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Keeping It Honest: Trump Lies To Telemundo Reporter

Updated on June 23, 2019
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It's time to Keep it Honest. If you let a lie go unchecked it creates havoc.

Barack Obama

President Barack Obama had a plan for immigrants that fell in line with history. Allowing them into the country to better themselves and our country. His plan was not to make them the enemy.

Jose Diaz Balert of Telemundo interviews Donald Trump
Jose Diaz Balert of Telemundo interviews Donald Trump

Trump defends his immigration policy with lies

Donald Trump met with Jose Diaz Balert of Telemundo for an interview and began to defend his immigration policy by blaming the former President of the United States, Barack Obama.

Fact: Obama's policy did not separate children from family unless it was to check and make sure that the individual they came with was not abusing, endangering or human trafficking a child, once that information was cleared, the child was returned to the family.

Trump said that Obama left him a family separation policy and that he was following it. After Balert question the validity of his comment; Trump refused to accept responsibility and claimed, "I brought families together, I'm the one that put them together." He continued with; "I was very good to immigrants."

Fact: March of 2017, John Kelley who now makes money from the child detention centers and was formerly head of Homeland Security spoke of implementing a separation program. April 1, 2018; Jeff Session, former Attorney General made the announcement for a new "zero tolerance" immigration policy.

  • Everyone caught crossing the border would be criminally prosecuted; "If you smuggle a child in, we will prosecute you and that child will be separated from you."

Fact: June of 2018, after Trump received backlash from the Republican Party as well as Democrats that he stopped the separation.

Sadly, 2700 plus children have been separated from their families and some may never see their families again because of lack of records claimed by the Homeland Security. Without records, we will never know how many children exactly have been separated. But we do know that he multiple detention centers in every state.

Fact: Trump did not order the unification of families until he was ordered to by law.

Exact amount of detainees unknown, as it changes constantly.
Exact amount of detainees unknown, as it changes constantly.

The hypocrisy of it all

Considering that 3 months ago, Donald Trump declared a national emergency due to the unsecured borders and illegal immigrant caravans, then losing funding, the issue died on the vine or did it?

On May 2019, Trump made an announcement about new immigration laws.

  • Change the asylum system
  • Implement a trust fund, paid for by border fees to finance border security.
  • Screen out the merit-less. Who will the judge and jury on this? Where do families fall under this process?

A few things he forgot to mention:

  • What about the illegal immigrants in the country already?
  • What about the Dreamers?
  • What about the 300 foreign immigrants who live in the United States legally with Temporary Protected Status? Trump tried to cut this program, but was tied up legally.

A twenty minute interview in which Donald Trump continued to push his lies; even after he had tweeted to his followers before he also announced his re-election that they were going to round up up millions of illegal immigrant families, up to 2000 in 10 cities on Sunday, the day of Sabbath, may have just given America answers to those questions.

By deporting the illegal immigrants, they do away with Dreamers and wait for the Supreme Court to give them the go ahead on the Temporary Protected Status Immigrants.

We can't forget that Trump has threatened America and policy with "his" judges.

Trump believes he will do well among Hispanics. Maybe his people didn't tell him about the latest poll. Three our of four Hispanics do not like or trust Donald Trump.

© 2019 Lady Liberty


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