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Kony 2012 Campaign... The Truth.. OIL SCAM

Updated on March 15, 2012

Recently Tullow Oil has found over 50 Billion dollars worth of oil in Northern Uganda, and an additional 200 Billion that is predicted to be found.

If the US takes these resources, it gives them complete control to then create Africom.

If Africa is allowed to keep their oil, they will become wealthy overnight. This in itself poses problems to Americas debt lending policies.

Even if Africa cannot keep their oil, then China is looking greedily at it also. The thought of China inheriting all this oil is an even worse concept for the US government.

Use your heads people. Dont be fooled again as we were with Iraq.

Watch the video and repost this article if you really want to help...

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    • profile image

      justaguy 5 years ago

      Interesting how a video can manipulate the thought of many. War exists and always will exist. That is true in life as with humans.

    • profile image

      zack 5 years ago

      when i was watching the video i felt something was wrong the inclusion of "gavin"his child to say who is the bad guy?everything in the emotions felt "polished"..

      i immediately looked up kony 2012 in light of scam


    • profile image

      Sam 5 years ago

      The US government a puppet of the Illuminati and New World Order Bilderbergs who are shamelessly positioning to grab this God given resource for African people to have a chance to "enjoy" a bit of life too. Sincely only God can help now since these sharks own the Reserve Bank and will enforce the purchase of our oil using "cotton" on which they print their dollars in their infamous fractional Banking system. Even the Uganda government cannot stop their greed. It is a "comply or be removed" policy for the poor African presidents. Please America, kindly allow Africans a chance to own a bit of property and basic food through this resource. You give us "free AID" but then grab by force our natural resources. Kindly allow us opportunity.

    • profile image

      Bob Marshall 6 years ago AND THE MILITARIZATION... Find out what U.S. taxpayers dollars paid for in Rwanda and Uganda.

    • profile image

      Flickr 6 years ago

      interesting article. I don't agree with the USA coalition invasion to Iraq/Afghanistan and I absolutely disagree with the USA going into poor Africa...again.