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No entry for men

Updated on October 6, 2010

I recently came across something totally new to me. In a local department store they've started something called Ladies only Night. It features out of the ordinary events and customer services... and no men. I wonder what they do when the doors shut for men. Do they announce "All men must leave in 5 minutes"?

After looking this up on the internet it turns out that there's a whole new trend for this gender apartheid and its growing fast in popularity. There are men-free gyms, men-free hotels, men free lounges and lots more coming because apparently business is doing great. No this is not in some way out rogue nation - its right here under our noses.

Just what is the world coming to? I thought men only clubs were rightfully forced to allow women to enter due to discrimination laws. Can someone please explain to me what's going on?

When I told my boyfriend about this he ended up in tears!!! No that doesn't happen often but this seemed to get at him more than usual. I can't blame him really. He never asked or wanted to be a man and now he's branded a trouble maker and a potential rapist when I'm more likely to be those things than he is. Just where did we go wrong to allow these things in this day and age?

What scares me most is that if you read up people's opinions on this, you'll find that they applaud it and appreciate it and then justify it with the same arguments that were used to justify the apartheid. Please try to remember that men are human as this men's rights blogger likes to put it. I read up on this phenomenon of female superiority and I wrote a longer article with some interesting conclusions about female supremacy if you want to know more.

There is also the added downside that men will increasingly become marginalized in society. Ultimately this could be more problematic than any of us realize today. See why in my article on the coming matriarchy.

Besides, what do you do with the up and coming 3rd gender? And not even them, just think about how unfair you're being towards those sensitive men who don't fit the macho category. There are more of them than you might think as I pointed out in my article Herbivore Men.

To all you feeble women out there who can't handle the presence of a man: Before you know it, those guards that are keeping the men out will soon be keeping the women in - "for their own safety" of course.


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    • profile image

      Sam 5 years ago

      @ Gr8legs

      I am sorry that, that happened to you. I have had some bad experiences with my mother and nobody would help me, my dad, or my brothers because she is a woman and feminists (particularly radical feminists) would have us beleive that women would never do such things. There are times when I think that feminists are cowards I think that because they dont have the courage to accept the fact that women are no better then men that they make the same mistakes men do. And everytime a man critisises feminism or says I hate feminism feminists always say it is because men want submissive women well maybe some of them do want submissive women but not most of them not from my experience anyway from my experience most men who hate feminism hate it because they genuinely do beleive that feminism discriminates men. I kind of think that feminists are afraid of men who critisise feminism because those men see feminists for what they are now a women who blindly promote discrimination towards men and you what makes it even more sad feminists are so blind they dont even realise it. Well take care. :)

    • profile image

      Sam 5 years ago

      @ Sherman

      I am just guessing but I dont think they will think of it as sexist towards men. So many women these days (some not all) especially feminists are always saying things like there is no sexism towards men or that there is no such thing as a true man hater (these women who say things like that are so blind or the biggest liars since Baron Munchausen). You know it never ceases to amaze me how incredibally ignorant these women are and not just ignorant but in denial, self righteous, and hypocritical (I say hypocritical because most if not everything feminists say and do contradicts something else they have said or done). They are always complaining about things that men say or do that are sexist towards women and yet if a woman says or does the same thing towards men it is appearently not sexist. I could name quit a few things that some women have said and done towards men that if it were about women it would immediately be labeled sexist but I dont need to go into details right now.

    • profile image

      Sherman 6 years ago

      Excellent hub! I challenge Ellen D. or Oprah to take up this topic and expose it for its female perpetrated sexism.

    • profile image

      Patrick 7 years ago


      I don't doubt your story. The only reason we don't usually associate those types of behavior with women is because they have been socialized to be "ladies."

      In an environment like that, a "female empowered" environment, you will see all the behaviors that go along with it. If we ever get the gynarchy that some people are itching for, we will see all the horrible humanity in women, which will ironically, probably still fail to shatter their angelic status.

      Now, in the real world, women have to put up with this kind of thing much more frequently than men. I suspect it's because certain men feel privileged and entitled to inflict it on them due to the present but waning male cultural dominance.

      But that's my point. The favored group will always take it upon themselves to belittle and take advantage of the other group. I'm not condoning it for either gender or race or, whatever. I'm just saying that many of the obnoxious and abusive behaviors we attribute to being part of the character of men, exclusively, are likely just human traits that go along with privilege and power. We will see them in the character of women more and more, in places where women get special treatment, and eventually in society at large.

    • Lucy83 profile image

      Lucy83 7 years ago

      That's a pretty crazy story Gr8legs and thanks for sharing. I think it's a disgrace and I cannot stand that hypocrisy of demanding men to protect us and then banning them for everything else. I really think everyone (male or female) should boycott any business that promotes or condones sexism.

    • Gr8legs profile image

      Gr8legs 7 years ago

      When I lived in Johannesburg, many years ago, many of the clubs used to have "Ladies' Night" every Thursday night. Men weren't allowed in until after 10:30 or some such time and they would lay on special entertainment for the women.

      On one occasion the gym I trained at put on an aerobics display as a promotion. There were twelve of us in the display team - six men & six women. After we'd done our display, we blokes were allowed to remain in the club; I saw and experienced women behaving in a manner that disgusted me and I remember thinking at the time that if men behaved in such a way, they would be thrown out immediately.

      Having just taken part in an aerobics demo, we were dressed in shorts (back in the 80's they were very short) and a cut-off t-shirt -no sleeves, slashed neckline & cut-off at the waist to show abs. Myself and the other guys were repeatedly groped and grabbed by semi-inebriated women who thought that it was perfectly acceptable BECAUSE they were women. One woman in particular wouldn't leave me alone - repeatedly grabbing my butt and eventually going for broke and grabbing my crotch. I had asked and then told her to stop and when I had eventially had enough and became irate with her, telling her to f***-off and leave me alone, she threatened to call the bouncers and have me thrown out! What would the outcome have been had the roles been reversed and I had groped her, I wonder?

      On the subject of women-only gyms, one of the wonderful ironies of this development came from a company I worked for in Australia that had one female-exclusive fitness centre in their chain of health clubs. There were no men allowed inside the club; they wouldn't allow males to work on reception and even the male group fitness (aerobics) instructors such as myself weren't allowed to teach classes there. And yet, the female members INSISTED on having a MALE SECURITY GUARD at the door to escort them to their cars in the car park on dark nights. The company that supplied the chain with security guards had inititally placed a female guard at the club, but she was replaced at the insistence of the members, who complained they "didn't feel safe enough" with a female security guard on duty!

      Double standards? What do you think?

    • profile image

      Toko 8 years ago

      Oh I love that last line. Very true, and a very good point.