprised that China would want to increase their levels?


Here then we now have the facts.

Due to its economic position, the US is encouraging the illegal sales of weapons to its potential enemies through an international loop hole.

As a side effect to this, it has encouraged a build up of military by yet another potential enemy and again because of the financial situation, finds it hard to match these proposed increases.

Once again, it would appear that the faceless elite, the puppeteers of the politicians are using their power over the media, to divert and distract the American public away from their hypocritical actions.

The fact that their actions today could one day cost American lives in future conflicts, not only does not appear at the top of their list of disadvantages but probably does not even appear on their list at all.

I am not saying here that the US should or shouldn’t reduce their military spending. I am merely stating that the politicians and media should tell the American people the facts, so that they are correctly armed to elect the politicians who are best suited to deal with the true situations facing their country rather than the manufactured distractions.


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