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Kashmir, War and Religion

Updated on August 9, 2019

I can say that a certain state can win a war, it seems possible to me that a certain revolution can be made but cutting the Gordian knot of fanaticism does not fall into the category of what we call “An easy task”. What links Indian Prime Minister Modi to Adolf Hitler who started a war that necessitated him to take his own life? If you think that India-Pakistan tensions are going to be easily resolved because the world goes on — you are not paying attention. Pakistanis are Muslims, Indians are Hindus, Kashmiris are Muslims, Ladakhis are Buddhists — What a dilemma!

In his parliamentary speech on 6th August 2019, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan made it clear that Pakistan will not go to war as a reaction to revoking of special status of Kashmir by India. He gave a notion of “History repeats itself” by pointing out the similarities between causes of World War II and Modi strategy. He gave the world an insight of what is about to come — the world reaction to which was displeasing.

Contrasting the past and the present, world’s fourth most powerful — militarized India — is no less than Hitler’s militarized Germany. These are not normal times. The world is in disarray. Hyper nationalism throughout the world, Iran’s nuclear tensions, Afghanistan peace process, Brexit — all of these have made a hodgepodge of world. The last time the world went that way was before WWII.

Religion has always played the central role in the game of politics. Polytheism partially evolving into monotheism, monotheism producing dualism and the modern religions as by products — all stemmed from the fanatic desires inside — are directed and triggered by a leader. Modern religions comprise of socialism, communism, nazism, populism, terrorism, fascism, humanism, liberalism, realism along with many other “-isms”. The only difference between the old and modern religions is of serving supernatural or superhuman order. All religions work on the spunk, vim and vigor of a common human being and that ardor is utilized by their leaders in a very prudent way.

"Religion is not merely the opium of masses but it’s the cyanide.” Tom Robbins

Modi’s anti-Muslim bigotry stands on the pillars of Hindutva. This is irrefutable from his actions to this point, and it will be demonstrated afresh by his behavior going forward. The religious mania sometimes serves more than the militarized army as is evident from the Kashmir protests to this date. We can imagine the extent of toxicity of the religious cyanide sown in the veins of Indians by their Prime Minister. It is a red flag!

The big dreamers like Hitler and Modi use religion for one purpose – Establishing themselves with it — abolishing all with it. Hitler had different dreams than the dreams of his people with one similarity that both wanted hegemony of their ideology. We common people are mawkish enough to be entrapped by our leaders. The disorder on order is due to extreme emotions that are constructed in the minds of people. A common, rational person is filled with hate in the name of his ideology and he becomes so called “terrorist”. Terrorists are no different than you and me. After all, we are social animals who are easily swayed by our us-versus-them ideologies. Similarly Modi’s religious seeds will grow his own plant that will serve his interest not his nation’s.

The only thought of a past RSS member Nathuram Godse that Mahatma Gandhi is too accommodating towards Muslims — compelled him to kill the great leader of his own country — so how can someone overlook the extremeness of Hindutva. It is high time the world should catch on the contemporary world order. Today Modi has taken Kashmir, saying it is for the welfare of Kashmiri people — the people of religion whose religious mates were killed in his own Gujrat in 2002 of which he is held responsible. This big lie was built on an endless string of little lies. Tomorrow he will take Pakistan occupied Kashmir. There’s no guarantee that war can be avoided in that case.

The liberal institutional order failed after the failure of league of nations. Pakistan is all relying on United Nations now. But the recent works of United Nations tell otherwise. It has worked much longer than the league but until how long it will survive if it keeps on going like this? The Hindutva nationalists will shake the pillars of India, dragging Pakistan into it. Extremism is on both sides, nuclear weapons are on both sides — it just needs a trigger!

Philosophers say that the world will go back to its origin. It is another debate. But for the time being, we are heading back to our original nature of war. Human beings can not stay peaceful for much long. The evil nature outstrips the good nature. That’s why every religion has a Satan – the real obstruction. The world needs to stop it before the time does!


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