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La Belle France

Updated on May 7, 2017

Even as I write, millions of French folk have cast their ballot on this day as many millions more will do before the polls close at twenty hundred hours.

France, like the rest of the world, faces a defining moment. At a time when racist, ultra-nationalist ideas seem to be on the rise, ideas that rational folk thought had been put into the dustbin of history almost a century ago, La Belle France, the country that told the world all about liberty, equality and fraternity is making a momentous decision. Rational and irrational folk look to France on this day.

I admit that the result of the last presidential elections in those United States was one of the most stunning and depressing moments in more than half a century of life; it is a distress that I, and, I’m sure, billions of folk worldwide, have yet to come terms with in any proper manner.

Having said, rational folk are not undermined; rational folk shrug off that devastating result and face the future. The moral arch is, has and always will be, with rational folk.

The idiocy that parades as governance in Washington will no doubt have shown the French, as it has shown the world, the LIE that is inherent in right-wingism. The theories of Mussolini and Hitler, burnished in the internet age are just as puerile as they were a century ago. They are FALSE. They are what they are: self-serving in all dimensions. Just as they failed in the middle of the 20th century, they as are bound to fail here in the 21st century. Nothing has changed in human affairs so drastically that makes two multiplied by itself result in seven.

Ms Marine Le Pen, burnished-up, internet-age view of the racist, ultra-nationalist crap that her father spouted for several decades is just that that her father was and remains: RACIST, HATER, LIAR….. choose your villificatory term! Ms Le Pen leads a group who are essentially anarchistic; you know, like Mr Bannon who still infests the corridors of the White House.

Nothing in my life impels me to idiocy; nothing in anybody’s life should. I am content to watch the trumpian idiocy that pretends to governance in the District of Columbia; if necessary, I will do the same as I watch Paris. Idiocy is for a time; the moral arch always, ALWAYS, bends towards rational.



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