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No Water Left, Thirsty Yet?

Updated on May 25, 2016
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Snapshots of the evolution of environmental and work safety regulations and the reason why.

So Thirsty, My Tongue Is Stuck To The Roof of My Mouth

Lately, I have been waking up in the middle of the night, so thirsty that my tongue is stuck like glue to the roof of my mouth. This cannot be good.

There are a lot of vital happenings in our world today that do not make the mainstream news. Are you aware that hundreds of young people, men, kids and women go missing in Canada per month? Not many people want to take the responsibility to care.

The news about drought and water shortages have been in the news off and on for years, but humans are so forgetful that it has finally happened, and our Earth is facing many problems with fresh, clean available water. This is not a shock to many environmentalists. Drought is in the news, but again - if it isn't where we are feeling it, we are hesitant to act.

The following is a little exercise. See if you can get through 15 minutes of concentrated thirst. If you are already thirsty, please disregard.

NASA I Disasters - Drought Map

California needs 11 Trillion Gallons of water, just to catch up.
California needs 11 Trillion Gallons of water, just to catch up. | Source

Life Giving Water

How has your day been so far? Is it warm out there? Tongue sticking to the roof of your mouth? Have you considered water availability outside of those killer plastic bottles? Are you environmentally conscience, and have a refillable water vessel?

  • You have been typing on your keyboard, talking on your smartphone,
  • Listening to ITunes on your IPod.
  • Had some coffee or tea for breakfast,
  • Soda pop with lunch,

NOW, you are thirsty

Your body's waste production system, is working to get ready and flush the toxins from your body.

Reaching back to the sore lumps on your lower back, thinking the ache is from a muscular strain or some type of degeneration. Without realizing it, our kidneys want to filter out debris from holding areas.

You need, crave, want water.

Think I am just a crazy, ranting environmentalist? Coocoo for the Congo?

Try this experiment if you will:

  • Go on and get a nice, big cool glass of water.
  • Make sure it is clean and pure, throw in a couple of ice cubes.

Thirsty? Can you feel the refreshing wash in your mouth, and you have not even taken a drink?

  • Set the glass at eye level.
  • Focus on that clean, cool glass of water.
  • Just look.
  • Please do not take a sip yet.

Are you thirsty yet? Is your mouth about to rebel against you? Is your stomach panging for that refreshing liquid?

Life is Thirsty, Not Much to Drink Lately

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How precious this "extra" water which usually washes down the drainwater levels are lower than ever. usually it is too deep to see these guys and gals biting our toesSnow hoodie
How precious this "extra" water which usually washes down the drain
How precious this "extra" water which usually washes down the drain | Source
water levels are lower than ever. usually it is too deep to see these guys and gals biting our toes
water levels are lower than ever. usually it is too deep to see these guys and gals biting our toes | Source
Snow hoodie
Snow hoodie | Source

Consider how good that cool, clean water is going to taste

  • Consider how good it is going to feel, not only in your mouth, but as it goes down your parched throat.
  • Go ahead and reach for the glass.

Stop! Do not drink yet.

  • Touch the glass lightly with your fingertips feel the life giving force with the end of your fingers.

That is going to taste so good...

  • Now, pick up the glass, put it to your lips, just wet your lips.
  • Stop!

(At this point, your craving for this water may not allow you to finish this experiement)

  • Now, walk outside.
  • Water a plant with the precious liquid you were about to gulp down.
  • See how much the plant appreciates that little drink..

Now that you are outside, sacrificing your drink to the lovely shrubs, or porch plants:

  • Go get some soil.
  • Grab some kitchen compost.
  • Add a couple of Tablespoons of salt to the mixture.
  • If you have any ash in your house, dump a little of that in there too.
  • Raise the glass toward your face.
  • Get a good whiff of what is in the glass.

Your body is having an adverse reaction if you have done each previous step. Look at the glass, you are still very thirsty. Maybe more thirsty than ever before.

NASA I Megadroughts - Projections 2015+

Mmmm, water...

Gnu Drinking Water - Courtesy
Gnu Drinking Water - Courtesy | Source


Cat Drinking water
Cat Drinking water | Source

One Glass, Water and Energy

Pretend that you only have one glass to drink from in the whole world.

