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Lead Down A Two Way Street

Updated on March 15, 2011

Lead Down A Two Way Street.





Little pieces of lead
have led many souls
to the brink of eternity
to plunge forever
from the realm of the living
into satin lined boxes
six feet entombed.

Other little pieces of lead
have spared thousands
of souls from the last breath
gasped out prematurely.

Untold zillions
of pieces of lead have liberated
oppressed countries from dictators
who led them down the paths
of sure destruction.

More lead would have saved
six million Jews if they had
used it to repel their executioners.

Lead has taken the lives
of children
little pieces of lead paint
from bedposts and window sills
ingested and left to destroy
the liver and mind....

Some have tried to use lead
to be led out of poverty
and instead were connected
to electrical leads
and electrocuted for murder.

Lead has shielded many lives
from the radiation used to
lead doctors to diagonsis
and cure of many diseases.

Lead is soldered to connect
circuitry boards to run
many of our many machines.

Leaded patterns filled with
stained glass are most lovely
and lead many to heavenly
aspirations in holy places.

Between bullets and beauty
toxic paints and cures
electric connections and
lifesaving shots,
we are lead down a road
that is dull gray and soft
and pockmarked with tragedy
mixed with freedom and peace.


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