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Letter to Donald Trump

Updated on June 10, 2017

Dear America...

People are always saying that the world is coming to an end. It was said during the world wars, the cold wars, the french revolution, the bubonic plague, the list goes on and on. And now with Trump in administration, the country has become divided more than ever. It’s different than the world war, when we came together because we were fighting for one thing: America. But now we must ask ourselves: what is America? Are we America anymore? We are descended from lines of immigrants who came to this land to get away from persecution. Now we are treating immigrants as criminals and shaming them because they are taking our jobs and taking what the “real” Americans have. Here’s the part where everyone needs to wake up.

How can you tell someone is American or not? We were never Americans in the first place. Why do we have to shun people who are not “American”? And what does that mean anyway? What? Because I don’t have a white picket fence, two children, a dog named Toto, and a small house, that makes me not an American? There is no such thing as “real” Americans and if your definition of being an American is being born in America, well you forgot the part where your ancestors were not born in America. That’s including Mr. Trump. And no this is not an alternative fact. It’s the truth and it’s time people recognize that.

Trump says, “Make America Great Again.” Since when was America ever the greatest? We are not nor were we ever the greatest country. We are country that has been and still faces problems of racism, discrimination, violence, wars, crimes against people of different cultures and backgrounds. So, Mr. Trump what you are trying to say is that we, America, were great when colored people were being lynched just for the color of their skin, or when women couldn’t vote because somehow we just weren’t capable of making “smart” decisions, or when we made Germany suffer for the first world war and brought hell on us when they decided to launch a second world war. And who was to blame for that? I mean, we did make them pay us back for the damages they caused during the war. Would you stand there and let someone just take your money? I mean you are a man of money, so this should be easy for you to understand Mr. Trump. Of course you wouldn’t. Point is that America will never be great.

So, for you people who hate people because of their skin color, culture, country of origin, what they do, what they say, their sexuality, their dreams and their hopes, their need to make the world better, just know that they are the ones who should be recognized as Americans. They are the true Americans because they don’t stand for the blindness and ignorance of the world. It’s time to wake up. If you haven’t noticed, it’s already been 200 plus years and we still can’t unite as a country. Well, the only time that happens is during war or when a tragedy occurs. So, how many more 9/11s must we have before we finally can shake hands with one another? How many more slit wrists will we see before we can accept each other?

Yeah, Mr. Trump. It’s time to wake up. Your president now. So, act like one and instead of tweeting childish things, how about you tweet about things that actually matter? How about you put down your phone and look at the world?

Mr. Trump I just hope you see this piece of writing and know that for all the tweets you send out it will never replace or take back all the problems from 200 years. But, I hope that you can be the president we need and instead of making America great again, make America a country we want to live and thrive in again.

Yours Truly,

Isabel Waters

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