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The Latino Vote Can Decide The Election In 2016.

Updated on October 14, 2016

" Give me your tired , your poor ,your huddled masses ......

Immigration reform is no Joke , even for Stephen Colbert .

Latino and hispanic voters,may decide the outcome of elections

We have a great responsibility in the upcoming presidential election, and also a moral obligation to stand up and be counted, to go out and vote, and to vote for the election of Hillary for president and to cast our vote for the Democratic party down the line from the Senate to local dog catcher.The time has come, to stop complaining and start fulfilling our civic duty, marches and protests are fine, but they are a useless waste of time and saliva if when we have an opportunity to exert our power we chose to stay home and do not participate.We have tremendous power at our disposal and therefore great responsibility. Politicians need votes to get elected and we have about twenty million of them. Important Republican strategists such as Karl Rove and others have recognized that Republicans must win 40 percent or more of the Latino vote to win a national election, and right now they have about 27 percent. This doesn't mean that a Republican candidate can't defeat Hillary and become president because countless scenarios could develop and there are many paths to victory in a presidential election. But it does mean we the Latino voters are a key player and an important voting block and a great asset to the political party or candidate that wants to win an election.

The Country is Ready for Hillary .

Democrats' and Republicans' position on Immigration and " The Dream Act "

The position of the democratic and republican parties on the dream act and immigration couldn't be more different.The democratic position on immigration is to favor a comprehensive immigration reform that would allow for all those illegal aliens who are in the country and meet certain requirements to be able to become legal and eventually become legal permanent residents and after that citizens.The Republican position is much simpler, they should all be either deported, or their life should be made so miserable and they should be persecuted in a way that they will self-deport, Republican that is the official on record position ofRepublicanpresidential candidate Willard Romney , " SELF DEPORTATION" . On the dream act the situation is even worse ,s ince the republicans are now saying that the president had a chance to get this legislation passed when he had the majority in the house and senate and didn't do it , the truth is that democrats did try to have the dream act passed in the house and senate and had the votes to do it but the republicans killed it via the Filibuster . Now they are being disingenuos and proclaim that tio tom senator Marco Rubio was working on some variation of the dream act that would be acceptable to the xenophobe wing of his party and Obama's recent memo stopping deportation to people who were brought into the country by their parents being less than 17 years of age and under 30 now hindered his effort, this is a bold face lye since Romney already publicly stated he would veto the dream act if he is president and the law is passed .

Arizona is the capital of the Xenophobes .

So for all the reasons stated before it is clear we have a moral obligation to vote democrat and vote for Hillary in 2016 .

Even if you are a Republican, obviously the Republican party has made the determination that they would rather seek the votes of the xenophobes and bigots in their party than bring their party to the Reagan position of compassion and inclusiveness towards the immigrant community.If the Republican party is to ever become a big tent party again and break free from the tentacles of the extreme right wing crazies that hold it hostage today, you are by voting democrat in 2016 helping the party of Lincoln and Reagan find it's spirit back. The alternative is to be a permanent opposition party able to win congressional seats due to gerrymandering but not able to be a governing party or win the presidency.This has been exacerbated of late with the candidacy of Donald Trump who has taken these racist tactics to a new high level.

The Latino Vote

Can Republicans Win The White House without a significant percentage of the Latino Vote ?

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    • Credence2 profile image


      4 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

      This is true about the Cuban vote, the younger people are hooked into to all of that Cold War/Castro propaganda. Its ancient history and it is time to move on. That realialization is one of the driving forces pushing Florida more securely on the Democratic column in future Presidential contests.

      The problem is that the GOP, in its anti-immigration quest, slaps around legitimate Hispanic citizens with subtle and sometimes overt racist points of pursuit. This makes enemies of the Hispanic population as a whole.

    • mio cid profile imageAUTHOR

      mio cid 

      5 years ago from Uruguay

      the issue of immigration reform is what has driven the latino vote from being pretty much evenly split between republicans and democrats to about 70 30 in favor of democrats today and becoming even more disproportionate as time goes by . even in Florida where the Cuban vote always favored republicans that is changing .

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      5 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      I was unaware that Latino were pro immigration liberalization. Around here it is the opposite. At least that is what I am lead to understand.


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