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A Political Ad Campaign Is Crucial To Your Candidacy. Learn Why!

Updated on July 28, 2016

In order to run a highly coordinated political campaign with effective advertising a fully formed strategy must be in place or else the campaign will be a chaotic, hit and miss disaster. A poorly ran campaign will cast a shadow of incompetence upon the candidate and will destroy his or her image.

In order to develop a strong political advertising strategy, candidates must select the right people to promote their message and help persuade public opinion. But first we must understand that a strong campaign team consists of a campaign manager, volunteer coordinator, fundraising director, finance chairman and grassroots coordinator-all have their particular roles and responsibilities.

Campaign manager: responsible for the success of the entire political campaign

Volunteer Coordinator: responsible for recruiting and organizing volunteer teams. The person in this position must be a genuine people person

Fundraising Director: responsible for all the fundraising activities as well as meeting the financial goals set out for the campaign

Finance Chairman: responsible for reaching out to major donors interesting in investing heavily in the campaign

Grass Roots Coordinator: governs all the grass roots activities, including getting people out to register and vote. People in this position must be a master of organization.


Strategies for political Advertising: Discrediting the Opponent’s Work

The main purpose of political campaign advertising is to shift public opinion by discrediting the opponent’s work. The challenger may focus on opponent’s failed promises, half -truths and ineffective accomplishments. The hope is to unseat the incumbent via public voting and election.

Campaign advertising must be executed in a variety of ways, including through television commercials, radio broadcasting, rallies, bill boards, door to door as well as e-mails and a variety of social media sites, including twitter and Facebook. The right scheduling and timing must be seriously considered as well.

Television interviews and commercials: meetings or ads that may attack the opponent’s broken promises and mistakes. Usually the candidates acknowledges the approval of the message.

Radio interview- broadcasting: supporters usually discuss the positive changes the candidate will bring to the community or public. The pro-supporter also minimizes the opponents work.

Rallies: public gathering, often involving signs and posters promoting the challenger and demoting the opponent.

Love of Voting

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Bill boards: brief political messages placed along roadways, with the purpose of catching the driver’s attention. The object is to persuade the public in favor the candidates or against the opponent.

Door to Door campaigns: the candidates or his supports go door to door to win the support for the challenger. Usually, flyers are distributed through neighborhood or community.

E-mails: message usually sent to remind potential voters of not forgetting to go to the polls.

Social media: the campaign usually takes in the form of chats, sharing opinions, and discussion the candidates.

The Multiple Effects of the Political Advertising Campaign: Good and Bad

A stressful, long, grind-it-out political campaign will have created multiple effects before it ends, for both candidates, in victory or defeat. Economically, both candidates will have spent hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, especially in a presidential election. Studies show that powerful campaigns can run in the millions. According to New Your Times, the cost of the 2012 election ran over $900 million for the candidates.


When You Vote

Voting Proves Three Things:

  • You are an Active Citizen
  • You care about your Country
  • You Exercise Your Freedom

Businesses which provide tools, facilities and communication channels make gigantic profits. Grand events such the republican and democratic conventions bring in millions of dollars in revenue, regardless of the states that hosts the events.

Psychologically, supporters and volunteers will be well drained of energy and strength. Some supporters will be mentally awarded with the thrill of victory while others will be disappointed with the agony of defeat. Nevertheless, supporters on both sides can take pride in the fact that growth, friendship and personal connections and networks have been created.

Publicly, voters on both sides will have made up their minds who they want for the new Mayer, governor or president. Millions will march to the polling booths and choose who they think is the right person for the job. To a certain degree, hope is instilled within us all.


Ethically, there will be critics who complain about the brutality of the campaign as far as character assignation, personal revelations and name calling involved. Moral authorities will attempt to suggest a better, clean, honest way to tear down an opponent. Maybe a book or two will be written title,” How to Run an Ethical Campaign.” Nevertheless, the campaign has down its job if it inspires people creative juices.

At the end of a powerful campaign everybody should be all spent due to given their heart, mind and soul the cause of the campaign. Both parties should come together for the sake of the people and support the ideas and vision of the victor. The main thing to keep in mind is that the whole grand event is for the good of the people.

Can Campaigns Be Totally Honest?


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