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Rick Perry Wanted to Be President of the United States

Updated on May 28, 2019
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A politician is only as good as his word and the words coming from DeSantis aren't worth two cents.

Texas Governor playing fast and loose with funding?

Governor Perry ran his campaign for Governor on the importance of education and his campaign office youtubed dozens of videos talking about how much he cared about the teachers and education. So, how does Rick Perry plan to balance the Texas budget? On the backs of education, taking the largest funding, 37% of it from education.

He has been embattled with Texas Democrats because of a provision that allows funds for teachers only. Rick Perry and Texas Republicans want to do away with the provision to allow them to funnel that money into "other" educational programs, like infrastructure, etc.

Plainly put, Rick Perry wants to rob Peter to pay Paul in education and also allow him access to those funds for other items that would offset the billion dollar deficit he has in Texas.

Reminding Texans that this is nothing more than the ploy to strip funds from education, just as he did for border security. It didn't work then, it weakened border security, but the funding built great ports of entry facilities for businesses from Mexico to Texas.

Not using the funds for border security when it was needed, instead of infrastructure projects, weakened the borders and created an overrun of illegal immigrants into Texas.

Wanting to move funds away from the teachers for infrastructure, etc. would be a waste of taxpayer funds. Why build, when we don't have the funds to educate. Who will be teaching, when their funds are cut. Some of the larger school districts in Texas are having to cut $300 million from their districts alone.

This is what Texas and the entire country has come to. Education in Texas and the United States has become dispensable. What kind of future will America's children have without education?

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Loser Pays- Bill HB274

Sept 1, 2011, Rick Perry passed what he called the "Loser Pays" bill, known as HB274, which had the support of Business groups and the Texas Medical Association. Under this bill "some" plaintiffs who sue and lose will have to pay court costs and attorney fee's of those they sue for cases less than $100,000. While, it sounds like a fair deal, the "some" is what is in question. Who decides who "some" is? As Perry put it, "employers will spend less time in court and more time creating jobs." Kind of let's you know who "some" is.

Bad Judgement

Like most Texas summers, its hot and dry. Two variables that usually lead to fire safety.

Texas having been without rain for most of the summer leaving a desert like landscape. The holiday season brought with it 60 plus fires.

How did the Texas Presidential candidate want to handle it? Cut funding in Texas then ask the federal government to pay. With 2.5 million acres in Texas that have burned in a single year, the Texas Forest Service faced $34 million cut in their budget for fighting wildfires.

The kicker, Candidate Perry was asking President Obama for a "declaration of disaster" to get federal funds to cover the expenses of fighting the wildfires he knew were destined to come to Texas from the lack of rain.

Bastrop, Texas wild fire

House Bill 1 affects education

Texas Governor Rick Perry, balances the budget by stripping education. 37% cut from education funds go to balance  Billions of dollars in deficit
Texas Governor Rick Perry, balances the budget by stripping education. 37% cut from education funds go to balance Billions of dollars in deficit

Texas education hit the hardest to offset budget deficit

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