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Karma Made In India - Not Solely - Part 3

Updated on November 29, 2017
CC Saint Clair profile image

Some of us do ponder how to begin redesigning aspects of what matters most to us in this lifetime.

Call it what you want

Presumably, for the sake of this ongoing mind-meander, we agree that, though we never know why a force we do not, for the most part, understand is continually buzzing through and around each one of us.

Quantum science confirms that our beliefs control our emotions which, in turn, control, enhance or threaten the well-being of our bodies.

Presumably, too, though some might call it the divine plan and other might call it the karmic plan, we agree that nothing in our lives, nothing in the universe is ever a random occurrence unlinked from everything else.

That much is understood except, of course, by those who prefer to believe in the randomness of good luck/bad luck, miraculous escapes and unfortunate circumstances.

Serious question

Regardless of our inner thoughts on the matter, how karma-free could possibly be acts that condone any sexual, physical or emotional abuse, no matter how socio-culturally appropriate it is to some?

Bottom line

Just as it is our duty to endure philosophically, but with an open heart, whatever we perceive as our personal drama, we must do our very best to soothe the ‘plight’ of those who have synchronistically found themselves in our care, regardless of ‘planet’ on which we live.

Child Brides. Who Cares?

Women’s learnt helplessness is also evident in the culture of child brides.

In Rajasthan, “Every year, millions of Indian girls are married as children. In some instances, the brides are no more than 4 or 5 years old.” [1]

The practice is unfortunately not limited to India.

Today, 12 October 2012, yet another headline on Child brides appeared online prompting this mind-meander: The terrifying world of child brides: Devastating images show girls young enough to be in pre-school who are married off to older men [2]




In cultures that practice this skewed match-making, on the one hand, it is also not unusual for a father to exploit his daughter’s servitude to the point of a non-consensual incestuous interaction with her.

On the other, the mother often uses her small child as her assistant to fetch, carry and ... serve in all the ways she is expected to fetch, carry and serve.

In such culturally-thriving circumstances, the girl’s mother-in-law is often more callous than the girl’s mother ever was.

She, along with her daughters, use the little newcomer to escape the least pleasant demands placed upon them by the men of the household.

Quite commonly, the little girl’s new husband is of the age of her father – a man of mature age. Many such very young wives die in childbirth.

Think back to the story of Cinderella. Add a dozen recurring much nastier twists and turns. Add an unalterable hellish ending - the stuff our nightmares are made of.

Used to be the Royal way

This human tragedy is enduring and commonplace in some areas of Africa, Asia, Oceania and South America and, also, in several remote regions of Europe.

Be that as it may, the practice of older men marrying [very] young girls was also rife in European courts during the Medieval era and throughout the Renaissance.

Historical accounts yield a plethora of such circumstances across centuries similar to that of Richard II of England who, in 1396, married eight-year-old Isabel of France.

Overall, though such young girls may have been clothed in ‘royal’ robes, not many of their husbands bestowed upon them marks of genuine kindness, let alone respect. In fact, most treated their child-wives with a contempt that translated into abuse of one sort or another.

Your daughter?

Tacit Participation by Non-Assistance

Female genital mutilation performed exclusively by women is one such practice.

It can be argued that a Type 1a intervention, which consists in the removal of the clitoral hood or prepuce, is comparable to that of a boy’s circumcision.

Still, other grades of interventions involve the partial or total removal of the clitoris and the labia minora.

Some are executed with or without excision of the labia majora.

Some include the narrowing of the vaginal orifice with the creation of a covering seal done by cutting and appositioning the labia minora or the labia majora. In this case, a small opening is left for urine and menstrual blood to escape.

Such interventions can only be equated to the slicing off of a section of the penis itself or to its reduction to a mere knob and, why not, the added emptying of at least one testicle.

Though this imagined ritual may, conceivably, have been considered empowering, it was never attempted within any known community.

Female Genital Mutilation

Sure, there are many parts of the world today where physical violence towards mother and child alike are the culturally accepted norm.

It is ‘the way’, the folks say.

It is ‘tradition’.

Some parents even claim that such practices, maintained in the name of the god they honour, serve to preserve the mental and the physical integrity of their women.

The Knotted Gun. Turtle Bay, New York, USA.
The Knotted Gun. Turtle Bay, New York, USA.

What does love and kindness look like?

