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Let's Stop Pretending Only Republicans Can Be Racist

Updated on June 26, 2019

The Democrat Party Started As A Party Of Racists And That Has Not Changed Much

I have a neighbor who proudly states he's a democrat. He'll rant about Trump and Republicans in general.

And God help any black man he sees come into our neighborhood holding a cellphone.

Instantly this neighbor is on the phone to the police reporting the man as "suspicious" and claiming he's "obviously casing the neighborhood to rob someone."

Every single time it's just a case of someone playing Pokémon Go - there's a couple of Pokéstops and gyms nearby. Frustrated with my neighbor, the police lecture him every time. He'll then go on and on about how he "Hates that there darn Poke-man." Yet it doesn't stop him from calling again the next time a black man shows up in our neighborhood.

And no, we're not a predominantly white neighborhood. We're a mix of white and Hispanic, I'd say in almost even numbers. We're also the Westside of Costa Mesa, which many, including our bratty, spendthrift of a mayor, sees as the "armpit" and ignores any issues we have with things such as parking problems, illegal fireworks, and when she and her cronies were in charge in the past - even drug dealing and prostitution was ignored.

In fact, our mayor's supporters, who are democrats, are some of the most racist and otherwise bigoted people I have ever met.

One of the men running for city council last year was white, his wife, I believe, is Puerto Rican. The important thing here is she's not white. These democrats, who whine and moan about Trump, called his children, who were toddlers and an infant at the time, "half breeds" and other racial slurs.

They're also abiest as well. They stated disabled people like my mother don't deserve access to parks and stated I should push her wheelchair off a cliff.

I've seen these same people compare transgender people to pedophiles over on Facebook, and how angry they get when I, a republican, state that they're nothing alike and defend transgender people. (On a side note, when they bring up the rape allegations against Trump, when I remind them of people like Juanita Broaddrick who stated Bill Clinton raped her, will joke that she's "Too ugly to rape." Freaking hypocrites. I guess they only believe women when a Republican is accused.)

Next we've got the democrats who are anti-vaxxers such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr who tweets out insane things like claiming the HPV vaccine is somehow linked to teen girls self harming when in reality ALL it does is protect against HPV and certain cancers. As I've stated before, anti-vaxxers and Nazis have a LOT in common. Anti-vaxxers even get their misinformation about vaccines from websites with known Nazi ties.

There's the fact that anti-vaxxers dupe Ugandans into drinking Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) which is an industrial strength bleach made to bleach wood pulp. And of course the people tricking the Ugandans into poisoning themselves are white people.

Go onto any anti-vaxxer Facebook group and sooner or later you'll see some white, middle class woman, some who are republican, some who are democrats, claiming that homosexuality and/or transgenderism is caused by vaccines and can be "cured" by a vegan diet. They will also go on to say racist things about people dying in Africa of diseases that can be prevented by vaccines. They don't care if black children die so long as they don't have to vaccinate their "perfect little white child."

I know some of you will think I've gone a bit off topic here talking about anti-vaxxers, but it's not really. Because there's people of all political groups who are anti-vaxx. Democrats, republicans, libertarians, etc. And the vast majority of anti-vaxxers are middle class and rich privileged white people who could give the KKK a run for their money in the racism department.

The fact of the matter is, no one political group is racist because racism is not a political thing - it's an idiot thing - and idiots can be a member of any political group.

So stop pretending that only republicans can be racist, cause the democratic party was founded by a bunch of racists who wanted to keep slavery legal and they haven't changed.


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