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Last Excuse for US to Remain in Syria Evaporates

Updated on December 28, 2018

Trump derangement compels liberals to criticize 45 even on the rare occasion when he does something positive. As they are wont, these liberal war hawks are in a tizzy over Trump’s announcement that he plans to bring our brave service members home from Syria and Afghanistan. They are paid by defense contractors to keep the war machine churning via adverts, think tanks, foundations, paid speeches, and campaign and Super PAC donations - which speaks to the corrosive corruption of the corporate media and Democratic party elites.
Neither are Trump’s motivations pure, as he is seemingly only willing run afoul of the Pentagon and do less war because he (deep breath) made a deal which would allow Erdogan to, in the name of fighting terrorism, massacre the Kurds holding territory in northern Syria, if Turkey agrees to shut up about their recordings of the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, which make Mohammad bin Salman look like the murderous thug he is, and might allow space to question our relationship …since Saudi Arabia hold as a sword of Damacles both the petrodollar, and more recently numerous Trump/Kushner business deals (emoluments).
Obviously, there are reasons and excuses.
The reason that Christiane Amanpour can be seen asking Bashar al-Assad why the US government wanted to get rid of him - over a decade ago - is that Saudi Arabia wishes it so, because they prefer a proposed pipeline through Syria to sell Qatari natural gas to the EU, rather than the rival proposed pipeline to sell (SA rival) Iran's natural gas to the EU.
The excuse to illegally invade Syria was a number of false-flag chemical weapons attacks, widely blamed without question on Assad, which happen to be the single thing which could bring/keep us there, and conveniently occurred when Assad was on the precipice of finalizing civil war victory.
One reason to leave Syria is that we invaded illegally and over false pretenses in the first place, and fighting Assad means (the CIA and Pentagon) fighting on opposite sides of a civil war, and teaming up with the already defeated daesh aka ISIS (Operation Timber-Sycamore).
Another reason to leave Syria is that the US war machine should not be utilized at the behest of Saudi Arabia.
Trump’s reason to leave is apparent.
But the last legitimate reason for liberals to argue for a slow and “responsible” pullout of Syria – that we cannot simply leave and watch Turkey massacre the Kurds who, at our request, had previously and bravely beat back ISIS - has evaporated, since the Kurds handed the territory they fought and died for in northern Syria over to the Assad government.
Assad fought a bloody civil war, and is allied with China, Russia, and Iran, but that civil war - started by famine and stoked by the CIA - is for all intents and purposes finished, and we don’t get to unilaterally remove foreign leaders by force simply because we dislike them.
Support the troops by bringing them home – from Syria, Afghanistan, and practically everywhere else they’ve been shipped off to.


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