When one accepts that everything happens for a reason, including one’s predestined place of birth, social status and physical strengths and weaknesses, one must also accept that active parental love is an essential cornerstone of the blueprint of our lives.

Cultural mores and self-serving purposes may well alter the ‘surface’ of our conscience but, all the same, it would pay to understand - and actively accept - that any compliant act that puts at risk the physical and emotional well-being of a child can but attract weighty karma of the darkest kind.

Our purpose in each lifetime is to be as loving as our soul - our conscience - would have us be.

  • Though perhaps comprehensible on the level of cultural reality, from a karmic perspective, one can only ponder these women’s heart energies and how far might travel the karmic ripples created by such self-protecting misdeeds ultimately exercised out of ‘free choice’.
  • Though all characters involved in such situations can justify and absolve their actions by coldly explaining that their habits are ancestral, cultural, empowering and, religious, in the karmic realm, abuse performed in the name of tribal, cultural and even religious traditions does not cut it.

Abuse is abuse

Abuse is abuse. Neglect is neglect. Torture is torture. Murder is murder.

Dark energies cling to the aura. Here, there and wherever they are triggered, they vibrate and pulsate from one abusive act to the next.

They vibrate and pulse from one life to the next.

In this lifetime, they can eventually make the perpetrators sick or spin a web of purpose-built unhappiness and bad luck around the unwitting protagonists.

As always, ‘all’ is as it should be.

All i.e. mainly the sum of all wrongs, always contains the germ of the moment within which one is intended to wake up, take charge and right their wrongs.

The moment is always right

Karmic opportunities always present themselves, waiting for us to redress our wrongs.

The major complication is that karma can only be amended when one repairs directly with one’s victim, which is always an option up to the moment the soul leaves the body - ours or that of the ones we have neglected, the ones for whom we failed to step up. The ones we failed by not actively loving them - by not actively protecting them.

Yes, of course, redressing any wrong face-to-face can be emotionally extremely difficult to execute, but doesn't this make [karmic] good sense?

Daily life is about balancing physical occurrences with our energetic responses to needs - no differently than our virtual ‘bank manager’ generates a balance sheet of our expenses. Options are limited:

· Karmically in the red = self-centred, deflecting actions

· Karmically in the black = conscience-driven, soul driven, altruistic actions which amount to a humble, genuine acceptance of What-is.


Most people accept that every thought creates an action – or an inaction – which, either way, in turn, triggers a reaction.

Everything we think and do creates consequential karmic ripples that are seldom neutral.

These ripples may be beneficial to us, in the short or long term, just as they may be detrimental to us - cause and effect identified as Newton's third law of motion which, in simple language, confirms that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Carelessly push back a branch to get through, and it will bounce back creating pain.

Bottom line

The ripples of silence and the ripples of inaction are as karmically charged as the ripples of loud words and overt actions.

Not many Presidents and Prime-Ministers, male or female, have so far gone on record saying something like, “I am naturally anti-rape and anti-abuse to children and women. Diplomatic sanctions will apply. If that sort of abuse is not wrong, nothing is wrong.”

Not many have pushed on demanding that some laws be radically altered, that spin-off new laws be passed, that the justice system implement them and that they are allowed to evolve to address the misguided cultural mores that go on contributing to dire circumstances, worldwide, for children and women.

On the one hand, and more [laws] is not necessarily better.

On the other, no amount of laws can ever boost a civilisation’s faint heart energy.

Still, in our Justice system, whether in civil or criminal law, there exists the notion of the Duty to Rescue, also known in France as duty failed by Non-Assistance to Persons in Danger.

Similarly, parents always have the karmic [moral and ethical] duty to assist and rescue their children.

Deliberately failing to assist any person in danger, regardless of their age, sex and culture is a crime.

In the karmic realm, the fact that societal culture condones such non-assistance to children, women and the elderly does not come into the equation.

Many centuries have passed since Euclid pronounced his Common Notion #1 sometimes between 323–283 BC.

‘Things which equal the same thing also equal one another’, he stated. Clearly, in our world-wide physical reality, at least a couple billion of people have yet to accept that children, women and men are their equal and that, ultimately, the whole is much greater and stronger than its parts.

Hence the need to be coherent with all our thoughts, actions - and inactions.

© 2017 Carole Claude Saint-Clair


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