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Leslie Isaiah Gaines - Cincinnati's Singing Judge

Updated on August 10, 2016

Judge Leslie Isaiah Gaines


Judge Leslie Isaiah Gaines 1945 - 2014

Update October 27, 2014, Cincinnati, Ohio - Those of you who live in the Greater Cincinnati area have probably already heard the news of Judge Gaines' passing on October 27, 2014. He's been dealing with cancer for a long time, but he never stopped fighting. We'll never forget the Singing Judge, also known as the Godfather of Justice.

Leslie Isaiah Gaines - The Singing Judge

Judge Leslie Isaiah Gaines, has worn many hats during his lifetime: attorney, activist, judge, evangelist, radio talk show host, author and motivational speaker. Judge Gaines is also a singer.

You had to have lived in the greater Cincinnati area during the 80s recession to remember his first recorded release, "Reaganomics Blues." It didn't top the charts, but it drew attention to the era of "government cheese" and those Americans who were underserved and overlooked by the administration.

"Working Poor American Blues" video release 2013

The economy, being cyclical the way it is, has recently seen an economic downturn more drastic than the one the Judge sang about in the 80s. Judge Gaines, being the activist and singer that he is, released "Working Poor American Blues," another of his songs about tough economic times. It's bluesy for certain, but also has a bit of a country twang.

Technologically, the world has come a long way since "Reagonomics Blues;" and the judge has taken advantage of that. Instead of having his songs pressed into "Wax" and distributed through convoluted record distribution channels, he's turned to websites where he can record and publish his work, making it available for the world to see and hear with a click or two. You may also stream "Songs in the Political Life" and more of the judge's motivational tunes on Spotify.

"Reaganomics Blues"

"If you need me, call me."

Judge Gaines is best known for his catch phrase, "If you need me, call me." He has always been there when people needed him, taking on difficult cases, passionately defending his clients, winning often, and gaining a reputation of being a man of his word.

In 1993 his legal skills and dedication gained him a seat on the Hamilton County Municipal Court bench, where he remained for three years. In 1996 Judge Gaines was inspired to leave the bench. He traveled the country as an evangelist and motivational speaker until health concerns forced him to return to a less strenuous schedule.

Judge Gaines was recently diagnosed with cancer and is engaged in a battle against the disease as fierce as any courtroom showdown. True to form, he is using his struggles to motivate others. Click the video link below to see the Judge talking about the Will to Live,

"Keep Swinging" A Poetry Tribute

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    • profile image

      wilson branco 

      5 years ago

      I need give message for Leslie Isaiah Gaines many time I look for mister politician fantastic boogie funk 1983 cinci sound records I live in brazil

      sorry my English my email

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      HUH? you got to be kidding!!!!


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