You only have one glass.

In this experiment, you have a choice, you can only use 8 more ounces of water.

What will you decide?

Will you clean out the glass?

Are you thirsty enough that you are willing to drink the water through the debris. (Do not drink this yucky mixture!)

This was just a simple experiment, but sometimes simple ways are the most effective.

Hopefully, this little exercise has shown you the drastic result of what is happening to us Humans, the animals, aquatic life, and the Earth for lack of clean and available water.

This is what happens to us, our systems, and our bodies concerning the ever-shrinking, worlds' water supplies.

The problem begins with the unwise use of land.


Do You Know Where Your Water Comes From? The Nature Conservancy

Land? What About Water?

Wasn't this whole crazy experiment thing about water?

Thank you for asking! Newton's Law of Motion, states, "...for every action, there is always an equal and opposite reaction..."

When we Earthlings respect our planet, and take good care of our land, wildlife , trees, and fauna (plants), the land is healthy.

When land is healthy and thriving, it is more likely to stay in place. By staying in place; it means less erosion. When drought occurs on the land, plants die, the wind blows, rains (acidic) come, and the topsoils, or the most nutrient available soils are moved away.

When the topsoils of the land stay in place, it keeps nutrients needed to continue promoting life.

As long as the land remains healthy, it can sustain human life.

When it rains, or floods come, what drains; groundwater is clean.

As the waters flow through this 'in-place', healthy land, it is being filtered of germs and other bio-pollutants that may be traced in the waters.

Maybe, if we remember this little experiment, and how thirsty the human body becomes, it may cause a greater urgency within us to treat our habitat with much more care.

When our treatment of Land, Waters and Skies, is stockpiling waste, toxins, and nuclear fallout, we have made our only vessel for good, clean water foul and deadly instead of able to support life.

Go on now, get that good, cleansing, drink of cool water, and consider there is not much more where that came from.

All Life Systems are Connected

All systems are connected. When drought conditions occur in a given area, every person and creature in the circle of life suffers. Crops fail, and humans through agricultural losses, lose another season of food. Our life system becomes out of balance. This causes other chain-reactions. When one portion of our systems are unbalanced, the Earth attempts to compensate due to this imbalance. This compensation usually results in another chain reaction, throwing everything and all systems out of balance.

When a place, has not had any good rain in several years. The ground is parched. Creeks and rivers are low, the aquatic life has suffered. All of a sudden, this place gets rain for a week. The dry locals think, "Good, we need the rain". The rain is needed, but since the land is so dry, it has been in drought. The green grasses, plants and trees that normally would keep the land in place, allowing the water to soak down to the roots, and into the ground are mostly gone. All this much needed water, is running off into a gutter somewhere, It is taking valuable sediments (soils) with it. Sediment, are tiny pieces of rock or silica. Depending on the soil-type of an area, the sediment grains are made up of minerals that still undergo chemical changes.

When top-soil is lost , the less healthy layers, have a run-off and erosion that will probably increase salinity in fresh water. Aquatic life; fish, crabs, frogs, protozoan, grasses, kelp and reefs have to try to adapt again, this throws our Earth systems out of whack. Then we are left with land that can no longer support life. When land is lost, habitat is lost. Each time a species loses their habitat, Human beings are closer to their own demise.

Did you get a drink of clean water yet? This exercise made me thirsty as a camel. It made me want to always be able to get a drink clean water whenever I want. If I could not, how would that change me? What kind of person would I become? How long will I be able to survive without this healing liquid to clean out my body's toxins? What about an entire town of people , a State ?, a Nation ? What will become of a People who cannot satisfy their thirst with a simple glass of clean water?

The Earth gets thirsty just like we do. I think that we Humans are standing at a Crossroads. We have a short time to make a decision . Will I fill my glass with ash and other inedible trash?

Will I be a voice for having the cool, refreshing, and life-giving gift of Water for our Earth?

Please join together with others who value life more than profits . We must make solutions for our lands, or we will not have what we need to sustain human life on our Globe.

Let us heal the Land and give it the long overdue respect Earth deserves. A step in this direction is to make sure we have a Clean Energy future. Drink up! Cheers!

© 2010 Lori J Latimer


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