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Labour: The Age of Starmer.

Updated on April 5, 2020

New Labour Leader: Sir Keir Starmer.

Sir Keir Starmer, favourite to succeed Jeremy Corbyn, has indeed, done just that. Many on the right of the party, will no doubt be thinking, Labour could be on its way back to being in government. But that is the future, for now the opposition led by Sir Keir, will have to co-operate with the government, but at the same time, hold them to account over COVID-19 and other measures.

Sir Keir, speaking on the 'Andrew Marr Show', BBC1, said that he would not be expecting the impossible of Boris over COVID-19, but at the same time could expect a grilling. The two men are expected to meet to discuss COVID-19, but it may be over 'Zoom' via the internet. Meanwhile, Boris, remains in self-isolation in 10 Downing Street, still suffering from symptoms of the virus. It is reported also, his fiancee, carrying Boris' child, is in bed with symptoms also.

However, many pundits think, that with Sir Keir launching a blistering attack on Boris' policy towards the Coronavirus, this could somewhat sour the two men's working relationship.

For Sir Keir, to become Labour leader now, in the midst of lockdown and the Coronavirus, it is possible, Sir Keir, maybe overshadowed by coverage of the virus. This is why Sir Keir, from the get-go, must make his presence known and be clearly seen doing his bit as regards COVID-19 and other issues.

Sir Keir, must now be an uniter, to all wings of the Labour party, Blairites and Corbynites included. The party has lost four elections in a row, as Sir Keir, admitted, on the 'Andrew Marr Show'. Brexit, leavers and remainers, (Sir Keir, being a remainer) has said this debate is done and dusted, but, Labour must hold the government to account in trade negotiations around the world, now, we have left the EU. In particular, over the NHS, which may be contracted out privately to private US medical companies.

Sir Keir must also, re-build trust between the voters it lost over Brexit, during the last years general election. The red wall as it was described (Labour heartlands in the Midlands and North) was smashed down by the Conservatives because of Labour's muddled policy over Brexit.

Now, with a new leader, there is time until the next general election in 2024, for Sir Keir to re-build that trust.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of Jeremy Corbyn's leadership, Labour must now unite and move on. There are thousands of people out there in the communities looking for an alternative to this Tory administration.

Sir Keir, will shortly be announcing his shadow cabinet, there will no doubt be some from the former Corbyn shadow cabinet, with new faces too, no doubt. Many Labour supporters and MPs wanted a female leader, that didn't happen, however, in the shape of Angela Rayner, they now have a female deputy leader.

So the age of Starmer, for the Labour party, begins.

Deputy Labour leader:  Angela Rayner.
Deputy Labour leader: Angela Rayner. | Source
Sir Keir to meet Boris soon.
Sir Keir to meet Boris soon.

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