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Keep Moving Forward - One Step Back

Updated on August 17, 2012

Today is another day. Breathe deep, smile & allow life to be lived. Embrace those around you. Wear your heart on your sleeve. Don't dwell on the past...Sometimes we do everything right but still lose. Hello Disappointment! I cannot say it’s nice to see you again but I already knew you would be back. It happens. I've been disappointed so many times; not giving a damn is practically a reflex. The best way to keep from being let down is to not have any expectations at all. I don’t ask for much.. But when I do.. It means a lot to see it get done! It doesn’t take a lot to please me..Just simple little things make me smile!

My road to happy has yet again hit a speed bump. Unable to get into any nitty gritty details I must say society today is mentally insane. I have longed for the one thing I can’t seem to find. Happiness. I aspire to be a good person, or at least I think I am a good person. For some reason life has a path for me that is wickedly disturbing. Throwing stones at me while I am travelling down a path of insecurity and self-disappointment. Focusing on one thing at a time through restless nights. Although, I am in a warm safe place with a roof over my head. Ever so grateful for the friend that has taken me in with her family making me part of their life. No words can describe that commitment given to me. My thought process standing at attention trying to figure out a solution to the never ending battle it fights inside me. Finding a defense system to keep urging me to move on from the disappointment always thrown at me. This can’t be the end yet, I will yet again keep moving forward searching for that Road to Happy……


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