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Kid Cudi Descends into the Darkness

Updated on April 19, 2015
Buck Remington profile image

These are random speculations about different conspiracy theories that people come up with. Most of these are just for fun stories.


The Start of "Remix"

One thing that many do not realize about the occult is that the person must make the choice to join on their own. That doesn't mean that shady shit ain't going to happen all the same. However you can see this trend with many artists such as Lady Gaga and Bad Romance. The first one that we are going to look at is Kid Cudi's Pursuit of happiness. The strange thing about this one is that there are two different versions of the video. We're going to look at both them starting with the first one to come out. This is one of the more interesting chain of events that you see with the occult music video boom that can be seen as becoming a standard in the business.

At first it seems like a surreal spin on the hip-hop video however if we take a closer look we see that there is much more going on than meets the eye. At the start we see a lonely piano player and than we morph into Cudi about to enter dream land. This means we are about to see what is going on with in his head. This is than followed by him attempting to get up and no matter what he seems to be stuck in an endless loop. Making the newcomer feel helpless or like they have no control is the first step these groups do in order to cement their place as being stronger than the new comer is. Finally when it seems like he will never get out of this a swamp like atmosphere transforms one of the walls and a boat with two ladies comes in.

When image like this are added to the film they tend to go for an image of balancing while also trying to play towards the sacred number of 3. 3 and 7 and numbers you will found as being the most revered in many different schools of thoughts.

Now when we pain into these two coming in we get a quick shot of a devil on top of the TV meaning a deal is going to soon be made. We continue past this zooming into the two ladies on the boat. One of them is dressed in black and the other in white. Both are on opposite sides of the boat symbolizing duality as well as the sun and the moon. The moon is also full which it needs to be in order for most rituals to commence (there are a few exceptions but it's the general rule). Kid Cudi gets into the boat and they began to drive away while singing the chorus to the song.


We than flash back the mobis-strip like life he seemed to be stuck in and than goes to him hanging out a window. At first it looks like it is stuck and risky but than we soon realize that his plight is nothing more than some smoke and mirrors. The room becomes hazy and the first two ladies from the boat join back in. This time however we have a girl on swing with candy all over her sweeter. Could this be a hint as to what is going to be needed for the sacrifice later on?

We bounce around for a little bit with the same visuals we had before until we get to a couple of musicians with glasses on that are similar to space age blinders. This carries on for a minute and the two ladies enter again. This time however it goes to him entering into a masquerade or Illuminati style mask party. The whole scene is almost as if he is being guided through the party as if it's showing him what he could have. While walking through we see the woman from the swing again and someone in a strange costume staring at her and giving her the look over. Is this a strange take on the story of Faust or something else entirely?

The Remix of Kid Cudi

Right off the bat with the second version of this song we notice we a few things that are different. The first being it's almost as if they traded in their more artistic view of the first one for something that is a little more suited for the mainstream crowd. The other being the tempo and overall vibe of the song is more on the upbeat side than the first.

While the flows start we notice everyone around him is not only moving in slow motion but isn't paying attention to him at all. It's more like his happiness has over whelmed to the point that he doesn't care that no there thinks twice about him he's just happy to be in the door. It goes on like this for a little bit so you can understand that this is not just any old party, but one file with the higher echelon, seats reserved for the more privileged. We only really get a break from this kind of imagery a couple of times. One when Cudi is dancing with Drake and the second being the DJ pulling out the record and it being gold. The amusing thing about the scene with Drake is that we see black and white checkers behind similar to those associated with Freemasonary.

Finally Cudi makes his way out of the party and into the bathroom. He's using the wall to get around showing that he had to much or that maybe he wasn't ready to party this way yet. He than sees himself climb up off the floor shacking his head. Maybe this wasn't quite the deal he was hoping for.


Normally when doing this kind of write ups you don't normal get two let alone three videos that paint a story. However this time we do get that. The final one in this post is No-one Believes Me. While this is from the fright nigh soundtrack, this write up might scare you a little bit more. Besides the creepy beat used in this and drawn out sound in his voice there are a lot of real creepy imagaries going on. It starts with him walking down the streets in a suburb (kind of eerie in and of itself) and there is a little girl staring at him while he is walking. He notices a car on the side of the road with two kids making out inside, as he passes blood splatters on the back window symbolizing a sacrifice of the young being made. The song than goes no-one believes me and the singer almost gets a demonic look on his face.

We than start bouncing back and forth with him on a bed looking like he's bothered by something to him stalking the neighborhood from the shadows. Most of the video ends up being this way with the random vampire thrown in here and there. Now comes the creepy part. The video leads up to him sneaking into the bedroom of the little girl we say at the beginning of the video. He than sits on the edge of the bed as if torn by something. The next shot that we see the little girl in she has killed someone on the side road and takes off running. The video finally ends with him walking out into the sunlight and destroying himself. Could this video mean that in order for his fame he made a sacrifice of the highest degree and regretted it deeply?


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